Friday, July 31, 2009

Non-Fiction Five August Reviews

Non-Fiction Five Challenge
Look what's back--Mister Linky! Post your August reads in the Mister Linky below using the following format:

Your name: Trish (The Complete Maus)
Your URL:

**Thanks for your patience with Mister Linky being gone. I know I'm a day early posting this, but go ahead and put your links here. Wanted to make sure it was all set up before I left town.

Happy reading!


  1. Mine is posted...have a great weekend, Trish!

  2. Review is up, ignore the opening part that's just SundaySaloning.

    can I post two reviews?

  3. Missy - can you make it longer next year and more books! I really really enjoyed this one. If I get round to reading more non fiction, I shall post!

  4. I actually read this in July, but I forgot to add it before! Also, it's my fifth and final book, hooray! Now I just need to start and finish the Classics Challenge :P

  5. I've been really bad about posting links, so I actually posted all 5 of my challenge reads!

  6. That's book five fore me. I'll still be reading non-fiction and will try to post reviews if I read something good.

    Thanks for this challenge. It was fun.

  7. Thanks guys for leaving your posts and congrats to those of you who have finished the challenge! If you read any other non-fiction books in the meantime, feel free to post them.

    Damnedconjuror - You can post as many links as you want--as long as they're nonfiction. :)

    Vivienne - Well, since it is the Non-Fiction Five I will probably keep the rules the same next year, but you can read as many as you want!!

  8. Yeah! I've completed the challenge! Thanks for hosting Trish - definitely looking forward to next time.


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