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I’ve been working on a draft for my thoughts on Les Miserables but I can’t seem to get my thoughts to go anywhere. And now, several months after I’ve finished the book I wonder if my love for the musical has colored my memory of my reading? Maybe I should just forget all else and write a rambly post about the book…but not today. Today is just a random rambly post.

I find myself with lots of things I’d like to post about, but when it comes time to actually writing the post none of my ideas seem appealing. Do you have that happen to you? Sometimes I wish people would just tell me what they’d like to see me blog about. I’d ask, but fear of no answer (crickets chirping anyone?) is enough to keep me from asking.  :P

Oh, and last ramble post, I didn’t mean call anyone out when I said only two people will read the whole post–that’s certainly your prerogative as a reader to read as much or little as you’d like. But it did make me smile how many of you specifically told me you read the entire post.  You spoil me rotten.  Seriously.

Oh, so back to random rambles.

This week marks 23 in the pregnancy timeline. It seems like every day my tummy grows exponentially. I go to the doctor on the 28th and I dread hopping on that scale and seeing what all the Christmas goodies have done to my body. I few weeks ago I was all “ah ha! I GET to gain weight during the holidays” but that was when I was struggling to put on the pounds. Now I just look at toffee and bam! (well, can anyone just look at toffee?).  I’m still doing pretty good and I’m trying to exercise at least sometimes–lately this means three times a week.  Yes, I realize I’m pregnant, not fat but I’m also conscious that what goes on must come off.  But for the record, I love being pregnant.  Sure I have terrible heartburn and a bit of sciatica and other small sundry complaints, but otherwise, love.  Even when little girl is kicking my bladder at 4:15 am and I can’t get back to sleep.

22.5 weeks

Sorry if this post turns into a baby heavy post. Life otherwise is kind of boring right now (a good thing).

My dear husband Scott took it upon himself last week to paint the nursery. Pink. This was entirely his idea but I wasn’t going to fight him, even if I would have opted for something more neutral. He was hoping for a boy, so for him to offer to paint a room pink tickles me to death. He did warn me that he’d be pretty [profanity profanity] if baby turned out to be a boy afterall. Ha! It does happen. It’s really hard to take a good picture of the pink, but it’s fairly subtle.

Scott has also picked out the bedding for the nursery. Yes, it is Pink Camo.  Yes, we are Texans, but isn’t it adorable? People ask what will happen if the room doesn’t match the bedding but Ehhhh. There are things in life to stress about and matching pinks is not one of them.  (click on here for more pictures)

Ok, just a few more baby things and then I’m done, I swear. Last week little Baby Billy Sue was spoiled rotten by some dear friends.  First a very plush swankie blankie from some of my best high school friends.  It’s so unbelievably soft.

And second–this one makes me want to cry every time I look at it.  The dearest Debi (formerly from Nothing of Importance) made this absolutely gorgeous blanket.  I believe if you click on the picture it will enlarge to see the detail.  It’s breathtaking and I’m speechless at her generosity.

I think it’s official that my orchid has a bud growing and not an alien worm thing. I’m super excited about it as three weeks ago it was just a curious little thing (link to last picture).

Does anyone clip recipes from magazines only to stuff them into the corner of your pantry? Something I’d love to do in 2011 is make a scrapbook of recipe clippings. Nevermind the fact that I don’t scrapbook for real and probably never will.  How do you keep track of recipes you receive here and there?

I’m making a mental list of books I’m excited to read in 2011. On the short list: Everything is Illuminated, The Stand, Possession, and The Knife of Never Letting Go. Oh, and PS—in my Sunday Salon post I mentioned I wanted to read 26 books next year (2 books a month). No one pointed out there are only 12 months in a year so only 24 books. I felt like an idiot but guess no one noticed my mistake. What are you excited to read in 2011?

I got my Christmas present from Scott early this year.  I rarely ask for anything but after seeing my cousin’s awesome pictures with her 50mm lens I HAD to have one.  I’m still getting used to the smaller aperture (1.8f) but so far I love it.  See my adorable niece below…

I can’t believe Christmas is in just three days.  Today is my last day of work for the week and then we’re off to Coleman until Christmas when we come back to spend the next two days with my family locally.  I’ll be glad for the break from work but I’m not sure how relaxing the time will be with all the traveling about.  I started the The Physick Book of Deliverance Dane last night and how cool would that be if I actually finished this year?!  What are your plans for the holidays?

Until then…

35 Responses to “Random Ramblings on Wednesday Morning”

  1. is that pink camo with stars? I can’t make the picture bigger and I neeeeed to know! all these bloggers making (or planning to make) your sweet baby something- you know it’s cause we all love you. Maybe the holidays are making me sappy, but man I wish we lived near each other. Your belly is so cute, how do you feel about people rubbing it, cause soon they will!

    A strange parenting tip, that other parents may not agree with- I find the satin backed blankets adorable and soft but impossible to use with a squirmy baby. It’s impossible for me to wrap missy in one and then actually hold her or keep her where I want her! Had to set those aside for her to enjoy by feel.

  2. I have to admit, I hated every minute of pregnancy all three times. But all three times i was in severe pain in one way or another. At least I wasn’t nauseous…still, pregnancy was not a very good condition for me. It also didn’t help that it made me nearly schizophrenic mentally…ugh. I’m glad it’s being much kinder to you, dear!

  3. Whenever you do ramble posts, I feel like I leave ramble comments….

    I swear the best blogging ideas came to me in those wee morning hours when I was up with the baby. But when I woke up for the day, I couldn’t remember them to save my life.

    Pregnancy heartburn. Don’t miss that. I put away tums like it was my job.

    nd I have a file folder full of random recipes I’ve collected but not yet tried. I periodically go through and toss ones that don’t look great to me anymore. And I have a lofty goal of someday making a new one every week to decide on the keepers.

    I’m glad you are liking the 50mm so far. The picture of Emma, with the completely blurred background? Money shot. Love the wide aperture. I rarely take that lens off.

  4. I think the pink camo is absolutely darling :)

    I thoroughly enjoyed each one of my three pregnancies. Aside from a bit of nausea and exhaustion in the first trimester, life was grand. And…Don’t sweat the pregnancy weight too much — I gained 40 pounds with each child and had lost all of it within six months of their births.

    Enjoy all the Christmas celebrations.

  5. Congratulations on your 23rd week of pregnancy, Trish! Your baby’s room looks great, and those blankets are so beautiful. She will be surrounded by so much love.

  6. *Lisa – Yes, pink camo with stars. I’ve fixed so now the picture links to the website. And my belly isn’t big enough for people to rub yet–the occasional poke but that’s it. ;)

    *Rhapsody – Well, I have another that’s just sitting there. It is sprouting leaves but no buds. I wonder if I did something wrong when I clipped the stem. How long has yours been sitting for?

    *Amanda – I think the reason I enjoy the pregnancy so much is feeling the baby move–love that feeling. And I like not having to suck in the gut, too. ;) But the sciatica sucks. I keep hoping that if I work out consistently and wear flat shoes it will stay mild.

    *Elise – But I LOVE rambling comments. Maybe I write these posts just so I can get them! ;) Kidding, partially. Do you keep a notebook around to jot down ideas? Kind of annoying but if you’re still nursing Hud at night it might be an idea. And tums…so gross. And I can’t thank you enough for your 50mm suggestion. It’s seriously going to change my photography mindset. And of course my usual comment about wishing you lived closer so we could cook together… Boo!

    *Molly – I thought the pink camo was a good compromise with hubby. Pick and chose your battles, eh? I’d be happy with 40 pounds…actually 35 is my goal, but I’m afraid I won’t be one of those whose baby weight just melts off. Merry Christmas to you and your family, too, Molly.

    *Charley – Yes, baby girl certainly will be spoiled! ;) I hope you have a lovely holiday season.

  7. Trish, please forgive me….Yes, yes, I received your lovely card and the beautiful bookmark that your sister made. For some reason, I cannot send you an email directly, but I should have simply posted on your blog. Please forgive me!

    And let me encourage you to gain as much weight as you like. I ballooned from 140 to almost 200 pounds, but once I started nursing, I easily got back down to my pre-pregnancy weight.

  8. You are absolutely adorable preggers! I’m thrilled that you are enjoying it so much. It must mean you’re a natural and there’s a good chance for a boy in the future for hubs! LOL.

    And really…pink camo? How funny! True texan for sure.

  9. Look at your belly! Beautiful :) Also, I love the swankie blankie. It looks super soft – perfect for cuddling up with to read a book.

  10. I total agree with Lisa’s parenting tip. I didn’t use silk/satan blankets until Emma was around 6-8 months. They don’t make great swaddling blankets. She loves hers now though, so it is worth the wait.
    Pretty sure I gained 35 pounds when I was pregnant with Emma. I gained about 4 in my first trimester. It is easy to get the weight off, and then lots of working out to get the chubb off. Trust me, we have the exact same body type. I love the picture off my baby. I want a camera :(. I don’t think that Chaz will buy me one for Christmas even though he should. Blah.

    And if you read a book every two weeks, that is 26 books in the year!

  11. Meg

    Yay! I would love a lens with an aperture of 1.8, but I can’t complain — my boyfriend gave me my Christmas gift early, and it’s a 55-270 lens for my new camera. So excited to play with it!

    Your belly is adorable, and you sound like you’re doing so well. Your reading goals for next year sound great, and my math is fuzzy — I totally wouldn’t have caught the 24/26 books in a year mistake!

  12. My friend just had a baby and expected a girl… It was a boy. It took her a while to get her head around it! So, yes, it does happen! I enjoyed this post, though!

  13. Trish, you’re becoming one of those moms who only put their daughters in pink! :-) This coming from a woman who STILL dress her daughter in only pink clothes!

    I love looking at your baby bump! I think that’s one of the most awesome parts of being pregnant is to watch your body change and grow.

    I totally didn’t notice you said 26 books = 2 books a month! LOL! Have a merry Christmas!

  14. ooh I do love a bit of pink! The girls won’t wear pink anymore. They are now into black. Boohoo. You look really well in your photo. I hope you have a fabulous Christmas.

  15. I can’t believe the pink camo. That little one is definitely a Texan :)

    You look awesome. I’m impressed that you are going to the gym. I need to start moving again. I keep saying it’s all because of my shoulder tendonitis that I can’t do as much yoga but that shouldn’t be a problem with a treadmill and somehow I’m staying away from the gym.

    And, no, did not notice the extra month. I guess deep down I wish we did have an extra one for more reading :)

  16. OMG Trish I love posts like this so much :) I could read novel length posts like this :) First and foremost…you look SO FREAKING ADORABLE PREGNANT!!!! I just want to give you a big hug!!! And I’m in love with y’alls baby room and the bedding :) The pink camo is so cute :) And awwww…that blanket that Debi made is just the sweetest thing ever!!! It’s about to make me cry!

    Hooray for successful orchids! I nearly always kill orchids every time I get one :( I’m good with other plants but not those :(

    Love your new camera lens :)

  17. *Readerbuzz – Oh good–I’m glad that you received the card and bookmark! Not sure why you can’t email me but still relieved to know. I do plan on nursing, so hopefully that will help me shed the pounds.

    *Christina – Ha! I hope there’s a chance for a boy–I’d hoped for a girl but would love at least one of each. And yes, pink camo. Ha!

    *Brenna – The swankie blankie is incredibly soft! Not sure it’d work for ME for reading but hopefully will for baby some day. ;)

    *Brooke – The only satin on the blanket is around the edges–the rest is plush. And yes, that’s exactly right–the CHUB. I have no doubt the weight will come off but I’m concerned mostly with muscle tone. Hopefully Will will kick my ass like he did yours and Scott’s. And yes, that’s probably why I was thinking 26–2 books a week. So smart!!

    *Meg – OH wow–I’d love to have a lens like yours as well! ;) I have one that’s 55-200mm but to go up to 270 would be really awesome. Enjoy!!

    *Lu – Your comment cracks me up. Yes, a lot of pink and cuteness going on in this post.

    *Kailana – Oh no, don’t tell me that! But yes, I know that sometimes little boy parts are mistaken for girl parts on the sono and we won’t have another one (unless we pay out of pocket) until the baby is born. Fingers crossed–don’t want to have to repaint that room blue! :P

    *Vasilly – LOL! You still dress your little girl in all pink? Too funny. For some reason I was thinking you had three boys but glad you have a girl in the mix. Merry Christmas to you, too.

    *Vivienne – LOL–when I was about your girls’ age I definitely did not want to wear pink either. All gray and black. It wasn’t until college that I realized I love red and even occasionally pink. They’ll grow out of it. ;)

    *Bermuda – Thank you–I’ll admit it’s tough with all the Christmas goodies around. And I’m trying to enjoy as much as possible.

    *Iliana – Isn’t that camo funny? I didn’t know such a thing existed–leave it to hubby to find it! Do you like doing hot yoga? And yes, especially in two weeks when EVERYONE is at the gym, it’ll be tough to find the motivation.

    *Chris – Oh thank you, Chris. I was just mentally pondering if anyone would mind if I *just* wrote rambling posts. I love reading others as well. And yes, isn’t that blanket from Debi beautiful? I am still stunned. And oh no about your orchids! We’ve had this one since May and soon after we got it I watered it and all of the blossoms fell off. I finally cut it down several months ago and it’s just now reblooming. I have another that i got in February and it hasn’t rebloomed, though–just keeps sprouting leaves. It’s frustrating that all of the orchid information on the internet seems to contradict each other! Ok, enough rambling…happy holidays to you Chris.

  18. We’re twins, I tell you!

    I wasn’t putting on weight for quite a while either, and now I’m monitoring it just to make sure I don’t go off the deep end weight wise. I made a point of telling my doctor that their scale adds five pounds to my weight whenever I go in there. I’m sure the fact that I weigh myself first thing in the morning after I’ve peed and with no clothes on and before I’ve eaten breakfast makes it particularly easy to add five pounds by the time I have my doctor’s appointment around lunchtime.

    Also? SO JEALOUS OF YOUR 50MM LENS!! I’ve been wanting one for a while, but didn’t want to ask for it for Christmas.

    Gestate on, pregnancy twin.

  19. Lovely post, Trish! I enjoy reading it, no matter if it’s a rambling post or not, lol. You look great in that pic, love that pose! And the room is so pretty! I wish I could convince my hubby to do that to our daughters’ room! :P

  20. Aw your hubby is such a sweetie! Wait until his little girl arrives. The shade of pink looks great with the wood color, and I love the camo theme. Different and non-traditional.

    You are looking great and I would just try to eat healthy if I was you, says the girl who ate cookies all day. Fruits and veggies are never a bad thing.

    As for difficulty writing reviews, sometimes they are just hard for some reason, and there is no good explanation for it. A list of your thoughts always works.

    Merry Christmas:)

  21. I don’t even know where to start here. First off, your picture is too cute. I love pregnancy pictures and how daring you are to even share at all! Your fears about the weight are normal, I’m sure, but hopefully you get to enjoy all those treats. :)

    The baby’s room looks darling, as do all of those sweet blankets! What talented ladies there are who made those two for you. I know how to crochet, but haven’t made anything in ages. Okay, that’s not 100% true. I finished an afghan that I put down two years ago, before moving into my new house. I’m not sure that counts though.

    Well, I think you’re darling, and I love the exciting new changes that are happening for you. Have a wonderful Christmas!

  22. You look beautiful Trish!!! Don’t worry about the weight gain – I decided to just trust my body and have toffee when I wanted toffee and an orange when I wanted an orange and I only had a kilo or so difference after Shane was born. But I sure loved the freedom to eat whatever I wanted!

    The nursery looks lovely, your little girly will be a lucky baby!

    I’m starting to think about what I deifnitely want to read in 2011 too, I’m sure my plans will be way OTT though!

    Have a lovely Christmas, the last one as only two of you. :-)

  23. You expect book bloggers to be the math police? Puh-lease.

    I really should take a picture of my orchid. It has multiple aliens, and is quite freaky looking. I like the flowers, but the rest of the plant can be scary looking.

    Happy holiday! I hope you and Scott and Baby Billy Sue have a wonderful Christmas!

  24. Oh girls…it is so fun to deck them out in pink and dress them up. Not so much fun when they are wearing pink and still get mistaken for a boy. It happens, I know :) I read The Physick Book of Deliverance last year and thought it was good…but not great. The main character kinda drove me a bit batty. And I never did end up reviewing it. Hope you enjoy it and I’ll be looking forward to reading your thoughts!

  25. Ramble away, my dear–I LOVE IT when you do!!! :D

    And you totally made me cry–I’m sooooo very happy that you like the baby blanket! I can’t wait to see a picture of that sweet little girl all wrapped up in it.

    And Trish–what a freakin’ adorable shot of your niece!!! Seriously, that belongs on Christmas cards of something!

  26. You are looking great, lady! How sweet for Scott to paint the baby’s room pink! Emma is SO cute in that picture! Won’t it be fun to have one of your very own to photograph? :)

  27. To be honest, I loved being pregnant for all the attention I got lol! It was awesome :)

    I hope you are doing light exercises.. I loveeeeeeeee that color and the beddings and the blankets……….wow!! :)

    I hope you have a wonderful trip. Have fun and I hope you had a great Christmas, and would love to see the clicks you make with your lovely Camera :)
    You have a very beautiful niece :)

  28. First, you look like such a cute little pregnant lady. Second how freaking cute of your hubby to paint that room pink. I love it! We are so happy for you both and cant wait to see pictures of your little cute, cute. I know your D day is still a little ways away but I just cant help being excited.

  29. Trish, you look so fantastic! It just warms my heart to see you pregnant and happy.

    I love, love the nursery. I love pink though so I think it’s absolutely gorgeous. It’s so beautifully decorated. Scott is doing a great job!

    The blankets are just beautiful Trish! This is going to be one lucky little girl!

  30. You make such an adorable pregnant lady. I love the pictures. Keep them coming! And pink camo? Adorable! I cant wait to see pictures of her!

    As far as the recipes go, I will clip the recipe, and try it out. If it is no good, I toss. If it is a keeper, I will retype on the computer, print out and put in a binder. I am usually pretty obsessivly organized as far as that goes, so whatever works!

  31. Rae

    Tri, I just think you are so adorable.
    Love the bedding. The fact that I would have never thought twice about the pinks matching shows what a terrible decorator I am.
    I almost cried for you when I read about the blanket Debi made for you. What a very thoughtful, sweet gift.
    (And yes, I’m catching up on your blog. Did I mention I’ve been a terrible reader since I no longer sit at a desk?)
    Love you cous!