Jousted by Joyce – Shelfing Ulysses

Posted 21 February, 2011 by Trish in Life, Reading Nook / 14 Comments


It pains me to write this post, but last night as I was working on CE hours thinking about those 150 pages of Ulysses I needed to get read by this morning and the time that will be spent this week and maybe next on more CE hours (continuing education–online courses for my insurance license renewal next month), I have decided to throw in the towel.

I’ve been Jousted by Joyce. I’m not going to write off Ulysses as a DNF (did not finish), but instead I’m just going to shelf that puppy for another day. Another day when I’m not trying to prep my house for baby, not trying to cram a sickening amount of CE hours into a short amount of time, not reading just 10 pages here and there.

So what will I read instead? In the past three weeks I’ve read about 30 pages of Looking for Alaska by John Green, so hopefully I can pick up the pace and really get into the story.

Happy Monday!! I’m unplugging until Friday when [fingers crossed] I’ll have a recipe to post.

14 Responses to “Jousted by Joyce – Shelfing Ulysses”

  1. Good luck with the CE hours. Sorry you had to stop jousting. If you ever decide to pick it up again, I’d be happy to read with you. Enjoy Looking for Alaska. I’ve heard great things about it.

  2. I distinctly remember trying to read Jared Diamond’s Guns, Germs, and Steel during night nursings with my second. After the first few (failed) attempts, I realized that there is definitely a time and a place for certain books. You seem to have made a wise decision on this one!

    As for Looking for Alaska, I read it a few summers ago and liked it pretty well. Not my favorite YA, but a good one nonetheless.

  3. I hope you enjoy Looking For Alaska as that is a book that I have been wanting to read for some time now. Have a great week and we’ll see you when you get back :)

  4. I’m sure you’ll want to pick it up again this time next year, or about halfway through your maternity leave. I read nothing but fluff for ages and then the endless days with only baby made me ache for something intellectual and I read a whole series of ‘heavier’ books. As someone else here said, there’s a time and a place for each book and this isn’t it for Ulysses!

    Looking forward to your recipe!

  5. Sounds like this may not be the best time for Joyce anyway… you have waaay too much going on right now! Good try – maybe when you give it another go I’ll join you ;-)

  6. *Softdrink – Trust me, I HATE this! Especially after suffering through Brothers K, but timing is just terrible. :-/

    *Amanda – The long chapters don’t bother me so much–it’s just the reading in 10 pages spurts that’s difficult. I think I’d perpetually be behind.

    *Kristi – I’m such a procrastinator when it comes to CE hours. Maybe we’ll Joust with Joyce next year? Ha!

    *Sara C – Glad you hear you liked Looking for Alaska! I’ve been wanting to read it for quite a while. Do you have other Green books you liked better?

    *Samantha – I hope you have a great week, too. And hopefully Looking for Alaska is a good one! Though I might not finish for a while. Ha!

    *Jason – Ulysses as bedtime stories. Hmmm–guess it might be a good thing that the baby wouldn’t quite comprehend, huh? If I had written a post it would have been about how carnal the book is now! Really didn’t need to know about Bloom’s ‘piles’ :P

    *Joanna – Definitely think I need something a little easier right now! And I cooked the recipe last night so should be able to post this weekend. Yay!

    *JoAnn – Maybe next year. I was actually enjoying the book so I hate to admit defeat, but just don’t want to add any additional pressure on right now! ;)

  7. here’s a totally unrelated comment that has nothing to do with your reading (or not)… but all I can focus on in my mind these days is intense anticipation for baby girl to arrive. I cannot WAIT to hold her in my arms. eeeeeeekkkk! I’m SOOOO excited that you live 1 minute from me, and that you’ll be off work for the spring!

  8. So, you are not alone! I had to shelf Odyssey when I started your collaborative reading. I got so overwhelmed plus a sick baby boy and that equals “read it later”. So I haven’t given up, but I’m reading it little by little.

  9. When life gets hectic, decisions like this can be very liberating. I hope you can breathe a little easier. Ulysses will always be there, and a bit of dust may enhance your reading experience later!
    Oh, and try to get some rest now, because when the baby comes it will be a distant memory! I haven’t gotten a full night’s sleep for almost 17 years now…

  10. Good for you. No point in letting Joyce drive you over the edge! I hope Looking for Alaska turns out to be what you need :-)

  11. well, as slow as I am going with wandering the streets with Leo Bloom, that kid of yours will be in middle school by the time i get to the end. Sigh…
    I A D O R E D LookingforAlaska, read my post on it after you finish, ok?