Wordless Wednesday: Apples for Pie

Posted 17 November, 2010 by Trish in In the Kitchen / 18 Comments



What’s your favorite apple to snack on?

18 Responses to “Wordless Wednesday: Apples for Pie”

  1. They are so shiny! Such a perfect shot.

    My favorite apples are honeycrisp – good for snacking and they make a great pie.

  2. I am looking at that picture and thinking Snow White! I love a cold Granny Smith apple and I have just had one cut up with my lunch.

  3. Give me a Granny Smith or give nothing at all. Okay, a tad overly dramatic there, huh? But they really are the only apple I totally love to just munch on. Now in pie…yeah, definitely not so picky there!

  4. *Molly – Honeycrisps are my new favorite snacking apple, too. Never baked with them, though!

    *JoAnn – Eeep! I’ve actually never heard of Cortland. I’ll have to keep an eye out when apple shopping for thanksgiving pie. Love Gala!

    *Bermuda – Oooh, tangy! ;)

    *Vivienne – I love an apple with lunch. And yes, they do kind of look like a tempting apple from Snow White, huh?

    *Debi – GS is the ONLY one?? What kind of apples do you have on your trees?

  5. I’m a Granny Smith girl, but I like the Honeycrisp as well. I love Michelle’s idea of apples with Nutella. I am addicted to that stuff, but I’ve never tried it on apples.

  6. Pink lady! But you can only really get them in the summer. So 2nd favorite is honeycrisp.

    PS. I am a fan of wordless Wednesday. I mean I like when you write. But this is fun, too.

  7. Do we get to see the pie, too??

    My absolute favorites are golden delicious, though they have to be really crisp. Second choice is a tie between granny smiths (if there’s peanut butter to spread on the slices) or fujis.

  8. *Michelle – No! Nutella sounds yummy–sometimes I do PB, but that’s it.

    *Kristi – Mmmm, honeycrisps are my favorite! I’m surprised how many like Granny Smiths (which are good, but not the first I grab).

    *Elise – Oh Pink Ladies. Sometimes I bake pies with those but I haven’t seen any this year. Yes, the Wordless Wednesday is a lazy way for me to post. ;) Glad you like–you should do, too!

    *Carol – Another Granny Smith lover! You guys definitely dominate!

    *Melody – Doesn’t it just make your mouth water? Love a good juicy apple. Red delicious are good, too.

    *Iliana – Mmmmm, Gala! Love Gala. And Red Delicious! All good choices. ;)

    *Erin – Pie on Friday–fingers crossed. Been a hectic week. One for Golden Delicious! I’m not sure I’ve tried them. And love PB on apple slices, too.

    *Meredith – :D Would those be Granny Smith??

  9. McIntosh are my favs, too. Except during the two week period when I can get Turleys. Love to make fried apples with McIntosh–you get that great tart and sweet combo.