Home again Home again Lickety Split

September 28, 2009 Life, Reading Nook 27

I’m home [from Europe] and I’m exhausted. I got back yesterday evening and didn’t even bother turning on my computer–just sat on the couch, watched last week’s episode of Glee and passed out. Oh, and ate a bowl of ice cream of course. :)

Zurich, Switzerland
I can’t wait to catch up with everyone!

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  1. Bookfool

    Welcome back, Trish! I’ll bet Maggie’s happy to see you. Can’t wait to see more photos. That one is enough to turn me green with envy.

  2. TheBlackSheep

    OMG! You were in Zürich? You should have said! I used to live there once upon a time before we moved to Berne. Hope you enjoyed your trip and got in on some of the good weather we’ve been having.

  3. Trish

    *Everyone – Pictures this weekend! Um, or something.

    Thanks so much for the warm welcome back! Now off to that GReader…

  4. Trish

    *Everyone – Thanks guys for the welcome back! I still haven’t gotten pictures finished, but hopefully soon–I can definitely do better than this one! :)

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