Tracy Arm, Alaska; Scenic Cruising

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Tracy Arm!!
Today we were at sea, but in the morning we sailed into Tracy Arm where the Sawyer Glaciers are.

We overslept a little (which is weird because every other morning we’ve been up at 6:00 am), but I think we got up in time to see the best part. The picture to the left is a peek at one of the glaciers. We were able to cruise fairly close, but because we were on one big honkin’ ship, we weren’t able to go as close we I would have liked. The scenery was breathtaking, though. The day was a little overcast and the clouds were low in the mountain, but the water was glassy and calm.

Because Tracy Arm is an inlet, we were right in between the mountains. When we first walked out onto the deck in the morning, the rightside picture was our view. We didn’t see any wildlife while we were there–as you can see the mountains are pretty barren. All of these mountains were carved by these glaciers at one point. Once the glacier has retreated or made its way down the mountain, vegetation cannot grow on the rocks for quite some time. Finally a moss will grow on the rocks and then smaller shrubs and plants and finally larger Sitka Spruce trees.

Anyway, so during the morning we hung out on the decks taking a million pictures (apparently Scott was fascinated by the ice because I had to sort through about a hundred pictures of blue ice (no, I’m not joking). Because the ice breaks off of the glaciers, though, it is a brillant blue color.

After enjoying the scenery, we grabbed a little breakfast and then spent most of the day playing cards or reading. We did play trivia with a bunch of older people. We faired pretty well, but the group whose card we were checking cheated and won. I was really mad about it, but I guess if that makes them feel better about themselves…whatever. :)

That night we went to our dinner at Satorini’s instead of the other dining room. The boat was rocking so badly that while we were getting reading in the room something was banging around in the room next to us/above us. I was feeling pretty shaky at dinner–plus I had developed a sore throat from being out in the cold in Skagway and Tracy Arm. Dinner was fabulous, though. It was about 16 courses of Italian food. I can’t believe all of the food they brought out to us.

I can’t believe our trip is half over!

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  1. Anonymous

    Being from Alaska, I have seen first hand the effects of global warming. I have witnessed glaciers calve off in monumental proportions.

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