Sunday, June 15, 2008

Two Challenges Completed!!

I just realized that I've been finished with Dana's Chunkster Challenge for a while now. Oops! :) I switched out one of my original books, but since it was for a longer book I don't feel bad. This challenge is great because I tend to read shorter books because I can read more of them. I keep saying I'll finish with my current challenges, not join any more, then just read my big fat chunksters the rest of the year. Probably not going to happen...bleh! I really enjoyed all of these books:

The Book Thief (my favorite of the group)
The Other Boleyn Girl
Snow Crash
The Robber Bride

I also finished Annie's What's in a Name Challenge. I loved this creative idea and would definitely be eager to join again next year (hint hint Annie!). :) Honestly, I'm not sure what my favorite or least favorite was for this challenge because all the books were so incredibly different.

For this challenge we had to read six books with a different element in each title: weather, color, animal, first name, place, and flower:

Snow Crash
Mother of Pearl
All the Pretty Horses
Angela's Ashes
Salem Falls
Snow Flower and the Secret Fan


  1. Congratulations on finishing these two challenges, Trish! I think I may actually be done with two books for the Chunkster Challenge after I finish Nefertiti.

  2. I keep saying I'll finish with my current challenges, not join any more, then just read my big fat chunksters the rest of the year.

    I know exactly what you mean!

    And then when I finally read The Other Bolyen Girl last year, I read it faster than some 250 page books. It was so good.

    I agree with you about the What's in a Name challenge. It was so much fun to pick the books.
    Well done Trish.(Now you can sign up for a couple more challenges!)

  3. Yay Trish! Great job crossing off two challenges from your list. Now you can join two more, right?? :)

  4. Wow...congratulations!!! Two more challenges down...must feel soooo good!

  5. Congratulations on finishing, Trish!

  6. *Lit Feline - Those chunksters are a thorn in my side! I look forward to your review of Nefertiti!

    *Raidergirl - Yes, The Other Boleyn Girl was hard to put down! Have you read any of her others? No more new challenges for me for a while. :)

    *Laura - NO!! :) With the new book club, I'm stretching myself pretty far. I've got to finish some of these others first!

    *Debi and Nymeth - Thanks! It does indeed feel good to be making some sort of progress...

  7. I had no idea that The Other Boleyn Girl was a novel as well. Seriously I watched the movie and liked it, but the book, must have been something else. Good job!

  8. *Harry - Yes! I've only read this one book by her, but Phillipa Gregory has written a number of books surrounding Henry VIII's wives as well as Queen Elizabeth. I haven't seen the movie, though.


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