The World’s Cutest Toes

Posted 4 April, 2009 by Trish in / 13 Comments

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Brooke is apprehensive about Baby Emma being plastered all over the Internet, which is her prerogative. So instead, check out these beautiful little toes. Don’t you just want to eat them? I love little Emma so much–she is perfectly in absolutely every way.

Oh fine–a few more. I won’t tell if you won’t!

13 Responses to “The World’s Cutest Toes”

  1. Awww…she is just as precious as can be. Glad you defied your sis and shared, because that beautiful little one sure did bring a big smile to my face!

  2. *Amanda – You think so? We used to look more alike than we do now–I’ll have to post pictures of my other sister Kim some day. People say we look a lot alike.

    *Debi – I just want to eat her up everytime I see her! :) She was kind of fussy last night, but I was able to do my fair share of cuddling. Brooke is incredibly generous with passing her around.

  3. Yes I do, Trish, at least from the pictures I’ve seen of you guys. Or at least that you make similar faces. Hair’s different, though.

  4. She is beautiful! There is nothing like a new little life in the family. It makes everything have new meaning. Btw, Emma has been my favorite girl name for a long time, and I will probably still name my first daughter that.

  5. So adorable!!! thanks for sharing! I saw there is another Debi…..this is Aunt Debi in Cali! Tell Brooke just to make her blog private. that is what Rebecca has done so she can share pictures. then you can monitor who can see it.

  6. She is so cute! You make such a great aunt! Brooke looks great! I bet you just can’t get enough of that sugar pie huh?

  7. *Steph – Emma is a great name. When are you and Scott talking about having kids? I’m sure you hate that question as much as I do, but I couldn’t help but ask. :)

    *Amanda – We already have a few nieces and nephews on Scott’s side, but it’s fun to have one so close to me!

    *Aunt Debi – I’ve tried convincing her to make a blog that is private, but she’s stubborn stubborn. I’ll sneak in the pictures as I can!

    *Michelle – I think Scott is starting to get a little worried with how smitten I am. :) Brooke looks fantastic!!