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Posted 17 September, 2009 by Trish in Reading Nook / 21 Comments

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Today’s BBAW prompt is focused on discussing a book we’ve read because of blogger recommendations. I’ve written about blogger influence once before and shown you my huge stack of books purchased partially based on blogger recommendation, but today I’ll focus on one book.

I’m kind of funny when it comes to blogger recommendations. If I see a book that is interesting to me, I’ll add it to my Amazon wishlist, or just make a mental note. I rarely buy a book based on just one recommendation unless it sounds absolutely fabulous. Too many books out there for that! But when I start seeing a book here and there and everywhere, that’s when I’ll round up all of the recommendations, take them to the bank, and cash out with a shiny new book.

This is what happened with Maus. I remember first seeing it mentioned on Nymeth, Debi, and Dewey’s blogs—and let me tell you these ladies write some pretty memorable and fantastic reviews. They planted the seed and all the many of you who reviewed Maus after watered that little seed for me.

The Complete Maus
Anyway, I hadn’t meant to turn this post into a novel, so in short I’m now recommending The Complete Maus to you. Highly highly recommending it. In fact, my copy is now with my mom who is scared to death of reading a comic book. But I’ve assured her—it will be one of the most powerful books she’s read.

Do you pick up books based on one blogger’s recommendation or do you like to see multiple people endorsing the book?

21 Responses to “BBAW – Thanks for Introducing to…”

  1. I’ve never bought a book solely on a blogger’s recommendation, but I search for many at the library because of it!

  2. You know, I seriously don’t think I ever read a book anymore that one of you (or many of you) hasn’t recommended! I sort of miss just finding a new, totally unheard book to dive into, but then I really can’t complain because you all have me reading such incredible books all the time. :D

  3. I saw Maus in a bookshop last week with a friend, who said it was a great graphic novel for people who don’t normally read graphic novels (I’ve read Persepolis but not much else). I will definitely be adding this to my wishlist now to know that it comes highly, HIGHLY recommended!

  4. Maybe I need to start out with this one for a graphic novel. I have missed you! I have been so MIA lately. Seriously thinking about stopping the book blog, but I just feel too busy to keep it all going. I don’t know. We shall see… Feelings get so scewed when you are preggers, maybe once I pop this baby out, things will be different!

  5. It makes me very happy to hear I was one of the people who helped convince you to read Maus, Trish! As for me, normally it takes a few people, but there are some bloggers that can convince me to pick up a book single-handedly!

  6. Eva

    When I was on bookmooch, I’d totally mooch a book based on one blogger’s review! That’s how my TBR case got out of control. ;) Now I prefer the library-if I don’t enjoy it in the first 25 pages or so, I can just return it, so it’s not staring at my accusingly, lol.

  7. I remember seeing this book being mentioned on Nymeth, Debi, Dewey and a few other blogs. It’s already added to my wishlist! ;P I’m glad you enjoyed it too, Trish!

  8. Trish, I just bought Wilkie Collins’ The Woman in White a few days ago largely on account of you! I mean, I’ve known of that book for ages, but something about your review here ages ago stuck with me for some reason. Thanks!

  9. I still haven’t read this one. When I was in grad school (briefly…I lasted one quarter), we had to present our favorite history book. One of my classmates chose Maus. I chose The Devil in the White City. Everyone tore apart our less than “scholastic” choices. Idiots…this is why people think history is boring.

    Anyways…I swear I’ll read this someday just to spite all those serious historians who are too stuffy for their own good.

  10. I tend to see if a few bloggers are recommending a book, but if it sounds particularly interesting, I will read a book on one recommendation. Especially when it is bloggers like you, who I’ve come to trust their opinions!

  11. I totally forgot that Maus was a book I read because of blogger’s reviews. Yes, I totally read this one. Can’t remember where I saw it first, but I imagine that it was the same bloggers as you.

  12. That’s happened to me quite a few times since I began blogging. And actually, in a perverse way, if I see too many reviews about a certain book, oftentimes I will be less inclined to read it.

    Maus was one of the first graphic memoirs I read and loved it. It’s one I recommend to a lot of people new to the genre. (That and Persepolis)

  13. Maus is amazing, isn’t it? I read it long before I began blogging or keeping track of what I read. Even before I really began to read graphic novels.

    Sometimes one blogger review is enough to turn me onto a book–it depends. Other times, I’m much more hesitant and like to get a variety of opinions before making up my mind. I’m not sure there’s any rational explanation for it. Perhaps I’m quicker to snap up a book that would have probably interested me if I’d come across it on my own and so one review is plenty enough for me.

  14. *Everyone – Sorry for these lame-O group return comments. :(

    But, wanted to say thanks for coming by and putting in your input. I’m currently eating my own words as I’m reading Fingersmith a book that I bought immediately after reading Nymeth’s review (she is a little devil, huh?).

    And if you haven’t read Maus, you must. Update on my mom–she’s reading and loving it. :) Proud Trish.

  15. I read them as individual books and the cover of the first book did not appeal to me at all, so it took a lot for me to pick it up. I ended up loving both books, too, and recommend them all the time. However, it has taken a lot of convincing on my part to get others to read them (just like your mom). Thankfully, they all love it as well.