Sunday, June 29, 2008

Read-a-thon: Update Hours 19&20

Alright alright alright!! I'm getting a little hungry and my eyes still sting a little, but its getting light outside and I can hear the birds chirping. Only 4 more hours to go!!

Pages: 68 - Mostly from Al Capone Does My Shirts--10 pages from Welcome to the World in search of a vocab word for mini challenge
Time: 65 minutes


560 minutes
567 pages
2 books finished (The Translator and Stardust)
3 caffeine beverages
2 dance-a-thons
As my google reader has slowed down tremendously I haven't been posting comments as much but still trying to do a little
7? or so mini-challenges entered
No prizes!! What's up with that!!!


  1. Fingers crossed that you still win something, Trish!

    And get yourself a yummy snack. You deserve it.

  2. What do you think about Al Capone Does my Shirts? I think you need to send hubby out for a donut or one of those pig things ;)

  3. We're in the home stretch!! *happy dance*

    I haven't won any prizes either. But that's ok!

  4. *Nymeth - I had a bowl of cereal but I think I need some coffee as well. Thanks for being such a great cheerleader!

    *Laura - Ha Ha--one of "those pig things" sounds really good right now. I'm really liking Al Capone and hope to finish it in the next hour--although I have been reading for 30 minutes since my last break and had to get up because my eyelids were drooping again. I may have to have *another* danceathon.

    And what have you been up to missy!! Are you reading?? or just cheering??

    *Eva - Definite happy dance!! Only 3 more hours to go. :)

  5. You can make it!! Only a few more hours.

    I hope you win something! I haven't won anything.


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