Wordless Wednesday: Cutting a Green Pepper

Posted 10 November, 2010 by Trish in In the Kitchen / 21 Comments


No seeds, very little waste.
I’ll never “gut” a pepper again.

Happy Wednesday,

PS–how is this month a third of the way over?  #idontgetit

21 Responses to “Wordless Wednesday: Cutting a Green Pepper”

  1. I’ve never done it that way. I’ll have to try it. I hate trying to tear out the ribs and the seeds. Thanks for the tip!

  2. *Melody – Cant remember where I saw this but I was amazed I hadn’t thought of it before! So easy.

    *Bermuda – Yup!

    *Kristi – I hate trying to deseed a pepper as well–those suckers seem to stick everywhere!

    *Jill – this is much easier–don’t have to try and wash out the seeds…yuck!

    *Debi – Dammit! You caught me. Yes, would not work for stuffed peppers. :P Which I do cook quite a bit. So I guess I WILL gut peppers again in my life. LOL!

  3. Okay. I’m going to have to learn this method! It’s amazing to me that you’re trying to slow time down and I’m trying to speed it up! I can’t wait for Christmas break. :-D

  4. cj

    Now listen. For those of us who are slow about things like this… you could’ve given us some idea on how you did it…


  5. *Michelle – think maybe I saw this on the cooking channel?? And please move to Dallas. Please???

    *Vasilly – This year has gone entirely wayyyyy too fast. It’s frightening really. Christmas already? ;) But then it will be 2011!!

    *CJ – It’s hard to describe, but basically take your knife at the top of the pepper and cut in enough that you’ll remove the flesh from the “ribs” as Kristi above calls them. I usually get more off the bottom–or you can just cut off the bottom and use, but I needed the core to “stand” for the picture. So much better than cutting into the top and then ripping out the insides. But…still have to do if you like your peppers stuffed. ;)

    *Lisa – Isn’t this so much easier? And you don’t do stuffed peppers? I saw a recipe yesterday for stuffed peppers without the stuffed part–so just cut up peppers with the stuffing–and it looked delicious! Stuffed peppers is one of those quick “go-to” meals.

  6. Okay, that is cool! My kids love green peppers so I’m always cutting them to keep for snacks. This would be so much easier.

  7. I almost cut them like that! When I get to the last edge, the pepper is kind of wobbly and I’m always afraid the knife will slip. Once I’m down to the last cut, I just snap off the stem/seed part. It’s so much easier!

  8. Wanna know something interesting? Well, maybe it’s not interesting at all. I’ve never bought a green pepper or cooked with one in my life. Yep…not very interesting.

  9. Terrific photos, Trish!

    Do you know how to cut a pomegranate without getting red stain all over? (Answer: Cut it and remove the seeds in a bowl full of water.)

  10. Thanks for the idea! I never thought about it. Cleaning the seeds always was such a messy affair after cutting a pepper, I am going to try this nxt time.

  11. So, I’m a little confused, but I want to go buy a pepper and try. I cut peppers all the time for Chaz, and I hate it. Sometimes they will rot in my fridge because I don’t want to mess with it.