9 Responses to “Classics Challenge!!!”

  1. OMG I’m so glad you put this up! I’m in serious need of reading classics, as I can’t myself a book lover of I haven’t read them!!! and seeing how I miserably failed the first one, I want another try:P

  2. Here it comes!!! LOL.
    Count me in… will have to look for the titles though, muhaha…

    BTW, I’ve finished reading 1/4 of Jane Eyre (I know, I’ve been slow…) but I’m going to set it down for the moment and re-read it just for this!!! ;P

  3. I was hoping you’d play again this year : ) I’m so beyond on my reader – it’s astonishing, really. I’m going to try to join you! It’s funny, because I have sworn off joining any more challenges but I swore off with the caveat that I’d do yours and Bethany’s again if you hosted :)

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