Baby Billy Bob is a Girl! And Other Randomness

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Well, it’s looking like my blogging break is going to have to extend for possibly another two weeks until I’ve actually taken my work-related Continuing Education test (essay test over a textbook I’ve been reading for almost a year on things that are way over my head).

I miss blogging and realize that probably only 2 of you will actually read this entire post, but I’m feeling chatty and wanted to get a few things out. While I’m totally ignoring my Google Reader, I’ll do my best to return the visit…for whatever that’s worth. Better yet, if you want to direct me to a specific post, I’d love that, too.

The biggest news, which I wanted to do in a post of its own but am too scattered right now to do a post on one topic, the biggest news is…


Baby at 19 weeks

So thank goodness no Baby Billy Bob. Though, she’s endearingly known now as Baby Billy Sue. I know, I know. I’m not a redneck, but I can’t help that I married one.  [Scott isn’t really a redneck, I just tease].  Think those are little fingers tips by baby’s head?  And Little Miss already has several cute girlie outfits courtesy her future Grandma and Auntie.  Of course, she also has a Harley tshirt courtesy other Grandma and Texas Rangers tshirt courtesy future daddy.  First annoucement of Baby is here.

I’m also buckling under pressure and posting the belly shots (courage thanks to Trish Hey Lady who is my pregnancy twinner).  I’m a little embarrassed of these because it looks like I have no belly–which isn’t the case (though it is on the small side, I think for 19 weeks).  Perhaps the slimming black wasn’t the best choice but eh–ironic that when I’m pregnant and have gained xx pounds I finally take a skinny picture.  #lifedoesntmakeashredofsense  And yes, in second pic I am sticking my tongue out at mirror.

Other random thoughts of late:

Scott took it upon himself to make a pumpkin pie on Monday night without my help. I wasn’t really paying attention to what he was doing until he asked “Isn’t there an easier way to do this?” I looked over and he was shaking salt from a salt shaker into a teaspoon. How adorable is that?  But the pie turned out delish.

I’d like to be granted an extra 2 hours every day (up from my normal hour wish) so that I can start making a quilt for Baby Billy Sue. Forget Scott’s quilt—pink is so much more fun than motorcycles.  I LOVE this quilt–and it kind of makes me like the name Georgia as well.

When I saw these coffee cups at Target I literally ran down the aisle to get them. And then skipped all the way back to cart. They make me ridiculously happy.

Sometimes I wonder why I keep “Blog about 2009 trip to Europe” on my list of things to blog about. Even Sturgis 2010 is getting far away. I mean, at this point will it ever get done?

I’ve had baby names picked out since I was ooooh, 5 years old. Though, Gertie from ET is no longer on the list. It never occurred to me until recently that Scott might not like my names. This is very hard for me to reconcile (said name is extremely popular in several countries though I personally only know one person with said name).

My orchid plant has a little bud on it. I’m hoping it’s a flowering bud rather than a worm thingy. Any tips for “dormant” orchid plants? I keep watering them hoping one day they’ll sprout back. One seems to be in leaf stage right now—wondering if I need to repot it.  What do you think?  Bud or worm thing?

Scott has been nagging me for almost a year to decorate our new house. I HATE shopping and am a pitiful decorator/accessorizer. So, I’ve been slowly buying things here and there (which is how I think it should be done). BUT, he’s been changing out the light switches around the house and there are several switches with no plate—just bare switch. How is that any different from the fact that we have lime green drapes hanging in our family room? Pulllleeeeze.

It really irks me when I get a pistachio nut that isn’t cracked all the way. What do you do with these? Do you toss them or use a nut cracker or…gasp…crack them with your teeth? PS. Irk was a “word of the day” my mom gave us when we were little. I still use it all the time. Always after “it really…” 

Last time I did one of these random posts I listed out the posts I’d like to write given the time. So, here we go again with last time’s list plus some additions:

*Reviews: The Suspicions of Mr. Whicher, Just Listen, Les Miserables, The Book Thief
*Audiobooks: The Carrie Diaries, The Hunger Games, Paper Towns, When Engulfed in Flames, Freakanomics #fail
*Trips: Europe, Sturgis
*Trips I’d like to take–and possibly pictures from trips long long past
*A post about The Princess Bride I’ve been tossing around in my head [idea now drafted on paper]
*A mission to use my kitchen appliances (but then I’d have to actually do the mission)
*Yummy food I’ve cooked–wish I had better pictures Cookies, Cookies, Pie
*I’ve been toying around with the idea of writing about something personal that happened to me–not sure if this would be a good idea, though as the subject makes people uncomfortable (I think I answered own question) Mentioned during announcement of Baby
*Musicals I adore
*Songs I sing aloud to in the car
*A list of all the books I’ve reviewed since this blog isn’t indexed well and probably never will be [Though list is now outdated]
*Book Club Recommendations
*Books I wish I could make time to read a second time
*Books that I would recommend to the well-read and/or adventurous reader
*Several Sunday Salon post ideas
*What to do about the old blog [Who cares.  Not sure why that blog still has over 400 subscribers? Big indicator that high subscriber numbers doesn’t really indicate all that much]
*Our summer learning how to sail a sailboat
*Top 10 favorite Christmas albums and Christmas songs
*What it means to be an Aggie and how I’m oddly excited UT is not bowl eligible this year.

Yup, the end.  Oh ya, one more confession.  It’s officially December 1st and my Halloween Village is still on full display.  Not sure it will come down until after I take that damn test for work. 

What random things are on your mind lately?

42 Responses to “Baby Billy Bob is a Girl! And Other Randomness”

  1. I did read the whole post (well, except for the list at the end).

    I moved into my current house 20 years ago and thought I would have the ugly upside-down wallpaper off the sewing room walls in no time. It’s still there. I just don’t really see it anymore and I have better things to do than clear out the room, take down the bookshelves, and nag Mr. BFR until we get the new paper up.

  2. Congrats Trish….how exciting to plan for a baby girl! Love the rambling post and the pics of your baby tummy are adorable! Good luck with your test at work.

  3. Congratulations on Billy Sue! And I love the salt shaker story. I have an orchard and I have been asking the exact same questions. (mine looks like yours except with NO wormy thing!) I am thinking of googling one of these days and getting the answers – especially about when to repot. I’ve been avoiding doing so in anticipation of 8 million rabid orchid fans, and having to plow through all that to find out! And yes, yes, switches with no plates are totally different from lime drapes – one can be a potential danger to Billy Sue and the other will just jade her for life about the taste of her parents…

    Such fun random thoughts! I’m so happy you’re keeping us updated!

  4. Congratulations on your wonderful news. What a wonderful future you have ahead of you. A wee little girl to brighten your day.

  5. *Molly – Thank you. :)

    *Beth F – ;) Glad to hear your wallpaper has blended into the atmosphere. Luckily we don’t have any yucky wall paintings or hangings, but the walls are pretty bare. So much work…!

    *Bonnie – Thanks for the congrats and the luck. Definitely need the luck for that test! :)

    *Rhapsody/Jill – I DIED laughing at the salt shaker–but it’s too cute to keep to myself. If you find anything out about orchids, let me know. Seems every website says something different–only repot every two years–don’t cut down the stems–cut down the stems–cover up the worm things–don’t cover them up. Frustrating, but I’m hoping it’s a bloom coming up! Orchid fans do seem rabid, huh?

    *Vivienne – Thank you. :) I’m really excited about having a girl since the youngest grandkids are girls–girl cousins to play with!

    *JoAnn – Thank you–we’re pretty excited, too!

  6. That was not at ALL as long as I was expecting Trish! ;P

    You look so adorable with the baby belly!!!!! I’m so glad you posted pictures! And congrats again on a girl – what were the names you picked out that Scott doesn’t like?

    I would still love to see Europe pics!!

    You don’t need to bother coming over to my blog. Honestly, I’m really frustrated because I haven’t read a single book I’ve loved since Readathon almost 2 months ago. Every single book has just been meh, and the reviews reflect that. They suck, and so does this awful reading mood. I think I should just quit reading for a month…

  7. Congrats on discovering the sex of your baby.

    I understand where you are coming from with future posting ideas.
    These often come to me just before I fall asleep or when I am nowhere near a pen and paper to write them down. Dizzy as I am, I often dont remember them when I get to the computer :)


  8. Congratulations!

    We’re expecting right now, too — looks like 2 boys — so, i’ve got lots of quilting on my “to do” list. We’ll see how much gets finished by Christmas!

  9. Congratulations from a redneck who was originally a boy named Sue…so I think I’ve got all the bases covered.

    Regarding decorating, just wait for the nesting instinct to kick in–it was strong with my wife for both kids.

  10. A girl!!! Yay!

    And I think you look just perfect at 19 weeks. Cute baby bump.

    I have the same decorating philosophy – pick up a few things here & there. Decorating a whole room (or house!) all at once is overwhelming. Which is probably why all of our walls are empty.

    And orchids? I can never keep them alive.

  11. Wow–So many comments I could make on this post! I’ll try to be short. First…SO excited you’re having a baby girl! I know ZERO people or babies with your name, by the way. You are a very cute pregnant lady :) Pretty awesome that Scott made a pie! Matt would never in a million years even THINK about making a pie, though he would love to eat one! Ok…Emily just woke up and it’s time to meet you for lunch!

  12. Congratulations on having a girl! Girls are really fun. It’s hilarious how dramatic they are even at a young age. My youngest is a three year old girl and she makes me laugh every day.

    I did read the whole post. Does that make me weird. Good luck with the test! I don’t envy you–I hate taking tests.

    I’m really slow with decorating as well. I think it’s better to go slowly and find things piece by piece. I’m kind of clueless though which is why that works best for me. Good luck with that. Baby rooms are fun to decorate and a little easier for me than general living areas.

  13. Congratulations on the baby girl! And look at that lovely little baby belly you’re starting!

    I too named my future daughter when I was but a babe myself. Luckily, it was the same name my dh picked out when he was young–and a family name on both sides. Unluckily for our great plans, our baby turned out to be a boy!

  14. *Bermuda – Thank you and thank you. The tummy definitely grows after a big meal! ;)

    *Violetcrush – Yup–it’s the teenage years my husband is already dreading. Good news we have a while.

    *Amanda – I say quit reading for a month–give yourself a break–or jump into those classics a month early. Why make yourself miserable? Y’know? And one of these days I’ll get to Europe…

    *Stephanie – Thank you–hard taking pictures of yourself! ;)

    *Dizzy C – I keep a notebook with me when I’m at work so I can jot down ideas when they come to me otherwise I forget. Now if we could just find the time to post them, right?

    *Pax – Got your list up now and will read when done commenting! Can’t wait to see how our lists compare. And thank you–my coworker assures me every day my face isn’t getting fat yet, so I guess that’s good.

    *TexasRed – Two boys! I have two sets of twin nephews! They’re a handful but SO much fun. Good luck with the quilting–when is your due date?

    *Dwight – Ha! ;) Hubby suggested “A Boy Named Sue,” but lucky for me it’s a girl. And I’ll wait for those nesting instincts–though I’m not sure they’ll get here soon enough.

    *Elise – Your house, from the pictures, looks great–where do you shop for accessories? And I’m with you on the here and there philosophy–overwhelming to do whole house at once!

    *Laura – I know ZERO people too–that Scott is full of hot air! ;) It was so fun seeing you and Emily at lunch today–glad we could get together. Would Matt make Brownies? ;)

    *Meg – Thank you!! We’re excited.

    *Kristi – Do you have girls and boys? My boy nephews are quite the characters as well–they’re all so fun at that age. And I agree that piece by piece is a great way to go with decorating.

    *LIfetimeReader – Oh no!! I guess your name wasn’t one of those that could be adapted either way (mine isn’t either). Maybe next time? ;) Thanks for coming by.

  15. I did in fact read the whole post which I loved – you crack me up when you ramble.

    Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaay! on the baby Girl! You know how happy I am for you two. You both deserve the best and you’re going to make awesome parents. And look at that cute belly – you look really great Trish!

    Too funny about Scott shaking the salt shaker into a teaspoon but to be honest I do that quite often cause I’m too lazy to find the measuring spoons.

    The baby quilt is gorgeous! Then again I love pink which is why I think baby girls are just so precious. I love that coffee cup as well. I collect cups like that.

    Ok, I’m done. Stay well and don’t get too stressed with that exam.

  16. Gertie!!! Love it. :) And I love to decorate houses and do a pretty decent job of it too, so if you just go ahead and fly me out there, I’ve got you covered. :)

  17. It’s been nearly 19 years since I last gave birth and now I look like I’m pregnant with twins, so I envy you your skinny pic. I agree with Kathy – you look perfect for 19 weeks. I

  18. Yay. Congratulations on the baby girl. :) Your pictures are cute. Your husband is not alone. I sometimes use the salt shaker too. lol

  19. I have two boys and a girl (8,6,and 3). My family blog has pictures of them if you’re interested. It’s Boys and girls are so different, but they are both fun and challenging in their own ways. Even my two boys have very different personalities. It’s fantastic being a mother though. You’ll love it!

  20. Aw, congratulations, Trish :D I love the pictures of your belly – you look adorable!

    For what it’s worth, I did read the whole post, even the list ;) And I’d love a post about your favourite Christmas albums and songs… I could use some ideas to get me in the spirit :P

    Also, don’t worry about visiting me back, since I haven’t been blogging anyway :P

  21. Oh a girl, how wonderful!!! Congratulations all over again! She’s looking good in there, isn’t she? I love those ultrasound photos, I still take Shane’s out from time to time, to see how similar they are to the real thing. :-)

    Loved your randomness too. LOL about your Halloween stuff. One year, we were moving in March so I saw no point in taking down the Xmas tree till it was time to pack. :-)

  22. Yea! I am probably more excited than the rest that you are having a girl. Emma is such a girly girl that I don’t know what she would do with a little boy cousin.

    The house…really have you seen my wall that has three different paint colors on it. Yes, it has been like that for about 4 years. I don’t know of anyone that has the time to decorate their whole house.

    Scott and the shaker? REALLY???

    I was huge at 20 weeks. I remember I went to the post office, and I was only about 23 weeks. The person behind the counter asked if I was due any day. I told him that I still had like 4 months to go.

    Can’t you just throw a sheet over the village and then take it off for next year? I hate taking down decorations.

    I would love to have 2 more hours in each day. I never get enough done in the 24 hours I am alotted.

    Love You!

  23. *Darlene – Isn’t that quilt gorgeous? Not sure if I should spring for the pattern or just wing it. Either way, I’m hoping Scott won’t mind if I put his quilt on hold to make this. ;) And tsk tsk for shaking the salt into a teaspoon. Silly kids! Thanks for the congrats—so good to see you smiling and using all those exclamation points.

    *Trisha – Come on down!! I’ve got an extra room. ;) Though it’s not decorated… Where do you shop for goodies?

    *Bookfool – Oh Miss Nancy—I doubt you look like you’ve got twins coming… But thanks anyway. ;)

    *Brittanie – Thanks for the congrats. And another salt shaker measurer??? It’s so much easier to pour from the big thing of salt! ;)

    *Meredith – Thank you. Luckily my desk-side grocery store of food seems to be going mostly to baby, though I should be working out. 100 Mile Redux??

    *Kristi – There’s four kids in our family so I can certainly attest to everyone being so different! And I’m glad you have a daughter so you’re not outnumbered by all those boys! ;) Thanks for sharing the link.

    *Nymeth – Oh, you know I just tease you guys (though we all know there are those few who comment without reading a shred of post). Favorite Christmas songs—the list continues to grow everytime I put on my ipod, but I’ll see what I can come up with. I have a handwritten list going (in green and red pen…!)…just need to get the post drafted! And school starting to weigh in on the blogging time? :(

    *Joanna – You left the Christmas tree up until March! That is too funny—though I’m certainly not better with Halloween in December. :D Did you get one of those 3-D ultrasounds? My sister had one with her daughter and it’s amazing how much of her features we could see before she was even born! My insurance doesn’t cover anymore ultrasounds, so I think we’ll just have to make do with these.

    *Anna – And I love the relationship that you have with The Girl—and I certainly hope mine loves to read as much as yours does! ;)

    *Brooke – Especially since Emma’s other cousins that are close in age are girls. Next time we’ll have to shoot for boys (but tell our husbands to stop being so highstrung first—if that study is true Scott’s going to have ALL girls!). :) And yes, I have seen your tri-toned wall, but your house is pretty well decorated! You at least have nice wall-hangings up. I do like your idea about the sheet over the Halloween village! Not like we have too many visitors—no one would notice! Don’t think we’ll do Christmas this year. :-/ And you were HUGE because you’re so dang little, silly girl. Love you, too.

    *Carol – Luckily we like the paint colors in the house except for the powder room (which is wallpaper) and the baby’s room which is a dingy gray. But when we moved in hubby hung all of our mismatched pictures at random…and they’ve stayed there. So hunting pictures (labs with ducks) right next to pictures of angels!

  24. I took your comment that only 2 people would read the whole post as a challenge! Not that I wouldn’t have read it anyway, but I was extra careful to get it all :-)

    Congrats on your baby girl — that is so exciting!!!!

    I really loved reading this post. I completely know that feeling of not being able to settle on one topic, and your post reflects it perfectly!

    As for me, today is my day to catch up on everything I ignored last week while at my parents’ house for Thanksgiving. Really what I want to do is nap!

  25. A girl, Yay!! (You do know that I’ve two girls right?) :P

    My stomach didn’t really show during my two pregnancy… perhaps that’s a good thing don’t ya think? ;)

    As for the pistachio nut that doesn’t crack open, I’ll just throw it away. Too hassle to find a nut cracker, and I wouldn’t want to crack my teeth, lol.

    Hope you’ve a great weekend!

  26. I wanted to name a daughter “Mulberry Hawthorne”, or “Euphrasie” like in Les Mis. So look on the bright side – at least a popular name isn’t one that everyone else thinks is hideously ugly! :)

    Pistachios: Do you have a toaster oven? Sometimes if you stick it in for a few mins, this will dry the shell enough to pop it. Otherwise, I admit it – I use my teeth. Bad Jason!


  27. Trish you look adorable! I bet you can’t wait to meet your little girl.

    Don’t feel bad about your Halloween Village on display. We moved into our house last year – exactly one year ago this month and we still have boxes we haven’t unpacked! We just need extra hours in the day!

  28. Since you’re having a little girl, if it’s born on the 22nd, you should name it after me. :-D Okay, not really…I never liked my name.

    Our house has the original linoleum in the kitchen, and it’s worn through in spots. Do we have plans to do anything about it? Nooooooo. It seems like once you’ve remodeled a house (or two or three), your tolerance for living with things goes waaaay up.

  29. Girls are so much fun!! Yay! And trust me when I say that when you are 8 or 9 months pregnant you will be wishing you still look like you do now :) I have lists of posts I would like to write, books that need reviewing (from 2009) even, and I still end up just reading instead. LOL! I will never catch up at this rate. Good luck with you test!

  30. I had to give my cheers as well (even though this post was posted so long ago). Heh. I’m falling behind in reader too so no worries.

    You look adorable! :)

    Can’t wait for more updates.

  31. I am sure I am going to MISS out commenting on all the things you have written here lol!

    FIRST, Congrats!!!! I want a Baby Girl to and we have the name picked out ‘Anjali’. I am hoping, baby no.2 will be a girl because I will be awfully outnumbered and tortured with all the boys in the house, I will hate that lol!
    I love the name Sue, that is cute and I am sure all Girls have names picked up for there kids, and get disappointed when they can’t use them. My little sis says that she will have 3 girls, and has the name already selected lol! (she is not married )

    You look so adorable in those pics, your hair cut is perfect… and I had a huge belly and I am like so so so so overweight even now. Sad thing, I am not doing anything about it. :(

    I wish I could buy those cups here too, they are fantastic!

    Well, My Tulsi plant died :-| and I think my other plant is going to die on me too, so I am not the best advisor on these lol!
    I would throw the Nutcracker away. Scott is so nice to have made that pie!

    I love decorating the home, but well I am lazy these days, the place is a mess and I think I am now used to it lol! I have tons of reviews to write, I just don’t have the energy :(

    I am hoping you are taking good care of yourself and the little Sue :)

    I LOVE that blanket!