Saturday, June 28, 2008

Read-a-thon: Third Update Hour 7&8

Pages since last post: 100 - Stardust by Neil Gaiman (Tristran just met the star!!)

Time spent reading since last post: 95 minutes (not sure if that counts the time it took for hubby to drive me to Starbucks--but I did read a little in the car)

Number of caffeinated drinks: How much caffeine is in a Venti Skinny Vanilla Latte?


290 minutes
268 pages
1 book finished (The Translator)
1 caffeine beverage
0 naps (I threatened to post pictures of hubby while he was napping and post them on my blog--so he's not napping anymore)
0 dance-a-thons--yet that may change very soon!!
10 participants visited since last post (about--maybe a little more)
4 or so mini-challenges entered (I'm having to keep close track of the time since I missed one and entered another late)
0 prizes. :( Extreme sad face. Ha ha, just kidding!!

Still having a blast even though I need some visene for the eyes.


  1. I think it is about time for a dance-a-thon. I recommend anything but "Shake It." You need something new! Way to go for reading this long--I'm impressed!!

  2. I agree; it must be time for a danceathon. :)

  3. Did you love the Translator??? That was a great book! You're doing well with this challenge Trish...keep on keeping on!

  4. oh! I think I saw Stardust the movie! Is it a movie too?? I remember that name, and the star.

    YOU ARE DOING SO GOOD!!!! You have read a ton, keep it up girlie! It is getting late over there, here it is still just 6 pm:)


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