A Day in the Life – Event Link-up

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Day in the Life Event


It’s here! It’s here! I cannot tell you all how excited I’ve been by all of your excitement and interest in this little Day in the Life event. In the past couple of months I’ve posted two of my own days (linked below) and several people said that they would love to record their own day. I kept thinking how fun it would be to have anyone interested to share a look into any given day, and I’m thrilled that the idea caught on.

The most common comment I received as buzz about the event was building was how boring people felt their lives were. Please do not look at this as a competition of who has the most interesting life. There’s something intimate about reading about another person’s day and what might seem boring to you, because you live it day in and day out, might be incredibly novel to someone else. We all have struggles throughout the day, and hopefully we have some triumphs, too. We all perform the perfunctory tasks that make us the habitual humans that we are. And I can bet you that not one single day below is just like anyone else’s.

So, here’s to celebrating our differences and finding our similarities. Here’s to sharing a little piece of our own “behind the scenes” and connecting with someone else on a deeper level. Here’s to coming together as a community. Here’s to cheesy music in my head and group hugs. Ha! Just kidding. Really maybe this was just an excuse to be nosy. ;)


What Does a Day in Your Life Look Like?



Thank you so much for joining in the fun and sharing your day! If you didn’t have a chance to write up a post, feel free to share in the comments what your typical day looks like.




Best Blogging Advice

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Best Blogging Advice



Yesterday started the first ever week long Bloggiesta. Bloggiesta is a fun event where bloggers get together (at their own computers) and work on tackling blogging to-dos such as writing or brainstorming posts, working on the look of the blog, and cultivating new relationships via social media. If you’re timid about certain aspects of blogging, this is such a great and supportive event to ask your questions and get some answers or help. You can learn more about the event and check out everyone’s to-do lists at the Bloggiesta Sign-ups.

For the past few months there has been quite a bit of drama-mama among the book (adult) blogging crowd (I say “adult” because apparently there is normally quite a bit of drama among the YA book bloggers). Many bloggers have felt incredibly discouraged by these events and the reactions to them and in light of that Suey is asking bloggers to share their Best Blogging Advice.

I’m coming up on eight years of blogging in June and sometimes I still feel a bit clueless. I certainly don’t have all the answers, and even if I seem to, I’m usually flailing around like an idiot (at least in my head). But when I am thinking clear-headedly, below are some of the best advice I’ve gathered over the years and the advice I like to share.

Remain true to yourself, your vision, and your voice.

Of course a big part of this is knowing yourself, your vision, and your voice first. This takes time and it can be ever-changing, and it’s ok to go with the flow–to grow and evolve. But exhaustion will come with being something you are not. Be who you are, not who you think others want you to be.

Know your limits

Blogger burnout is real. I’ve personally experienced it several times–taking on too many responsibilities, trying to read too many books, unintentionally competing with other bloggers…and myself. Know what you can handle and what makes you happy–I sometimes wish I could read a bit faster or that I could keep up with the social demands of blogging, but I’m much more even keel when I’m keeping my limits in the forefront.

There is a real person behind each blog

Use kind and respectful words towards others. Keep in mind that others have a life outside of blogging and you might have no idea what is going on with them physically, mentally, or emotionally. It’s easy to get swept up in drama. Perpetuating drama just because it’s what others “want” is never a good excuse.

Numbers are just numbers

It’s so easy to compare to other bloggers–how many followers they have, how many hits they get daily, how many retweets they receive, how many books they get from publishers, etc etc etc. Social media envy is a dangerous road to travel down and I know I’ve been guilty here and there. It’s why I recently stopped looking at my stats. Feel great about what you’re doing right and let go of the rest.


Sure some bloggers are really weird about divulging information to help others (bleh), but there are many many super supportive bloggers who want to help others. It can be awkward to ask for help or to ask questions or seek guidance, but it can also be rewarding and friendships might even be built upon it.

For me, Blogging is always a work in progress. I’m constantly learning and adapting, but ultimately blogging is so much more worthwhile when I just chill out a bit. Ha!

Pop by Bloggiesta for more sage advice!


What’s the best blogging advice you’ve received or given?




Inspiration on Monday – Introduction to Creativity

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Inspiration on Monday

Introducing Inspiration on Monday!

I’ve been teasing about Inspiration on Monday for several weeks now and I’d like to finally formally introduce y’all to this new creative link-up. Many of you know that when I’m not blogging (or mommying) I love to keep my hands busy by cooking, sewing, exercising, and just plain dreaming about things I would love to create or things I would love to implement.

Over the blogging years I’ve held a few different creative type link-ups–Pin it and Do it was my longest running link-up and Cook it Up my most recent. I love both of these events but I wanted something a little bit more all-encompassing.

What kinds of post can you link-up?

I want to provide a forum where we can share things that we’ve created (food, crafty, lifestyle, DIY) and things that we are doing that could help inspire others (exercise, organizing). Post about projects in progress, or finished projects, or tutorials and how-tos. In many ways this new link-up will be similar to the Pin it and Do it angle except you don’t have to get your ideas from Pinterest. If you aren’t sure whether a certain topic would fit the (very loose and open) criteria, just let me know!

Of course current posts would be awesome–because inspiration and creating would be ongoing–but if you find yourself without anything going on during a current week, feel free to link up an older post that fits the mood of the link-up.

When will Inspiration on Monday take place?

The other challenge I faced with my monthly link-ups was that people (including me!) would forget. I love the idea of a weekly link-up, but I don’t know if there’s enough interest and I cannot commit to every single week with my own life schedule. To start, Inspiration on Monday will take place the first and third Monday of the month.

I really hope you’ll join me on this little endeavor. I know that I’m looking forward to receiving a bit of inspiration in the creative department!


The first Inspiration on Monday will be on April 6th. Hope to see you then!




21 Day Sugar Reset – First Week Update

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sugar reset recap


If you visited the blog last week (or follow me on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram) then you know that today completes my first week of a 21 Day Sugar Reset (#SugarReset). I’m following along the basic rules of the 21 Day Sugar Detox with Lisa and wanted to share my week of meals as well as some initial thoughts. If you’re curious about the term “reset” rather than “detox,” we decided that it was a better word for what we’re trying to do with this experiment. Mostly I’m trying to curb my sweet tooth and prevent some of the mindless snacking I’ve been prone to lately.

Week One Sugar Reset Meals

Sugar Reset Day 1

Day One (Sunday)

Breakfast – Two fried eggs, side of bacon, coffee with whole milk
Lunch – Deli turkey, sauteed onions/peppers, raw almonds, cottage cheese, carrots and celery
Dinner – Grilled sandwich steak, salad with tomatoes, avocado, cucumbers, dollop of Greek yogurt, and homemade mustard vinaigrette
Snacks – Green apple, pistachios


Sugar Reset Day 2

Day Two (Monday)

Breakfast – Two hard boiled eggs, half a banana with tablespoon of almond butter
Lunch – Sandwich steak lettuce wraps with tomatoes, avocado, Greek yogurt, and slice cucumber
Dinner – Roasted turkey breast, roasted cauliflower, carrots, and celery
Snacks – raw almonds, pistachios, cottage cheese


Sugar Reset Day 3

Day Three (Tuesday)

Breakfast – Two hard boiled eggs
Lunch – Deli turkey, sauteed onions/peppers, avocado
Dinner – Salad with bacon, tomatoes, cucumbers, carrots, avocado, and mustard vinaigrette
Snacks – Banana with almond butter, almonds, mozzarella cheese


Sugar Reset Day 4

Day Four (Wednesday)

Breakfast – Grapefruit, cottage cheese
Lunch – Deli turkey with melted cheese and avocado (all rolled up), carrot sticks
Dinner – Roasted turkey breast, steamed broccoli
Snacks – pistachios


Sugar Reset Day 5

Day Five (Thursday)

Breakfast – Two fried eggs, pan roasted grape tomatoes
Lunch – Crock pot chicken taco chili (a little bit of a cheat here) with avocado and cheese
Dinner – Fajita Chicken Salad from Dos Charros. Ate absolutely NO chips at the restaurant–so hard!
Snacks – Almonds, pistachios, green apple


sugar reset day 6

Day Six (Friday)

Breakfast – Oops, I forgot to eat breakfast. Seriously. I nursed my coffee until almost noon
Lunch – Avocado Club Smashburger without dressing or the bun. Side salad with balsamic vinaigrette
Dinner – Caprese Salad (drafting this before I eat dinner at a friend’s so not sure what else!)
Snack – Cottage cheese and grapefruit in the afternoon



  • Food seems to taste a whole lot more after the first day. Saltier, spicier, and the few times I popped a piece of fruit to test for my kiddos’ lunches, they were incredibly sweet.
  • After day one I was totally used to my coffee without Sweet ‘n Low. This was my biggest worry and I’m over it. I’ve even taken to a second cup in the afternoon.
  • I feel less bloated in my stomach. I’m trying not to go by the scale because I naturally fluctuate from day to day but the roundest part of my tummy is down an inch.
  • Salad doesn’t fill me up in the least. Need more protein!!
  • In order to eat this way I have to do a lot of prep ahead of time. No scrambling at lunchtime to heat up a frozen meal. It means I pack a ton of food each day!
  • But prepping a meal with a lot of different pieces isn’t really that bad…but it still takes a lot of brain power that I don’t always have!
  • On a pie chart my fat percentage is nearly 50% of my diet. My saturated fat is still within the recommended daily percent but still WOW!
  • I’m a little bit tired but I didn’t have any other withdrawal symptoms that some people say they have.
  • Though if you ask Scott, he’ll say I have more energy. But I say that I always danced around the office…
  • Support is so key. I’m so grateful Lisa is doing this with me. So so grateful.



  • Snacks. I need more filling and quick snacks. My go-to is nuts but I feel like this is increasing my fat content so much. Good fat mostly, but still?
  • The prep. Always the prep. Plus all the dishes that go along with the prep.
  • Snacks choices. Oh wait, I already mentioned that.
  • I need a good alternative to deli meat. I know it isn’t the best choice but I already had it in the fridge and didn’t want it to spoil.
  • Snacks. Seriously. I only need two a day but with this reset I constantly feel like maybe I should be eating more.


On to week two!!






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A Day in the Life – Blogger Event Annoucement

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