Saturday, June 28, 2008

Read-a-thon Mini Challenge: Hour 1

Anyway, I just got back from my morning run (the weather is actually below 90 degrees so I had to jump at the chance!) and I am PUMPED up!! ("American Boy" by Estelle and Kayne on my itunes definitely helps with the pumping up).


Darcy put up the first little mini challenge--getting to know the other contestants:

Where are you reading from today?
***Stinky, hot, sunny, Dallas Texas (north Dallas)--wait, I'm the only stinky part from my run. Whewwwwwwy

3 facts about me
***This read-a-thon scares the crap out of me
***I am going to Argentina in a week to visit my sister!!!! Soooooooo excited
***I've been happily married for a little over two years and we have a dog and a cat.

How many books do you have in your TBR pile for the next 24 hours?
***My entire library--over 200 books! Ha ha. I'm a slow reader (average about 30-40 pages an hour), so I'm hoping to get through a book and a half realistically--more ideally. ;)

Do you have any goals for the read-a-thon (i.e. number of books, number of pages, number of hours, or number of comments on blogs)?
***I'd like to finish The Translator--and with 30 pages an hour I should be able to get it finished by dinner time (if I don't spend too much time blogging!!). It is easy for me to get caught up in blogging, so I'm going to try and keep it to a minimum (maybe a few minutes each hour or every other hour). I'd also like to try and get well into another book--I keep changing my mind on what that will be, though. I thought Fannie Flagg because I love her characters, then Half of a Yellow Sun because I've heard it is dificult to put down...I have no idea!!

Any advice for people doing this for the first time?
***Keep it simple and fun!!! I've never done a readathon before, so I don't really have any advice--yet.

Laura--I sooooo wish you were here doing this with me. :(


  1. Ahhh...our little Trish is becoming a runner! I did see the weather is actually going to be NOT scorching in Dallas this weekend (of course I'm not there to enjoy it)!

    I hope you have fun, and don't get too stressed about your reading. I wish I was there too :( M is at work right now, so until he gets home, I'm going to unofficially participate in the read-a-thon.

  2. Nothing to be scared of, Trish! The important thing is to make it fun.

    You're going to Argentina at around the same time I go to Brazil. We'll be on the same continent :P

  3. Go Trish, go Trish! I so wish I could have done this but I just couldn't swing it with the calender today. I loved The Translator, I hope you like it!

  4. yay!!! look at you :) I am so happy you decided to do it, this is going to be great stuff :) are we nerds or what!?!?!

  5. So jealous of your trip to Argentina! That sounds awesome!! Good luck with The Translator. :) I have a feeling I'm going to spend a lot of time blogging too!

  6. I'm amazed by how many of you seem to know your average reading speed. I have no idea how many pages I read per hour!

    I hope you find the read-a-thon less scary now that you're doing it, but may I express my admiration that you're doing something you find scary! So many people shy away from anything that scares them.

  7. Good luck Trish!! I would love to be able to participate with you guys, but I have to work this afternoon. Maybe I will check back in the wee hours and see if you are all still awake!!

    Happy Reading!!

  8. I can completely relate to having 200 books and being a slow reader!! I am there with you...about 30 pages an hour - with a book shelf of TBR books that I am afraid to count...oh and there are 2 boxes of books BESIDE the book shelf...and some in storage...all unread!


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