Sunday Salon 39: Confessions of a Grumpy Reader

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Oh hi! I missed you!

I’m still living in “Overwhelmed” World, but since we’re in a new month I thought I’d pop in and say hi.

A note about the title of this post. I’m not grumpy. Maybe a little tired, but not grumpy. Really I could have used any adjective, but since I’m about to make a slew of confessions, Grumpy seemed to fit the bill.

Another note–these are just my thoughts. Surely you won’t take offense to anything I say? If you do, I’ll just pull the pregnancy card.

Confessions of a [Fill in Adjective Here] Reader

I’ve only finished three books in 2011. Two of those books were Young Adult and two of them were under 250 pages.

Sometimes I stare at my bookshelf and try to figure out a way I could read multiple books at one time.

I buy books with no intention of reading them right now. Not even next week or next month. Sometimes not even next year. But I still have to have them right now.

I never read dust jackets or the backs of books. Oftentimes not even when I’ve finished the book.

I go days without reading a single page.

Sometimes I could go weeks without reading a single page but force myself through a dozen or so.

I’ve had a few literary crushes. Edward from Twilight is one of them.

I used to be annoyed when people would ask how I found the time to read so much. Now I’m annoyed by the people who do find the time to read so much.

I almost always finish a book once I’ve started it, even if I hate it.

Big books take too long to read so I typically opt for shorter ones.

Sometimes I read my book in the morning while sitting in my car in the parking garage at work.

One time I finished a particularly sad book in the car in the parking garage at work and balled my eyes out.

I’ve cried while reading at the gym, on the plane, at work, in my bedroom, in a Walmart parking lot.

Sometimes a book is so moving I literally hug it to my chest and audibly sigh. Probably with my eyes closed.

There are SO many books I want to read right now. Until I’m without a book to read and then none of them sound appealing.

The most I’ve ever read in a year is 73 books. I have no desire to repeat that number. Not even close.

Sometimes I wonder if people who read a lot have a life. I’m sure people have wondered the same about me as well.

I hide at lunch to read. Sometimes this is the only time of the day I can read. If I don’t get a personal lunch then I might go days without reading.

Without reading challenge I don’t really know how to pick my next book. I finished a book on Friday night and still haven’t settled on a new one.

I will never read all the books I own unless I stop acquiring new ones or get rid of old ones.

There are several books on my shelf I have absolutely no desire to read but can’t get rid of them because I bought them.

I could get rid of all my husband’s books without batting an eye but don’t because they’re his books. Even if he’ll never read them and would never know if they were missing.

I hold on to books I didn’t like because I think that maybe I’ll read them again and like them better.

Holy Cow–just scrolled up and realized how many confessions I was up to. I could keep going. And going. And going.

So tell me, what are YOUR confessions?

I wish I could say that I’ll have some posts this week but we started mandatory overtime at work and since I’m exhausted as it is I’ll work my overtime in the mornings and at lunch–time usually spent reading or blogging–instead of working late. Overtime is only supposed to last for two weeks but unfortunately we’re coming into a busy time and I see it lasting until that baby comes. I’m also still working on my continuing education.  PS–if you work with me and read my blog, I’d love it if you said hi. Maybe you can just send me an email telling me your favorite ice cream? Ha!

Anyway, in the meantime I’ll do the best I can do–but another confession: part of the reason why I haven’t been blogging is because I haven’t had time to bloghop or return comments. I need to let that guilt go.

Hope you have a lovely Sunday. My plan is to finally settle in on a new book and enjoy!

OOOOOH, BY THE WAY. Sign-ups for Dewey’s 24-Hour Readathon are up! Have you signed up yet? I’ll be 38 weeks by then and in no condition to do the 24 hours, but you bet your ass I’m signed up.  I’m willing that baby to not come early. Stay put Little Baby Billy Sue!

Ok, now Happy Sunday,

37 Responses to “Sunday Salon 39: Confessions of a Grumpy Reader”

  1. My confession: I tend to go through phases of obsession, so from mid-2008 to late 2010 I went through a phase where I had to have a book in my hands all the time. It wasn’t even because I wanted to at times – I just had to. There were times I tried to break the obsession, and it wouldn’t come back. Now, I think I’ve broken it mostly. I’m going to test that in the upcoming weeks – after I finished my designated reading for the month, i’m going for four weeks without touching a book.

  2. I love your confessions. Mine is right now if it is not a review book I have a hard time reading it. I feel guilty until I can get all of them caught up and I am still in a major reading slump. And I might be doing online classes starting next month so I am trying to clear my schedule for the most part. One review book per week is my limit now. I have trouble picking a book to read next too if it does not have a review date attached to it. I have a huge stack of library books I want to read too. :)

  3. I do that with particularly moving books too! And I don’t really have a life at this moment…but neither does my husband, and I think it’s just a phase we’re going through :-) Though lately, somehow, I’ve been suddenly busy, and I haven’t had time to read other blogs or return comments EITHER! I’ve barely been getting my own posts up. I keep thinking I’ll catch up but…it’s yet to happen.

    My confession: Even though I like reading challenges in theory, in actuality they stress me out to a point that I’ve decided to drop the ones I’m participating in and not join any more.

    I hope your life calms down a little soon!

  4. I have always had to have a book in progress…ever since I can remember.

    When I worked, I would sneak away at least once or twice a week to read during lunch…but after awhile, people thought I was anti-social, so I had to cut back on those sneaky reading lunches.

    I also love watching TV and movies, so reading vies for its rightful place next to those….

    I also love blogging, and that even interferes with my writing! Right now, I should be working on my WIP!

    There are more confessions…but maybe later! LOL


  5. I love a good rant & love these confessions. (Sometimes real life just gets in the way, and everybody goes through a reading drought sometimes). Hmm, reading confessions? Have recently realized I enjoy characters that are having complete nervous breakdowns. I am sure that says something about me & am not sure I want to know what ;0

    Butter pecan, bar none. Wishing you a great weekend :D

  6. Love this post Trish! It made me giggle right in the morning. I will totally have to copycat and make my own list of confessions. Like, right now, I’d confess that I have no desire to review the books I’ve been reading. :)

    And seriously tell lil’ baby billy sue that she must give you the RaT off. If I was there, I’d sing to her. That would surly keep her put ‘cuz she’d be too afraid to find out what is making those obnoxious noises on the outside.

  7. Ha! This was funny, and not least because so many of your confessions could have been mine too. In fact, quite possibly the only one I didn’t agree with was holding on to a book I didn’t like. If I don’t LOVE a book I will never re-read it. I have actually gotten very accustomed to getting rid of books on paperbackswap. I used to keep every book I’d ever bought, but when I finally realized I have a finite amount of space in my house, I let go of that and am only keeping the best ones!

  8. Trish- I have few different thoughts but no confessions for today :) First, I think you should take a break from reading and just relax. No pressure, no worries. I enjoy your blog even when you don’t post about books. In fact, some of my favorite posts of yours are completely non-book related. If you do still want to read (and this is just my opinion) I think you should grab a chunkster. Sometimes delving into them are the best cures for reading slumps. Or I would recommend Belly Laughs by Jenny McCarthy not because it is a great read (it’s not) but because it made me feel a bit better about some of my pregnancy woes while I was pregnant. It was funny at times, outrageous at others, but just a bit easy to relate to and know that you aren’t the only one going through the ups and downs. Hope you have a great week no matter what you do!

  9. I need to vent like this sometimes. Today I did vent a little on my Sunday Salon post, but not to this degree. I haven’t read that many books this year either (eight), but I’m not worried or distressed. I’m not on anybody’s schedule. I’m not taking classes. I know one Sunday Saloner who is working on one major book for this year and I’m impressed with that. I’m also impressed with you for being so honest about your reading and your lack thereof. Just tell it like it is. That’s why we (or at least I) keep coming back here to your blog.

  10. A confession: I’m a binge reader. I will go a week without reading a page and then spend every available minute of a weekend reading and end up finishing three books in three days. It’s a sickness.

    I can’t wait for the readathon!

  11. Confession: I was ready to give it all up and then I found Twitter! And then I found a lot of British bloggers who happen to meet up quite a bit and my enthusiasm returned.
    You have a lot going on in your life and you need to concentrate on that. Time will come again, I promise. And we will all be here when you get back.
    BTW – I read in the evenings when the girls go to bed. I don’t do television at all any more.

  12. I don’t read the jackets or back of books either. People ask me before I read a book what is about and sometimes I really have no idea. I might have seen a review or something to peak my interest, but then it was out of my mind and I just knew I wanted to read the book…

    My biggest confession is probably I don’t read reviews. I glance at them, maybe skim them, but generally I just look enough to see if people liked the book and a basic idea of what it is about to see if I will like it, too. I hate spoilers and knowing too much ahead of time… I used to read mostly on a whim, but that was before blogging. If I have read the book, I will read the entire review, though.

  13. I love this post. I read about 75 books last year and that shocked me. Last year reading was my de-stresser at night because my husband spent the first half of the year traveling while I took care of our three kids alone. I don’t think I’ll ever get through that many books in one year again. I just don’t have enough time.

    I totally crushed on Edward too. My biggest literary crush though is Mr. Darcy. :)

    Don’t worry about not reading blogs and commenting. It’s more important that you put yourself first. You have quite a bit going on. Good luck with everything!

  14. I love your confessions, Trish…they made me laugh (some of them, anyway!). I’m signing up for the Read-A-Thon too…I try never to miss it.

    Okay, here are my confessions:
    1. I keep “requesting” review books which I know I will not have time to read. When I look at the stacks, panic rises in my chest…but I keep on requesting. Is that what one might call addictive (or self-destructive) behavior???
    2. I keep buying more and more fabric even though my stash now outnumbers my storage. I justify it by having a “plan” for each fabric collection. Ha! I could live to be 100 and probably not make all those quilts!
    3. I delude myself into thinking that if I could take a couple of weeks vacation, I would catch up on my reading. NOT!

    Re: blog hopping – don’t feel guilty. I routinely delete my unread blog posts because seeing “1000 unread posts” on my reader gives me chest pains.

  15. Last book I finished (prior to EL&IC, which I finished this week)? June 2010. How’s that for a confession?! Wait, do you count The Very Hungry Caterpillar? Because I have read that one at least 30 times…

    I finished The Road on an airplane & was bawling my eyes out. I am sure everyone around me thought I was some sort of crazy person.

  16. *Amanda – Interesting! Are you ahead on your classics reading and will you take a blogging break? (feel like I live in a cave!)

    *Brittanie – That is a huge reason why I stopped accepting review books. I still have a few that I “should” read but honestly I just don’t care to. ;) Good luck!

    *Erin – That’s great that you were able to drop your challenges to let go of some of the stress. I like not participating in any even though I love making the lists!

    *Laurel-Rain Snow – LOL–yes, I’m sure my coworkers think I’m anti-social, but it’s the only time I can read. Usually too exhausted in the evenings to read more than a few pages here and there!

    *Bermuda – Ha! Yes, what if the novel all of a sudden gets really good? I’d hate to miss that, too. :)

    *Bookspersonally – What would reading about characters who have nervous breakdowns say about you? Ha! Maybe you just want to read about life crazier than your own. Butter pecan. Nom nom nom.

    *Rhapsody – I had no idea there could be so many confessions–and more! Feels cathartic. ;)

    *Christina – I’m with you girl–no desire to write about books I’ve just read. It’s like I’ve forgotten how. And that baby better not come early! ;) Mama wants a day to herself to just read!

    *Kathy – Oh, I so envy your ability to get rid of books you don’t like. I’m trying to be better but for so many even just the memory of reading the book is something I hold onto. Running out of space, though, is a problem!

    *Samantha – Thank you for the encouragement. I’ve been actually feeling pretty relaxed lately, which is very unusual for me as I’m typically high strung. The extra hours at work don’t help–I was hoping to miss some of that but it seems our busy time seems to come earlier and earlier each year. I started The Help last night and hope it will be a good one–I’ll have to see about Jenny McCarthy’s book as well!

    *Unfinished – LOL–this is me holding back! ;) And intriuging about the blogger just reading one major work this year. In a way that might make me anxious, but it sounds nice. And thank you–I do believe in honesty.

    *Trisha – Binge reading! Ha! I’m the opposite, I rarely EVER read on the weekends! It’s like I feel guilty picking up a book. Dangit–that was one of the confessions I wanted to write! And Wahoooooooo, Readathon!

    *Vivienne – I had NO idea!! I’m so glad you didn’t throw in the towel as I’d miss you terribly. These days I watch a lot of TV in the evenings with my husband. I blame the exhaustion which will hopefully go away…one day! ;)

    *Kailana – I am exactly the same, I never read reviews either–just skim for the reader’s general impression. It’s amazing how much you can garner from just doing that, though! I do enjoy reading reviews when I have read the book, though. Glad I’m not alone!

    *Kristi – I must be the odd one out for Darcy. I think I like the Hollywood Darcy but wasn’t that impressed with him in the book. ;) And I hear you about the time–where does it go!

    *Wendy – I have to laugh about your fabric stash because mine is getting to be the same. I used to buy fabric just to cut it up–kind of like books–but now I buy anything that looks pretty. Don’t even have a pattern in mind. :-/ I justify it with the rise in cotton prices everyone keeps talking about!

    *Elise – I always thought I’d read a lot while pregnant but it seems pretty normal for reading to slow down. Maybe it’s the exhaustion? Or just so many other things going on? Can totally commiserate about The Road. Tough read!!

  17. Oh gosh, I’ve got way too many confessions.

    First, I’m with you in that I buy books without even the slightest intention of definitely reading them next week/month/year. I also compulsively request/agree to receive ARCs/review copies because I get such a rush feom getting books in the mail even though the piles start to give me panic attacks. I read a mere 40 books last year and thought it was a major improvement in reading speed. I avoid my larger books not because they intimidate me, but because they won’t easily fit into my purse so I can carry them along to read on my lunch break. I stopped joining challenges, because as soon as I put a book on a list of ones I “have” to read, I avoid it like the plague. I laugh when people say their TBR pile is out of hand at a mere 247 books because they would cry if they saw my TBR pile.

    Oh jeez, I’d better stop before I embarrass myself any further. ;-)

  18. Buy that book RIGHT NOW and not bother to to read it for, literally, years? I’ve got that one, too. I think I still have a residual fear of running out of things to read, despite having reached a point where it may not be physically possible to read everything already in my house in less than a decade…

  19. I confess I read instead of doing housework. All the time. So I’ve read quite a few books this year already, but cat fur tumbleweeds are about to run us out of our house. :)

    So sorry you’re so busy at work. As you know, we were in busy season when I had Ems…2 weeks early. Just be prepared!! ;) I hope you’re able to participate in at least some of the 24 hour read-a-thon! I think you should be posting weekly baby belly updates at this point! :)

  20. Trish, I would’ve written those confessions myself, LOL. I was nodding my head the whole time while reading them. :P

    I’d love to participate in the readathon, but due to the time difference plus I don’t think I’m able to read in 24 hours without my daughters interrupting me, so I’d have to give it a miss (probably until they’re older!).

    Hope you have a great week ahead!

  21. First off, I would pull the preggers card every chance I got, if I was you. Why not? You’re entitled. And don’t sweat the visiting my blog thing. I know what you mean, but I don’t care. You visit when you can. You are preggers.

    As for my complaints, I only have one at the moment. I am currently teaching a class, and it’s adult women. I have done more work for this class than I have for any other. I even take time from my day job, to do some of it, and stay late to make up the work i missed. And I don’t even think I am that appreciated for it either. By the school or the students. It sucks.

    Ah! that felt good. Thanks Trish. I will also have a sundae from McDonald’s in your honor :)

  22. HI, my name is Michelle and I am a bookaholic. My confession:

    -Sometimes, I turn on Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, so I can just get 10 pages read.

    -I purposly made my yearly reading goal number low so I can actually accomplish a reading goal.

    -I want to tell Houston that I need to “run an errand” and just sit in Starbucks with a book and a cup of coffee and not feel guilty.

    -I have picked up three different books, and just can’t get into any of them.

    Love you. The Read-a-Thon will be a perfect time to settle down and relax. Esp. before baby gets here.

    Homemade Rootbeer flavor for me :)

  23. I have the same problem with being unable to give up on books. Which is ridiculous for both of us given that we have so many books waiting for us. I had no reviews for February and had such a hard time picking what to read. Too many choices, I guess.

  24. *Megan – Totally with you about the books I “have” to read—which is why I stopped with the ARCs. Getting those books in the mail is fun but not as fun as HAVING to read them all, you know? When you say “TBR” does that mean actual books you own that you need to read or just books you’d like to read? And no room for embarrassment here. ;) We’ll call it a safe place. Ha!

    *Florinda – Well, and now we can add the fear that maybe one day—possibly far in the distance—that those paper books will go away. That’s my excuse for snatching them up now! ;) What if one day (for whatever reason) we’re not able to acquire books like we can now—we’ll be happy to have that stash…right? I know, not helping.

    *Laura – Ha! If it makes you feel better I do housework instead of reading at home and STILL have fur tumbleweeds dancing across my floor. Can’t keep up with it. I knew busy time was coming, so I shouldn’t be too put out. Just need to take it one day at a time. Probably should be working more now anyway to get ready for leave!!

    *Melody – I know it’s so hard to participate with the little ones—that’s why I’m really hoping to get one last readathon in before baby comes. It’s too bad about the timezones although I do know that several people from your neck of the woods participate for part of the time. I think they just have to start at really odd hours!! Or some start early. Wish there was a way to make it easier for everyone!

    *Jenny Girl – Oh I’m so sorry to hear about your class. It sounds like something you are very passionate about and it’s hard not to get that recognition (I’m one of those who is motivated in part by praise). I hope that things get better for you! Would love to know the subject of the class!! And finally, enjoy that McDonald’s Sundae. :)

    *Michelle – Um, recipe for Homemade Rootbeer ice cream, please. I made my goal for the year low as well hoping to surpass it, but I don’t think I’ll even do that! ;) And would bargaining with Houston work? I worry about the same thing about not getting any Trish time without sneaking away here and there!

    *Lisa – I think too many choices can make actually settling on a choice difficult! I hope March is a productive month for you! And you’ll be readathoning next month, right??? ;)

  25. I just have to say that Belly Confessions isn’t good literature by any means ;) But it was one of those books that made me laugh when I was feeling yucky, large, and uncomfortable.

  26. I’m totally cracking up over your comment of “annoyed by people who read too much” :)

    how do they do it?! I’m just jealous :)

  27. You are a delight. I totally understand that sometimes, reading just doesn’t happen and I just don’t want to read sometimes or I can’t decide what to read next and then days go by.
    Hugs and smiles as you do all this OT crap and get thru your days. Don’t stress, ok? :)

  28. You are braver than I was. I was in my last month of pregnancy during the last read-a-thon and didn’t sign up. Now I need to ask my husband if he can do Daddy duty for a whole weekend as I read the day away :)

  29. I haven’t done much bloghopping, either. Don’t feel guilty. You’ve got a lot going on. Even planning for a baby can be exhausting. And, overtime? Geez, give yourself a break!! LOL

    I love your confessions. You’ll find that it gets easier to get rid of books and set down those you hate, as you get older and realize you have so much less time left.

    My confession: I must carry at least 2-3 books with me when I go anywhere — even to the doctor’s office, where they now have TVs blaring and I know I won’t be able to concentrate.

  30. I’ll use one of your own confessions as my own: “I buy books with no intention of reading them right now. Not even next week or next month. Sometimes not even next year. But I still have to have them right now.” Ack!

    Yes. Let go of the guilt if you don’t bloghop or return comments. I’m working on doing the same. Haven’t been very good about blogging and commenting and only marginally better at reading this year.

    Hope you are well, Trish :o)

  31. Trish

    I was amused and entertained as I read each of your confessions. You are a funny and cleaver girl, and I’m glad I’m related to you. I’m sure that because I’m your mom, and you’re funny and clever, then I must be funny and clever too. Maybe a little bit?

    Secondly, I was further amused and entertained as I read the comments to your post. You always seems to solicit such great comments from your followers. Why? Because you post thought-provoking posts that people can relate to, and even confess to. :-)

    Am I biased about your wonderful blogging because I’m your mother? I think not. The evidence is in the responses.

    I love you. Mom

  32. My confessions read a lot like yours do, Trish! so don’t feel too badly. I think it comes with being a bookaholic. And I still haven’t reached 100 books a year, and if I don’t get reading more this month, I might not make it again this year. It’s a goal though! I want to know what I have to do to reach it! that’s my confession for today…..

    I hope your overtime isn’t too bad, its’ hard to work extra hours and be so late in your pregnancy. Take good care of yourself and the baby.