Happy Halloween Eve!

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Happy Halloween!

Ok, so it’s not Halloween yet, but I don’t normally like posting on Saturdays and with the way my week has been if I don’t schedule this post now it won’t get posted. I made this cake for my work Halloween party–the tombstones are made from Milano cookies, the ghosts from marshmallows speared by pretzels, the trees from bigger pretzels piped with frosting, the bones and skulls are little candies, and of course the beloved pumpkins (although I think Brach’s changed their recipe!). The cake is vanilla because I don’t like chocolate cake and refuse to make it, but the icing is chocolate (which strangely I do like).

It’s a little busy and I don’t know how we’ll cut and eat the cake, but I’m pretty excited to have made my first cake where a teacher wasn’t telling me what to do. Doesn’t it look yummy??

We don’t have any plans for Halloween yet. We’ll have some company this weekend, but other than that I hope for a quiet weekend where I can catch up a bit on life. The house is a wreck, laundry needs to be done, I need to do some serious running, and of course blog stuff. Hopefully aside from all of that I’ll have some time to curl up with Hunger Games!

What plans do you have for the weekend?

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  1. cj

    What a great cake! I hope you have a wonderful weekend. Mine is going to be spent in anticipation of November 1 and the start of The National Novel Writing Month!


  2. That is so cute! I love the tombstones. I don’t like chocolate cake either.

    I have to work in the morning and we’ll probably take the kids to a couple houses. The Pirate is sick so not a lot, but we’d never get away with skipping it.

  3. This is awesome. I can’t wait for you to help me with Emma’s cake. I know for sure that it will be adoreable. See, you are creative. Sometimes people just need a kick start in the right direction. The cake looks awesome, and I am jealous that I don’t get to eat any of it.

  4. Aha! You’ve got those “yummy pumpkins” which you described as one of your snacks for the Read A Thon on your cake! See what a sleuth I am?! It looks wonderful; save a piece for me!

  5. Ah, that’s adorable Trish :P Hope everyone enjoys it! I’m not doing much aside from working this weekend :/ Oh yeah! I’m starting a novel on Sunday! Duh, NaNo starts then. No Halloween plans though, which sucks because I love Halloween. Hope you have a fantastic weekend Trish!!

  6. *Molly – It’s pretty quiet in the office today but everyone’s looking forward to afternoon treats!

    *Alice – Hope you have a good Hallwen, too!

    *Amanda – It took a lot of willpower not to devour those Milanos before they made it to the cake! :)

    *CJ – NaNo time! I suspect November might be a quiet month on the blogosphere!

    *Bermuda – We’re the opposite! I even like brownies, but no chocolate cake for me! :)

    *Lisa – Chocolate cake always seems dry and tasteless to me. Strawberry or coconut is my favorite. Hope you guys have a good time trick-or-treating and that pirate is feeling better by then!

    *Jodie – The piped trees/pretzels will sure taste yummy! :)

    *Brooke – :) I can’t wait to help you make Emma’s cake. Can we have her birthday early? :P I can be creative, I just have to think about it and plan ahead of time!

    *JoAnn – I’m still learning, but it’s fun to try out ideas! :)

    *Trisha – I hope you have a wonderful Halloween!!

    *Bellezza – Yes, those are the yummy pumpkins, but I’m convinced Brach’s changed their recipe. They are a little chewier than normal, but I’ve been to every store looking for “normal” ones. :)

    *Chris – Bahhhh–work! :) We don’t really have any plans either, but I’m OK with that. And good luck with Nano!! I think a lot of bloggers will be doing it this year. Hope you’ll keep us informed!

  7. How cute! Thanks for sharing. I love seeing pictures that relate to a person’s life pop up on their posts. :)

    No special plans just yet. Dinner & a movie are in the works for tonight, but after that, just reading and hanging out at home in comfy clothes. I can’t wait! Have a good one Trish!

  8. What an awesome, scrumptious looking cake!! You’re quite talented with baking I see. I wish I could be but I’m afraid I can only boil water, make sandwiches and scrambled eggs lol!

  9. I’m kind of partial to that little ghost in the back right corner of the cake…he looks a little scared, and like he’s trying to hide behind the tree.

    Congrats on the cake…it’s too cute!

    Happy Halloween!

  10. aww.. too cute! Love the cake and I am sure i would love to have a nice piece of that :)

    Happy Halloween! My dad is visiting us this weekend.. so that’s all i m occupied with!

  11. *Kim – LOL–vanilla cake with chocolate icing is MUCH better than chocolate cake! :)

    *Diane – Thanks! It was a lot of fun to make.

    *Amused – Thank you. :) I hope you have a great Halloween!

    *Vivienne – Halloween is so much more fun with kiddos around. Hope you have a great day.

    *mjmbecky – It seems the personal posts are cropping up more and more here as I have less and less time to read. :) Hope you found something good at the theater to watch!

    *Lilly – I still have quite a few baking disasters in the kitchen, but the decorating is getting easier each time. :) And scrambled eggs are harder than they look! I suck at them. :P

    *Eva – Thank you! I hope you have a wonderful Halloween!

    *Softdrink – Aren’t those ghosts cute? I’m not a big fan of marshmallows but I couldn’t resist having a few ghosts.

    *Veens – LOL–the cake was very yummy, I must admit. I hope you have a wonderful weekend with your dad!

    *Kailana – Thank you. :) Happy Halloween!

    *Stephanie – I didn’t actually do this cake for class but I wouldn’t have done it before taking the class for sure!

    *Charley – :) Thanks!

  12. I absolutely LOVE your cake! Thanks for sharing! Hope you are able to take a breather from all your weekend “activities”!

  13. Oh Trish, that is just the most darling Halloween cake I’ve ever seen! I do believe it may be too stinkin’ cute to even eat…and believe me, I don’t say that lightly. :D

  14. Great job on the cake! It is so cute!!! I would love to start taking some cake decorating classes. I should check it out at my local craft store. Keep posting pics, cause I love looking at the great job you do!!

  15. *Lisa – The cake was so easy to make! I think I used a #2 tip for the piping on the ghosts and Milano cookies, but definitely easy and fun. And yummy! :)

    *Melody – LOL! The cake was yummy! I hope you had a good Halloween–do you guys celebrate over there?

    *Suzanne – I was a little lazy over the weekend and am paying for it now. Why does it always seem so hard to catch up!? :)

    *Debi – Well, it was difficult to cut the first piece, but soon we were devouring it with just our forks from the cake itself. So yummy!

    *Michelle – Michaels and Hobby Lobby I think both offer classes. And Jo-Ann? I’m sure there are lots of classes near you. It’s so fun! (although I skipped class today…oops).

    *Terri – Thanks! :) I had a lot of fun with it.

    *Marie – I’m blushing. :P Thank you–I hope you had a good Halloween, too.

  16. No, we don’t really celebrate, but I did see some party-goers dressing up in all kinds of costumes to bars, pubs etc all in good fun!