Saturday, July 18, 2009

I've been busy domesticating myself

Remember that quilt I talked about a few months ago? The top is now finished--just need to add one more strip for length and then it's on to the scary task of quilting, which I've never done by machine before. This is only my third quilt and the past two I've hand-tied. Other than being petrified of machine quilting this, I am in love with the colors and design. Is it bad to say I'm pretty darn proud of myself? :P

Trish's Quilt
Even Maggie likes the quilt
Trish's Quilt
The [mostly] finished top:
Trish's Quilt
In addition to quilting, I've been taking a cake decorating class at the local community college. It's kind of a pain because I have to bake and ice the cake ahead of time, which is part of the reason why my evenings have been full--very time consuming until I get the hang of it.
My first decorated cake:
Trish's CakeIsn't he cute?

Trish's Cake
And just because, a Maggie picture--she loves laying in the sun. Usually she crawls behind the blinds and sits on the sill.

Maggie the Cat


  1. I love the quilt. It really is beautiful! What color is the back part going to be? Great job on the cake. I am still trying to figure out where you steal all of your extra time from?

  2. Oh my goodness, girl, but aren't you the talented one?!!! I adore the's gorgeous, Trish. Absolutely gorgeous. And the

  3. *Michelle - I haven't decided on the back yet--maybe a blue color? I originally wanted the quilt to be mostly blue but I couldn't resist those pinks and purples!

    *Debi - Well, it's more work than talent--creativity doesn't come naturally to me. But it's been a lot of fun trying and you are such a dearheart.

  4. Hi Trini! I love the clown cake. Those clowns are so cute :-) The quilt is beautiful. I love how it turned out with the all the materials you chose. What a talented girl you are. Love you! mom

  5. Yeah! I am jealous. I know you don't have a lot of time, but I wish I had time to do cake decorating. Maybe next year. I guess you probably won't want to take the same class again. Anyway, I love the cake; it is so cute! Did you eat it?

  6. *Mom - Hmm, now we just have to work on the scrapbooking part!!

    *Brooke - It does take a lot of time, which kind of sucks, but I guess it keeps me busy. There are some Saturday or Sunday classes that we should talk about going to! I think Joann has some classes and so does Cake Carousel. Just don't know when.


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