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Time is flying too quickly these days! It’s been four weeks since my last rambling post (how is that really possible?), so I thought it may as well be time for another.
I’m growing exponentialy and at 30.5 weeks there is NO mistaking that I’m pregnant. I laugh now at the 19.5 weeks picture and how little I was! If you missed the others: 22.5 weeks and 26.5 weeks. I still think I look smaller in the picture than I actually feel–I’m starting to get a little uncomfortable, but I know that in the next 10 weeks I’ll continue to expand!

30.5 Weeks

I won’t freak you out with too many pictures (because I know they are kind of freaky), but last weekend we had a 3D sonogram of Little Miss Baby Billy Sue. After twitching and fidgeting throughout my entire massage just prior, LMBBS decided to nap during the sono instead of giving us a show. It was still neat to see a glimpse and to confirm that she is in fact a she. Whew! We think she has Scott’s nose and even though the picture has a lot of shadowing I picture that she has lots of hair. After the heartburn I’ve been experiencing, I’ll be shocked if she doesn’t arrive with a full head. Old wives’ tale you say? Any of you have heartburn during your pregnancy and end up with bald babies???  ;)

After several days over the past few weeks with temperatures in the teens, I fell in love with the 60 and 70 degree weather this past weekend. I went on walks both days, and on Sunday Scott accompanied me. I asked him if he wanted to hold hands. He did not.

The walk gave me hope that spring is right around the corner. The Bradford Pears are starting to bud a little bit and I am so ready for some green around town. Are you starting to see any winter relief around you?

Am I the only person in the world who detests chocolate cake? Chocolate icing? Love. Brownies? Double Love. But chocolate cake? No way Jose. Part of me thinks this might be because of the bits of chocolate cake that break off into vanilla ice cream, but that would be silly, right?

Of course, I don’t like Cheetos because of eating them with pruney fingers after swimming all day long as a child. Wet pruney fingers with Cheetos powder all over the tips. Yuck.

I officially waddle. That is all.

When people see me waddling down the hall at work they ask me if I’m OK. Yes, I just walk at snail’s pace these days. Probably because I’m trying to balance on pretty high heels which strangely help my sciatica. Probably because I’m forced to take baby steps—hence the waddling. I kind of like the change of pace.

I’ve been listening to a lot of musicals lately. Even though I’m wearing headphones, I like to think baby girl is channeling the singing and dancing through my aura. I’ve learned through Twitter that people are quite passionate about Les Miserables (as am I). Tell me—do you prefer Les Miserables or Phantom of the Opera?

When Scott asked if I wanted flowers or a plant for Valentine’s Day I told him I wanted to pick out a new orchid. I now have three orchids in various stages of growth—one from last v-day in leaf stage, one in spike stage (from our anniversary last May), and one in bloom stage (down below). Those are not technical orchid terms. I’m thinking about writing a post just about orchids soliciting your advice. Do you have orchids? And have you been successful at getting them to rebloom?

I could ramble your heads off–but I’ll refrain.

What random and miscellaneous thoughts are on your mind this morning?

Happy Wednesday!

33 Responses to “Random Wednesday Morning Miscellany”

  1. :( I wish you had stopped yourself–I was thoroughly enjoying your rambling, Trish. As I always do! Your orchid is absolutely gorgeous, btw. But not nearly as gorgeous as you.

  2. I don’t think I could pick between Phantom and Les Mis! They’re different, but both equally awesome.

    Funny, for whatever reason I always wanted to listen to Madonna when I was pregnant.

  3. What a fun ramble this morning. First – you do look wonderful; you wear pregnancy well, so congrats!

    I had heartburn with both and two full heads of hair. Call me a believer.

    I vastly prefer Les Mis to Phantom. In fact, I vastly prefer Les Mis to all other musicals (with perhaps the exception of Rent, but they are so different, it’s hard to even classify them together).

    And YES – Spring is definitely on its way in TN. Our bulbs have about 4 inches of growth on them, and our trees are beginning to bud out just a bit. I’m sure we’ll have another cold snap, but our 10 day forecast of high 50s, low 60s suits me just fine.

    Thanks for the fun. Have a great day!

  4. You are looking so great! It was always the third trimester for me where I ballooned up and gained a lot of weight, gah! But you look much smaller than I did at 30 weeks. :D I never got to have those 3D sonograms! All of mine were the old technology. Ah well.

    As for musicals, I vote for Phantom of the Opera, because it’s one of the very rare musicals that I actually like. You know how anti-musical I am (did you see Death singing for me??) but Phantom is good! Most of it anyway. I can’t listen to Les Mis without thinking of drinking songs (Master of the House, for instance). :D

  5. *Debi – I figure after a while people start to tune out. ;) I’m loving the new orchid but am really excited about the budding on my old one. I’m obsessed with those things!

    *christina – I haven’t been able to figure out orchids yet–apparently they start to spike in the fall when the weather cools down, but seems there’s lots of disagreements about how to take care of them!

    *Kathy – Madonna is a fun choice for pregnancy–lots of dancing! And I agree about Phantom and Les Mis–as soon as I decide on one I listen to the other and change my mind. Thanks for coming by!

    *Sara C – LOL–glad to hear you’re a believer. I think the heartburn = hair is one of those old wives’ tales that might just be correct! Love Rent, too. I’ve been trying to put together a “favorite musicals” post but it’s taking me a while. Look forward to everyone’s thoughts. And glad you have some spring in your area!

    *Amanda – We hadn’t planned on a 3D sono, but Scott talked me into it. It’s insane how excited he is. :) I haven’t seen the video yet…can’t seem to make it online at home (other than to add pictures to this post last night after dinner), but hopefully tonight. Or maybe I can watch on my phone!? Too funny about Master of the House and drinking song. I’m surprised Jason hasn’t convinced you of the Les Mis greatness! :P

  6. If you think you walk slowly now, just wait! LOL You do look great, Trish. My pregnant belly widened more than it poked out and so people seem surprised when I tell them how far along I am. I just experienced the *joy* that is lightening, and now I more fully understand what women say when they wish the baby would hurry up and come out. Although for work’s sake, I’m hoping she’ll let me get through at the very least 2 more weeks, preferably 3. That 3 weeks might be a stretch though as it’s getting harder and harder. If I look miserable enough, people jump to my aid right away–but that’s really not my style so it’s been hard for me to let others help when I really need them to. Too much about me!

    I do like chocolate cake. But then, I love just about any cake. My favorite though is brownies. I will be so glad when I can eat them again!

    I love Les Miserables and prefer it to Phantom of the Opera, hands down. Someone mentioned Rent–another excellent musical.

    No orchids. I kill plants and flowers. Not intentionally, but I definitely do not have a green thumb.

    We finally got the offer on the house (and a ninety day notice from the city who is buying us out) so the official house hunting can begin. Can I just say this is the worst possible time? Imagine having to look at houses when you have to run to the restroom every half hour–or do I wait until after the baby comes and off we go, when she’s barely a few days old? Ugh. I’m trying not to think about it. Thank goodness we started packing months ago!

    Have a great rest of the week, Trish! Sorry for rambling and hijacking your blog!

  7. I’m an orchid flunkie. I kept one going for a long time but then I somehow managed to kill it after it survived for nearly a year.

    Hmm, I don’t remember if I had heartburn with my first child and he had only a tiny bit of blond hair. My youngest had a headful of hair and I had to sleep sitting up. So, there may be something to that wives tale!

    You look adorable, as always. It always looks like it’s thinking about being springy here, but I’ve noticed the birds are migrating and they say the first purple martins have shown up in town. So much for winter.

    I’ve never seen a 3-D sonogram image. Total coolness!!

    We saw Les Mis on stage in London but haven’t seen Phantom, so I have no choice but to prefer Les Mis. LOL

  8. First, you are so adorable. Second, LOVE that dress! Third, do not rub your “spring” into our noses! Tho it has been lovely and in the 50s here for a few days, we’ll have more snow this weekend. And last, I don’t like chocolate cake. I mean, I’ll EAT it, but it would always be my last choice.

  9. Oh Trish-You look so great! I love the grey dress so much! Very chic ;) I’m glad none of your orchids are in worm phase. That’s the creepiest phase. I think those gnomes freak me out a bit. Have you seen the previews for “Gnomeo and Juliet” ?? Oh brother!

  10. You look fantastic. Pregnancy suits you, you are blooming.
    I had terrible heartburn when I was pregnant with the twins and they both came out bald!

  11. I remember thinking at 13 weeks that u was totally showing and then at 20ish weeks that I was huge. I looked back at those pictures towards the end and what was I thinking?! I was tiny. Love the grey dress and heels? I was on the flip flop only plan by 30 weeks, I think.

    And I ate tums like it was my job and have you seen my bald baby??? Not sure if I’m on board…

  12. cj

    Trish, you look absolutely amazing! I, however, don’t know how you manage on those heels – I don’t like walking on them under normal conditions! And the sonogram is priceless.

    And finally, you need to ramble a bit more. I love the peek into your life.


  13. *Lit Feline – Hijack any time!! I actually was not familiar with “lightening” so looked it up after your comment. Are you referring to the joy sarcastically? ;) When is your official due date? I’m remembering the 8th of March for some reason. On the one hand, congrats on the offer! On the other, I’m sorry you’re having to go through this now. I hadn’t realized until recently that this move isn’t really a “wanted” move. I hope everything goes smoothly!!

    *Bookfool – I have high hopes for the orchids–so far they seem pretty low maintenance! I think I missed the “spike season” for my year old orchid, though, and am kind of bummed by that. Hope you’re stocking up on that allergy medicine now! I know you’re not fond of the season (crazy lady!!). ;) I’ve only seen Les Mis in Dallas years and years ago, but I do love the music! (seen Phantom a few times).

    *Rhapsody – Thank you and thank you. I’ll let LMBBS know what you said about her. ;) Ha!

    *Lisa – I won’t eat chocolate cake. I’ll eat the frosting but I’d rather eat nothing than chocolate cake! I know, absurd. Spring will be in your area soon…by Sturgis time anyway? ;)

    *Laura – Purple dress? ;) Kind of purpley/gray. Clearance at Gap (Gap Clearance I love you). The bossoms of the She-Gnome kind of freak me out a bit, but they’re cute! Not sure about the movie–seems kind of cheesy!!

    *Vivienne – Hmmm, maybe your heartburn was exacerbated by the fact you were having twins? I’m going to be hacked if that baby comes and she doesn’t have any hair! ;) All that suffering for nothing.

    *Elise – The winter months have really helped with the swelling! Even my wedding rings are still jingling around my fingers. It’s been too cold for flops, but I’m sure it’s only a matter of weeks! Are you prone to heartburn? I had heartburn on occasion before the pregnancy, but I’m still a believer. Even if Hud is a baldy! ;)

    *Lu – Gap Maternity saved my life. I cried so many times over bad maternity clothes before going to their racks.

    *CJ – It is quite ridiculous to watch me walk in the heels, but I tend to walk really fast so when I wear flats my sciatic flares up (like today). I do love rambling but wonder if people would get sick of it. There’s been more than one time when I’ve thought about “borrowing” your “Sifting Thoughts”–love your Sifting Thoughts.

  14. Yes, I am glad the weather is starting to get warmer. I was about to go on suicide watch from all of the cold weather; and my skin was falling off.

    I want an orchid! Maybe the next time I am at Market Street I will get myself one.

    Waddling, huh. Just you wait little girl because it doesn’t get better. You should have asked the sono tech if the baby had hair. Mine told me that Emma was going to have hair, and she did. And, I had bad heart burn with her.

    Chocolate Cake is aweshum…

  15. I’m not a chocolate person, but cake is much worse than brownies (which I love if they’re really gooey) or frosting (which is okay…). So I can sympathize. Your kid is going to be such a geek! :D Ulysses + Musicals = … wait a minute! Trish, stop, now! You’re making a little me! Thank god you and th emister have better genes :D

  16. That last 10 weeks will fly by! My baby was born with a head full of hair and I’ve never had heartburn.

    Spring is in the air around here as well and I just love it!

  17. I’ve always wanted an orchid but am afraid it would die…I tend to kill plants, and it always makes me so sad. I have to say, I do like chocolate cake, though not nearly as much as all the other chocolate offerings. Les Mis and Phantom are favorites for me at different times. I have more fun singing with Phantom, so I’d say I listen to that one a bit more. I should listen to more musicals — it’s been a while, and I used to love them! The 3D sonogram is pretty amazing…the baby is starting to look like a tiny human being! How cool! :-)

  18. Trish, you’re looking great! And I really admire your courage for wearing high heels at this stage. Even while I was in my first trimester, I wore flat heels and yet I felt I need to walk slowly in them, lol.

    I’m glad the weather is turning for the better! Can’t wait to see more pics on Spring!!

    I’ve never grow any orchid plants (unless you count a fake one in my kitchen as one, haha) but they are beautiful, aren’t they? And I could never name them correctly, though I know they have various kinds and of different species. Our national flower is Vanda Miss Joaquim. :)

  19. Oh, you are a glowing Mama! Love that new pic of baby; you really can get a preview of what she’ll look like.

    Too funny–I have that same female gnome…except, of course, mine is cheering for the Cornhuskers. She only gets to be out where people can see her on game days.

  20. Rae

    I love your belly shots! And love the gnomes too. :)
    This week we’ve had little glimpses of spring. It was about 50 degrees on Monday and I found myself feeling too hot when I’d walk into stores being bundled up in my coat and scarf. Then yesterday it was in the teens when I woke up. Then today? High 40s and bliss. I walked about a mile home and it was lovely. Friday it’s supposed to be in the low 60s. I was planning on going for a bike ride but now it might rain. :( We’ll see. I’ve never known New York to have these warmer days in February but I hope they will become a trend!
    I feel the way you do about chocolate, except swap the cake for the icing. Love chocolate. Love love brownies. Love chocolate cake. Hate chocolate icing. Weird.
    I cracked up about the pruny cheeto fingers because I can remember doing the same. Except I still love cheetos. :)
    You look SO great in heels, love that dress!
    I love orchids and every time I see them tell myself I should get one, but never do. Maybe I will!

  21. Trish, you look so fantastic! Pregnancy definitely looks good on you.

    I’m not a chocolate cake person either but show me a piece of fudge or a brownie and I’m there!

    I love the orchids but I don’t do so well with live plants and now Sam would just eat them. lol.

    Loved the ramble Trish and you sharing with us. Love the baby pic – makes it so much more real!


  22. Yay! Almost there. It’ll be no time until Baby Billy Sue has arrived.

    I never had heartburn when I was pregnant and all three of mine were completely bald. Maybe the old wive’s tale is true.

    We had one of the 3D ultrasounds with my now-three year old. It was at my doctors office about a week before she was born and hey printed us a picture of it and she looked really freaky. It had me really nervous. I’m just glad she didn’t look that way when she was born. :)

  23. Whoa, LMBBS has a face! Which is a good thing, of course, but I’ve never seen a sonogram with that much detail. It’s very cool! And you look fabulous!

    As far as orchids go, benign neglect is my policy. I give it a little water, and that’s it. And so far, it’s working. I’ve had my orchid for maybe 3 years, and it blooms about twice a year. Which pisses my mom off, since she babied hers, and nothing happened.

  24. You do look huge and gorgeous. And yes, the baby can definitely hear all the music, in India we have Cd’s of various Sanskrit slokas which women hear during pregnancy, they say it’s good for the baby and the mother as well :)

  25. *Brooke – Considering the orchids usually run between $25-35 and my oldest one is a year old, I think it’s not a bad investment for flowers. But, you have to be patient! Choco cake is *not* aweshum. ;)

    *Jason – Really gooey brownies are SO good! And truthfully–haven’t been getting much Ulysses read this past week. Maybe this weekend, but I think I’ll fall behind. Boo!

    *Bermuda – Don’t you just love spring? Kind of like fall–there’s just something about the change in seasons that feels so refreshing!

    *Erin – I’m *terrible* with plants but these are surprisingly low maintenance. I water them maybe once a week when the soil feels a bit dry, but they’re pretty self-sufficient! I have more fun singing with Phantom, too, but I just can’t decide. ;)

    *Melody – At the beginning of the pregnancy the heels were a no no, but now they seem to balance me a bit! Weird, huh? How’s the weather lately in your neck of the woods? Do you have four seasons in your area? We typically don’t in Dallas, but this year seems to be different. Vanda Miss Joaquim is GORGEOUS!!

    *Lisa – Aren’t those gnomes funny? My mom got them for us for Christmas so they haven’t celebrated football season yet, but hopefully next year! Are we still losing Nebraska in the Big 12 next year? Makes me so sad to think so!

    *Rae – You should totally get an orchid. If you have a window that you can set it by that lets in light (though not direct), I’ve found that to work best for my guys. But I’m still learning. And I hope spring comes to you soon!! I’ve only been to NYC in January and June and it was definitely much cooler than Dallas both times. ;)

    *Darlene – Oooh, fudge. Yup, yum! Luckily we keep the orchid plants where our dog can’t reach them, but I’m not sure she would be tempted anyway. Too funny that little Sammy is a plant eater! Hugs to to you, too.

    *Kristi – I’m envious of your non-heartburn pregnancy. I’ve started carrying tums in my purse when off to restaurants. ;) I have no idea what to expect from the sono pictures–the only thing I can really tell is Little Miss has one well defined nose! Ha!

    *Softdrink – The pictures are a little bit freaky if you look at them too long but it was fun to watch her moving about until she fell asleep. I can’t believe your orchids bloom two times a year! I must know more… ;)

    *Violetcrush – Most of the time when I’m listening to music I have headphones in as I’m at work–listen to audiobooks in the car. I have heard that babies can hear a lot in the womb and definitely recognize mom and dad’s voices! So cool

  26. Rae

    It was cooler in JUNE? Must have been a crazy year. You don’t get too humid in the summers do you? Ugh. It gets soooo gross here in the summer!
    Come back! Come back! :)

  27. *Rae – Oh honey–by June we are well into 90 degree weather here, plus humidity! I remember that once the sun went down in NYC I had to put on a sweater! But maybe it was just the year we went…long long time ago (2001). Don’t ever come to visit Dallas during the summer. It’s sweltering!! ;)

  28. Trish, you look fabulous! Absolutely radiant. Little Miss is looking quite adorable already, too. :)

    I am torn between Les Mis and Phantom of the Opera myself. Phantom has always been my favorite, but my taste in musicals has definitely been changing lately. I’ll have to go see them both again to be sure. ;)

    I also really love orchids. I had one a couple of years ago, but just when it had start to shoot another spike it died mysteriously – I think it may have got too cold. I just got another one for Valentine’s Day, so I’m hoping I can keep it alive longer. If you get any good tips please share!

    Meghan @ Medieval Bookworm

  29. First of all, shut your mouth with those shoes! I love them. So cute. You really make a beautiful preggers. Is your dress grey or purple?

    I can’t wait for spring. I am so over the cold and being stuck in the house, every. single. day. My poor children.

    I love chocolate cake, and chocolate icing. In fact I just made some yesterday for Houstons birthday. It is delish.

    Les Mis all the way here. It is my favorite. That and Rent.

    Cant wait to see little baby! Not too long now! And I am a total believer of heart burn=head full of hair.

  30. Awww…you look so cute :) I love orchids and I think that this picture is absolutely gorgeous! I hope everything continues to go well for you as your baby grows…she’ll be here before you know it!