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Posted 8 September, 2007 by Trish in Travel / 2 Comments

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Today we landed back in Seattle. While it was an awesome trip, Scott and I were both glad to be making our way back to Dallas. See how tired we look? Well, Scott looks a little doped up, but I think that’s cuz he’s tired. :) See, that’s why writing the blog is so great. I can say what I want!!

When I asked Scott if he had anything to add to the blog, he said, “It was good.” Again, that’s why I’m writing this.

Alaska was amazing. Why Alaska? Scott and I both discussed a trip we would like to take before we have kids. Not that we won’t travel when we do have kids, but things that we wanted to do on our own first. Scott said he wanted to go to Alaska; I said Europe. The Alaska trip just sort of fell into our laps (like any great trip does). I am thrilled that we went, but some things that we learned:

September is the end of the season. It rains a lot more, the wildlife is beginning to hide, and the weather is a lot cooler.

Princess Cruises (at least this one) are meant for older people. While we had fun, the activities were focused on an older crowd (bridge, shuffleboard, bingo). During the day on ship, there really wasn’t a whole lot for us to do.

Would I recommend a cruise to Alaska? Certainly! Scott would disagree, but I think it is the best way to see the towns that we did. Unless we decided to fish or do some of the more adventurous excursions, the time that we spent in each town (except Victoria) was enough for us. Next time, though, I think we will go more to the mainland of Alaska, which will be a totally different experience. BUT, that’s why I love traveling. Each experience is unique and totally our own.

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  1. Mom

    Scotty takes funny pictures. Tell him to practice that smile before the family pictures! ha ha. just kidding Scotty. Love ya!