The Odyssey – A Readalong

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Image from Homer’s Odyssey Page
(also good source for other information)

The Odyssey Readalong
November 1-30, 2010

The Odyssey is classic tale of journey and adventure, a tale many of us haven’t read since we were in grade school (if at all).  We’re skipping the war bit (The Iliad) but with Cyclopes and Sirens we’re sure to be duly entertained.  I hope you’ll join me for a readalong of The Odyssey!

The Odyssey is divided into 24 books and we will read 6 books each week.  The schedule is as follows:

Nov 1-8: Books I-VI; 1-6
Nov 9-15: Books VII-XII; 7-12
Nov 16-22: Books XIII-XVIII; 13-18
Nov 23-30: Books XIX-XXIV; 19-24

I’ll put up a recap post and a Mister Linky on Mondays so you can link to your recap posts as well (except the last week which ends on Tuesday–think of it as an extra day for Thanksgiving).

A few notes
**The Odyssey will completely fulfill the requirements for the Really Old Classics Challenge!  Go sign up!
**My translation is by Robert Fitzgerald but the Robert Fagles version is supposed to be fantastic
**Consider listening to the audiobook version! This tale was originally told in the oral tradition.
**We’re all a little scared of this classic–you’re not alone in your timid feelings!  It’s OK.

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31 Responses to “The Odyssey – A Readalong”

  1. Oh don’t be scared at ALL!!! I read this in college and fell in love with it!! Once you get into the language of it it goes so smoothly. It’s really quite an awesome story!! I hope you enjoy it :D

  2. I LOVE The Odyssey….I don’t think I’ll sign up but I’ll make sure to comment a lot. :)

    And it really isn’t too scary. Its very lyrical and descriptive!

  3. I should take advantage of this to finally read this book while I have encouragement to keep going. But I’m trying really hard to keep my commitments down for the next couple of months so my reading is pretty much only what I really want to read.

  4. I can’t believe I pressed that button but here I am! I’ll need to see if we have it at home, I have a feeling we might. Otherwise I’ll get the version you recommend.

  5. What Chris said! I read this a few years ago and I was surprised that it was so accessible.

    If you all decide to do the Iliad at some point, I might join you :P

  6. *Softdrink – This is going to be GREAT. :D Much better than Wuthering Heights and Brothers Karamazov. I can feel it…

    *Amanda – Boooooooo! I’m still hopeful that Morrigan and Jason will have so much fun with it that you’ll buckle and join. ;)

    *Carina – No, not evil! But yes, misery definitely does love company. Glad you’re joining us!!

    *Chris – YAY! Encouragement. Which translation did you read, Mr. Chris?

    *Allie – Thanks for encouraging us along, Allie!! We definitely need it. :)

    *Lisa – You *should* read only what you want to read. I need to take a note from you for sure!

    *Dizzy C/Carol – Thanks for the award! :D

    *Joanna – Hip Hip Hurray! If you can’t find your copy, I’ve heard the Fagles is the best…but since I already have Fitzgerald, that’s what I’ll be reading. Who knows…!

    *Nymeth – Another encourager! I guess we skipped The Iliad, but a handful of people mentioned interest in my “feeler” post, so maybe next year? ;)

  7. Man … I wish I had time to do this! You guys are going to LOVE the Odyssey! I liked it so much more than the Illiad. It’s also fun to see how often it’s alluded to in other literature. Maybe after this some of you will be more inclined to try out Ulysses … heh heh heh. Good luck everyone! Also, Trish, I’ve been reading your blog for awhile now and I love it!

  8. Hm, listening to the audio is a very interesting idea. Maybe I’ll check it out and, if I like it, maybe I’ll join in. We’ll see!

  9. I really, really want to join in on this. I’ve read it already, but I now own the Robert Fagles translation and would love to try it out. I’m just not sure yet if I can squeeze it in, but I’ll probably try anyways! Hopefully I’ll be back with a link.

  10. Hmmm, I checked and the version I have is the Oxford Classic prose translation by Shewring. Should I buy one of the others or not?? I can’t decide, Help!

  11. Wow good for you! I have no interest in re-reading the Odyssey…I suppose I’ll save that until I *have* to do it with my children (who I don’t even have yet)!

  12. *Meredith – Wahoo Waterloo!

    *IngridLola – Thanks for coming by. ;) Though I’m not sure I’LL be more inclined towards Ulysses…but I have heard others mentioning a RAL on twitter…!

    *Kristi – Yay! So glad you’ll be joining us.

    *Erin – I will sink my claws in one way or another… Just kidding *creepy!* I hope you’ll consider the audio!

    *Heather – Thank you for posting. :)

    *Chris – Yay! Now I don’t feel like such a dud for having the Fitzgerald rather than Fagles. ;)

    *Shelley – Oh…you can do it! And I’d love to hear how Fagles compares to the first translation you read!

    *Joanna – I think you’ll be fine reading what you have, but it will be different. I think most people will be reading the verse version, but I could be wrong. Maybe go onto Amazon and read a snippet of the prose and verse editions to get a feel for what you might like better? Here I show my ignorance about foreign libraries/bookstores, but would your library have an English translation of Odyssey in verse? Feel free to email me…I’ve been discussing these questions with my mom as well.

    *Ronnica – ;) Well, maybe next time… My mom is actually joining me because my little brother will have to read The Odyssey this year!

  13. *Jason – Awesome! How fun for you and Morrigan to do this together. :)

    *Kim – Yes, you are correct–first check in will be November 8th. Glad you’re joining us! And I hope this won’t be another Brothers K. ;)

  14. I really want to do this, but I’m already overcommited in just about every area of my life right now. I will be with you in spirit though!

  15. Sure why not. I am game for a challenge. I have been wanting to read it since I took a classic literature class about 9 years ago and just haven’t gotten around to it.

  16. Absolutely! I think I will hold my blog posts for publishing in January when my own project gets underway, but I’ll read along and will participate in the comments section of participating blogs. Thanks for organizing this!

  17. Tom

    What have I done? It’s not like I signed up to do this in, say, July. Oh well, with everything else I’ve got to do, might as well read The Odyssey!

  18. So glad to see so many people tackling this! I read it not too far back so I won’t be directly joining but will enjoy seeing the discussions. Feel free to plunder my posts as needed.