Read-a-thon Hours 13-16??

Posted 19 April, 2009 by Trish in Reading Nook / 12 Comments


UPDATE FOR HOURS 13-16?? Yowsa!

Since last update:
Pages: 71(Fun Home)
Time: 54 minutes
35 minutes driving; 30 minutes having fun with the girls

548 pages read
497 minutes reading
225 minutes blogging
110 comments left
2 books finished (The Outsiders, Catch Me If You Can)
4 caffeine beverages
7 mini challenges (see non-fiction mini below)
20 minutes exercise
35 minutes driving

We had a GREAT time at IHOP, but I think our waitress thought we were kind of weird. :) Pictured below left: Krystal, Trish, Laura, Kari

Rooty Tooty Fresh and Fruity (blueberry). LOVING Fun Home!!
Is this a change for me to plug the Non-Fiction Five challenge??? Hosted HERE on my blog. :)
LOVE non-fiction. Reading my second NF book of the evening!!!

12 Responses to “Read-a-thon Hours 13-16??”

  1. That looks like fun!

    It’s about my normal bedtime now. I’m still going strong on the excitement of Staying Up All Night, but I’m thinking coffee would be in order about now.

  2. People keep posting pictures and/or descriptions of really tasty food this hour. And I have no tasty food! I am distracted from my cheerleading by all the tasty looking fooood.

    Oh wait, what I meant to say is you’re doing awesome, keep up the great reading! ;-)

  3. Hi Trish! Nick and I are tracking your progress. Looks like you had a good meal at iHop. we looked at Laura’s and Kari’s blogs too…. funny that you guys all love to read, and all have cats. :-) Love, Mom and nick

  4. It was evil to post a picture of all that yummy food! Good think I adore you, or I’d have to be mad. :)

    You are still kicking major butt on the reading! I can definitely feel mine slowing down.

  5. Okay first, did you guys read at IHOP? I see you had your book there.

    Second, I’m very impressed that you’re able to track how many comments you’ve left. I haven’t left nearly that many and I have no clue how many altogether!

  6. How fun and those pancakes look delish! I thought of your challenge when I answered the non-fiction mini challenge. Doing the read-a-thon means we are only that much closer to May 1…yea!

  7. Mmmm, pancakes look really good! I’m about to have a cheeseburger and soft drink. Congrats on all your progress today. I finished my first book! Shakespeare was killing me.

  8. Only 452 more pages to go! Does that sound like a lot or a little? Hopefully the Fun Home book will help get closer to that goal faster!

    Are you getting tired from the carb overload? I’m feeling a little restless–it’s harder to concentrate. Not sure if that is the carbs or the caffeine?

    Keep up the good reading!

  9. The food looks delicious! Glad you had a good time! Hope you are now rejuvinated to continue your quest! You are getting so close to your goal I know you can make it! Happy reading!

  10. LOoks like you were having a great time. You’re lucky to have others close by to do this with. Not nice to post yummy looking food like that though. lol.