Saturday, June 28, 2008

Read-a-thon: Update Hour 9&10

Ohmygoodness--hours 9 and 10 are already over?? I got a lot of reading done in the past two hours AND did my dance-a-thon. If you missed the video of my dancing foot either scroll down or click here. I did make a video of my entire person (except the top of my head because it is difficult to video yourself), but it was way too embarrassing to post. ;) I was cuddling on the couch with Maggie (above), but hubby wanted to watch TV so I'm demoted to the bedroom where Miss Maggie is not allowed. GRRRRRR!

Pages since last post: 124- Stardust by Neil Gaiman (only around 70 pages left!)

Time spent reading since last post: Due to the dance-a-thon and other shenanigans I lost track--let's say 100.

Number of caffeinated drinks: Just finished the latte (no, I don't mind cold coffee) and might brew a pot or have a cokeinacan


390 minutes
392 pages (how is that possible? if anything my minutes total is less than stated! Guess I'm picking good easy books to read)
1 book finished (The Translator)
1 caffeine beverage
0 naps (woohoo)
1 dance-a-thon--soooo much fun!
5? participants visited since last post (forgot to keep track this time)
5 or so mini-challenges entered--the latest being Dewey's Move Your Body challenge
0 prizes--come on! This number has to change soon! ;)

STILL having fun--although I am finding my mind wandering more while reading


  1. I'm cheering you on! SIS BOOM BAH!

  2. I have Stardust on my wishlist, too. You're so close to finishing and on only one caffeinated beverage at that. Maggie's a cutie ;>). Hope your reading stays good and easy!


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