Sunday Salon 30 – Blogging Celebration

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Good morning Saloners.  What exactly am I celebrating today?  Well, I’m a bit early but I’m celebrating 500 posts.  Today is #499, but since #500 will be tomorrow’s The Odyssey Readalong Check-in the Second, I thought–I’ll celebrate early!

I started blogging on June 5, 2007 at Trish’s Reading Nook.  Shortly afterwards, I created a personal travel blog, Love and Travel.  January 2010 I created Love, Laughter, and a Touch of Insanity when Love and Travel didn’t cut it anymore.  In March 2010, I followed suit with Trish’s Reading Nook and combined all my posts into this one blog.  The transition was a really tough one–going from over 500 subscribers to 20, but now I couldn’t be happier with the decision.  Sometimes I still have to remind myself that it’s my blog and I’ll blog how I want to.  And as my coworker says “I am not an octopus.”  I cannot be everywhere at once–some weeks I can only be here and barely here at all.  The guilt of not being able to be a rockstar commenter anymore is mostly gone now, and I am finally allowing myself to just be.  Amazing how it took 499 posts to come to these realizations!

Over the past three and a half years and 500 posts, I’ve shared a lot with my readers (and how lucky I am to have THE best readers in the whole of the blogosphere).  I’ve shared my reading thoughts and book reviews, I’ve shared the trips I’ve taken, favorite recipes, my first machine quilted quilt, the exciting things in life and the not so exciting.  I’ve hosted three reoccurring challenges (The Classics Challenge, The Non-Fiction Five, 100 Mile Fitness), joined many of your challenges, and even suffered through a few readalongs.  I’ve added hundreds of books to my shelves, joined that thing called Twitter, and met so many wonderful people.

500 posts.  For some this is a drop in the bucket, but personally I didn’t think I’d stick with blogging this long.  There were times when blogging took over my life and times when I discarded it completely.  But what an outlet it has been–I realize that while I’m not a “writer” I do love writing and exploring thoughts through the written word.  How lucky I am that people are actually listening to my drivel?  Ha!    I asked around on twitter the other day on how to celebrate 500 posts and got two great ideas–my top 10 posts and ask me anything.

Top 10 Favorite Posts:

Ask Me Anything?

500 posts and  no About Me section?  Lisa suggested an “Ask Me Anything” session.  You ask me anything, and I’ll tell you the answers.  Sure, many of you know me better than my own mother (slight exaggeration)–I’m a bit of an open book, but anything [appropriate] goes.  Questions don’t have to be “about me” material, but hopefully I can get some prompter questions to get an “about me” section started.  I’ll write up the answers in a separate post.


I hope everyone’s having a really lovely Sunday and next week I’ll be back with a regular Sunday Salon–maybe even the Taming of the Shelves Part 2 I’ve been wanting to do.  In personal news, I am working diligently on a professional course I have been putting off for an embarrassingly long time. If I’m commenting less (which face it, my comments are few and far between), returning comments slower or not at all, or even if my posts slow down, it’s because I’m deep in insurance world.  As I say on Twitter, #beingadultsucks.

Happy Sunday!

36 Responses to “Sunday Salon 30 – Blogging Celebration”

  1. Congrats on 500 posts! Blogging is really a wonderful thing – I had no idea where it was going when I started but I’m pleased where I’ve ended up. It seems like you are too! :)

    Meghan @ Medieval Bookworm

  2. Can I very embarrassingly admit I have no idea when I passed the 500 mark? Sigh.

    Well congrats! :D I’m glad I’ve been there with you through a lot of that journey. And having said that, I have no idea what to ask! Um, how’s this – do you still have that literary crush on Edward? :D

  3. Congrats on 500 posts! Great milestone. It’s an amazing, unpredictable journey, isn’t it?

    I don’t have a question for you, though, alas. Asking good questions is sometimes very hard for me. Maybe something will strike me and I’ll come back to post it …

  4. Congrats! I had no idea that you had those other blogs before this one! I, hm, have no questions…that I can think of. Oh, wait, if you were to write a book (you haven’t already, right?), what genre would it be in?

    Your blog is a lot of fun, and you seem to get around with comments just fine! Glad that you’re just enjoying your blog and not worrying so much about commenting rockstarness.

  5. Yayyy! Happy 500th post :-)

    May you have another 500 awesome posts.

    OH here’s my question, what are your three favorite books that you read because of blogging (i.e. another blogger recommended, you got it for review, etc.)

  6. Congrats on 500 posts! Your blog has really inspired my reading. I loved your Maus review back when you posted it. I did take your advice and read it, and I’m glad that I did.

    I can’t think of any good questions. I’m sure you get asked this one all the time, but are you hoping for a boy or a girl? Do you have that mother’s intuition and feel like you already know the gender? Don’t feel bad if you don’t. I never had any clue with my three! :)

  7. Dee

    Congratulations! Thanks for the time you spend on your blog. I enjoy reading it. I like your writing style and book reviews.

  8. I know what you mean about blogging taking over one’s life, and alternately discarding it almost completely. But, I’m glad you didn’t. And, congratulations on your 500th post. Isn’t it funny the places we land which we never thought we would? XO

  9. *Meghan – I love that so many people have been doing this together for years.

    *Amanda – I just realized that I’m technically still under because Blogger counts my drafts as posts. Oops. ;) Ha–and thanks for the question.

    *Wordlily – It truly has been an amazing and unpredictable journey–and so glad to share the journey with you all!

    *Lisa – You’re asking someone with a terrible memory! But I’ll see what I can think of. You have 500 posts don’t you?? Surely…

    *TopherGL – The personal blog was always really small, but the old book blog was quite big–made a big jump down this year. ;) And thanks, Topher. Glad to have met you!

    *April – Good question about recommendations–it will be hard to narrow it down to just three! :P

    *Kristi – Oh I’m thrilled you read Maus and loved it! It’s such an amazing book. We find out what baby is in two weeks! Hubby and I have very different ideas of what’s brewing! I have a “feeling” but he had a dream… LOL!

    *Unfinished – I love how events like BBAW and the readathon bring people together. Glad to have re-met you too. ;)

    *Dee – Thank you so much–and thanks for the comment. :)

    *Amy – Thank you! 500 more seems like quite the feat, doesn’t it? I don’t know how many posts others average.

    *Bellezza – To think back to everything that’s happened in the past years! It’s amazing–and even my longtime blogging friends like you who have made their own journeys here and there and back again.

  10. Congratulations on 500 posts! I think it must’ve been quite a hard decision to go from 2 blogs to one blog and combine everything, but I really like your blog so it seems to have all worked out really well :)

  11. Congratulations on 500! It has been so fun following you around the country as well as from blog to blog! :–) Can’t wait till we start following the joys of Billy Bob!

  12. Congratulations on 500 posts! Those people that didn’t follow you over don’t know how much they’ve missed!

  13. Congratulations on your 500th post! I like, somehow, that it will be an Odyssey post. I’m going to hold off asking a question, since I’m newer to your blog and would probably ask something everyone else already knows! I’ll just look forward to reading your answers to other people’s questions instead :-)

  14. Gimme a T!
    Gimme an R!
    Gimme an I!
    Gimme an S!
    Gimme an H!
    What’s that spell? AWESOME!
    Say it Louder! AWESOME!
    With spirit! AWESOME!

    Aren’t you glad i didn’t do that in person? :D

    My question, but dont answer if its too personal – what were you writing about in the things you quoted in your Speak review? Do you feel the same about them now with a few years distance?

  15. Yay for 500 posts! That is fantastic! I really would love to have you keep going for 500 more. I love this blog. I love your reviews, and I love hearing about your life! If not for the blog, I am not sure that we would have reconnected! So I am glad for that!

    1. What names are you thinking of the B3?

    2. What is your music of choice? Favorite album?

    3. What is your favorite comfort food?

    4. If you had to pick your favorite cousin living in Colorado, who would you choose? ;)

    5. If you could only watch one tv program, what would you choose?

    I think that is all! Love ya!

  16. Congratulations on the 500 posts! I’m glad you are embracing the not worrying about commenting on every blog post you read. We all love comments, but sometimes feeling obligated to read and comment on everything is too much. I’m going for a guilt free blogging lifestyle and I hope others will feel the same way!

    My question is:

    What is one thing that you really love about yourself and one thing that you either don’t like or would really like to change about yourself?

  17. lol! I want to steal Jason’s comment! Jut as I can’t I’ll just second it. I can’t think of any non-stupid questions, but I look forward to your answers to the ones you’re getting. Also, I love your top ten! Those are some of my favourite of your posts :)

  18. *Iris – Thank you–I was afraid about combining the two blogs–especially as my family seems disinterested now, but I’m happy with the combo! Wish more bloggers would include personal tidbits in their blogging!!

    *Jill/Rhapsody – Thanks for following here and there. ;) And hopefully Baby Billy Bob doesn’t suck the blogging out of me!

    *Lisa – What a sweet thing to say–all the important people did come–that’s what counts right?

    *Erin – Funny way to celebrate 500 posts, huh? The Odyssey? ;) Glad to have met you recently.

    *Ardentreader – Thanks. ;)

    *Jason – TRISH spells awesome? :P Thanks Jason–and it would have been fun to see in person. I’m going to have to think back about the Speak question–not sure if I remember specifics now. I have pretty selective memory when it comes to my past. :-/

    *Michelle – As Nick tells me “I’m your only brother, Trish.” But yes, you are my favorite Colorado cousin. And thank you for being such a wonderful commenter. Wish you would get your comp fixed soon so I can return the favor! I miss your posts. You’re the best–love you.

    *Carin – It’s so different now that there are SO many bloggers–it used to be much easier in the past to connect with so many in the blogosphere, but now it’s impossible. Frustrating, but that’s life. Tough question. :P

    *Nymeth – LOL–can you vlog that for me? :P Or you can Jason could vlog and splice together?? #thingsthatwouldmakemyday Thanks for being such a great friend through the years my dear.

  19. Oh Congrats! That is exciting news!

    I am sorry that I am lame, but I cannot come up with any questions that haven’t been asked. I blame it on too much reading today as my eyes are going all wonky. :)

    But I will say that I am glad to be following your journey and blog! And you’re such a wonderful writer!

  20. Congrats! That really is quite an accomplishment, and a huge chunk of writing. :)

    Have you ever shared with us how you met your husband and if he also likes to read? Sorry if I missed it along the way!

  21. Hmm…why is it so hard to think of a question when I’m asked to but usually I have tons of questions :) How about what is one book that you are looking forward to reading with the baby once he/she gets older???? And congrats on 500 posts!

  22. Congrats Trish, 500 posts is a big accomplishment! I think you’ll gain readers back as you go, even though it’s tough, I’m sure it was a good decision. I feel the same as you – so lucky that people read what I love to write. Can’t wait to read lots more posts, and lots more of The Odyssey :)

  23. *Allie – So glad to have met you the past few months—I love how events like BBAW can bring people together. ;)

    *Becky – I have to imagine that bloggers who have been around as long have way surpassed 500 posts by now! But yes, it is a TON of writing. Not sure if I’ve mentioned how I met Scott, but I’ll share again. Thanks for the question!

    *Melody – Thank you Melody—and thanks for being there through it all. :)

    *Stephanie – Glad to have met you, too!!

    *Samantha – I know—shouldn’t put you guys on the spot with the question asking. Especially since I’m not exactly secretive about my life. ;) Great question—a hard one, but fun.

    *Molly – Thank you!

    *Christina – LOL—a rockstar who’s tone deaf. But thanks. ;)

    *JoAnn – Well, I gotta say—blogging wouldn’t be nearly as fun with you guys around keeping me company!

    *Kim – Thanks Kim–and it still kills me that I actually have people reading this thing. :P Glad you’re enjoying The Odyssey as well

  24. WoooHooo! Congrats on the 500 POSTS! That is awesome. I am still working on realizing that it is OK to be completely ignoring m blog on some days and being there all the time on others lol!
    But I think I have an idea now on what blogs I like and follow. THAT at least I have sorted out. :D

    Questions… ummm! No, I don’t think I have any questions. I LOVE you and your blog, Trish, and I will stalk your blog, for the time your are going to be around.

  25. Congratulations on 500 posts! That’s quite a feat. Congrats on Baby Billy Bob and on your literary crush, my beloved Edward. Say it loud and say it proud!

    Here’s to another 500 posts!

  26. 500 posts-congrats!!!-I am closing on 400 posts-I also thought when I began my blog I would just some how post a few times then lose interest but not my blog is one of the biggest things in my life