Introducing Baby Girl – April 25th, 2011

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I am utterly, 1000% in love. On Monday, April 25th at 4:31 pm, Scott and I welcomed Little Miss Baby Billy Sue into the world.

Elizabeth Claire, who we will call Elle, weighed 7 pounds 7 ounces and is 19.5 inches long.

The little rosebud is a dream and even though I know I’m biased, I just can’t help but stare at her and die over her how beautiful and perfect she is.  And yes, that hair. Nine months of heartburn that was totally worth it in the end. I do fully expect it to turn light within a few months, though, as both Scott and I were born with tons of dark hair that eventually lightened up.

And Scott? Totally smitten. Every once in a while I’ll look at him while he’s holding her and he tells me “I have something in my eye.” Uh huh. Sure. He’s so sweet and gentle with her and I’ve loved watching him transform into the role of father.

Life has surely had to adjust over the past week. We were discharged from the hospital on Wednesday afternoon and since then we’ve had a few sleepless nights, some tears, but lots of laughs and lots of love. I just can’t believe little Elle is here and how much joy she’s already brought into our lives. You spend nine months preparing for the moment, but there’s no way to prepare for such extreme love.

Birth Story…

Many of you know I was induced on Monday. I’m not really sure how much is too much detail, but I’ll try to keep the story pretty neutral–obviously feel free to skip.

Scott and I checked into the hospital at 5:00 am on Monday. I was started on pitocin around 6:30 and while I started having more regular contractions, the dose of pitocin was low and the contractions weren’t painful. I’ve since lost track of the timing of things, but around 10:30 my doctor came in and told me I looked entirely too happy so she broke my water. I immediately started having more powerful contractions and an hour later (11:30?) I opted for an epidural (always in the plan).

With the epidural in place I was able to get some rest but I wasn’t really progressing (at a 3 around noonish–was 2.5 when I checked in that morning). Scott and I had several visitors during this time, but we finally kicked everyone out so that I could take a nap and get some rest. While I didn’t ever fully sleep, my body entered into extreme relaxation until I started vomiting (2:30?). The nurse came to check because she noted that baby’s heartrate would suddenly drop and then go back up and told me I was at an 8 or 9 and probably only had an hour left. The words “Holy Shit!” literally came out of my mouth.

At this point I was too excited, nervous, freaked out, emotional to rest so the visitors came back in. Around 3:30 I threw up again (total count for the day was 7 or 8 times both before and after labor), so the nurse checked and said I was ready to go. The doctor wasn’t at the hospital yet, so she was paged and around 4:00 I started pushing with the help of Scott and the nurse. Baby finally came at 4:31.

I joked with someone that I laughed throughout the whole delivery and to some extent I did. The epidural was a blessing and really made the labor a joy (I know how strange that sounds and the labor was hard, but…). My delivery was fairly quick and certainly uncomplicated, but with the wonderful wonderful support of Scott and the nurse (also a midwife), it really was a spectacularly miraculous experience.

Well, my “free” hour is up so I’m off again to snuggle with that baby. Thank you so much for all of your love and support and thoughts and prayers both before and after Elle’s arrival. It truly means the world.

With the fullest heart…

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  1. Oh, Trish… she is absolutely beautiful! And all that hair!! Little girls are such a joy. Congratulations to you and Scott, and welcome Elle! I’m so happy for you!

  2. Kay

    Trish, such a beautiful little girl! I’m so happy for you and Scott and, of course, little Elle. Pretty name. Take care of each other and enjoy, enjoy, enjoy! Daughters are just the best thing ever!

  3. Congratulations and welcome to the world Elle! She is absolutely beautiful, Trish! I’m so happy to see that everybody is happy and healthy. This is definitely one of those experiences that you can’t imagine the depth of love until it happens to you. It’s just miraculous!

    {{{Elle}}} <—- I just had to hug the newborn baby.

    I’m the 7th comment!!! ;)

  4. OMG!!! What a perfectly wonderful way to start the morning–with more pictures of that beautiful little bundle of joy of yours! :D :D :D I could look at pictures of Elle all day, but my goodness that bottom one is about the sweetest shot ever.

    More and more and more happy wishes to you and your sweet, wonderful family!!!

  5. Trish- She is just beautiful! And I love the name Elle…how perfect :) I’m glad to hear that the delivery went smoothly for the most part. I threw up because of the pain meds they gave me with my daughter…it was not fun! But I’m glad that she is finally here and I can’t wait to see more pictures. Let me know if you need anything..even if it is just to talk :)

  6. Congratulations! She is so adorable, and I love the name Elle! Her hair is to die for. All of my babies were completely bald.

    I’m so happy to hear that the delivery went so well. I had an epidural for all three of mine, and it was heaven. It helped me calm down enough that I could actually enjoy the birth.

    I love your story about Scott. I think men that love their children that much are the best kind.

  7. Oh, she’s SO beautiful! I love her hair! And that picture of her asleep in her daddy’s arms is just adorable. You’re making me cry because I wish my babe was here already! Many many many congrats!

  8. She’s so beautiful. Her hair is just lovely and I think you have the same smile in the one of the two of you. Congratulations to you and Scott.

  9. You’ve already heard me tell you how beautiful she is, but I have to say it again. She really is gorgeous. I love that hair! I’m sure it’s going to lighten up too – I told you Morrigan was born with a full head too, all black like that, but within six months it was pale brown. And long. She’s going to have long hair quickly!! :D You did a fantastic job. I must say I’m so glad I never had any vomiting in my three childbirths – I wonder if that was related to the epidural? I’m also glad I didn’t get one of those, haha! Though I’m glad it worked for you. :) Great story and great pictures Trish!!

  10. I am looking at these picture and am getting emotional over them. She is so precious, and perfect. My Emmorys birthday is today and so I am remembering the day she was born. Lots if dark hair just like your Elle. I love you and am so happy for you and your cute family. Again, perfection.

  11. I am so happy for you both. She is utterly gorgeous. I was sick throughout the birth too! My, she has some hair. Gorgeous, absolutely gorgeous.

  12. Oh wow Trish…she’s absolutely beautiful! And her name…*sigh*. I just love it! And that second picture is too cute…she looks like she’s smiling! Congratulations!!

  13. Congrats, Trish! She’s a beauty (and I’m partial to the name Elizabeth, as it’s my own middle name and Starbucks alias :-D). Glad everything went well, and enjoy getting to know each other!

  14. Aww, Trish! Elle is so beautiful! And you and Scott look so happy :-) Many, many congratulations, and enjoy that snuggle time :-)

  15. *Everyone – Thank you so much for your comments and congratultions! We’re glad the wait is finally over and little Elle is here. And I still can’t get over the hair. Love it so much!

    Samantha – I don’t think it’s uncommon to have nausea–I was told it was because of quick transitioning and hormones.

    *Kristi – Part of me understands why women decide to go natural, but the epidural was definitely the right choice for me. I can’t imagine having the same experience with all the pain! ;)

    *Jeane I didn’t realize you were expecting! Congratulations to you!

    *Amanda – As I noted to Samantha above, the vomitting was mostly due to the very quick transitioning–and probably because the pitocin. But, I never do well with an empty stomach (couldn’t eat after midnight), so I’m sure that didn’t help. The epidural was a piece of cake–hardly hurt at all!

    *Michelle – Happy birthday to Emmory!! And I’m so excited for you and your new little bundle–can’t wait to learn if you’ll have three girls or finally a boy!

    Again, thank you all!!

  16. The picture of Elle on Scott? Oh. I can’t even believe how tiny she looks. These pictures are making me want a newborn all over again. Elle is precious.

    Isn’t it amazing how the second they are born this whole part of your heart opens up & you are head over heals in love?!

    Enjoy these first few weeks. :)


  17. cj

    Trish –

    She is so very beautiful! I am thrilled for both you and Scott.

    One of my nieces had dark hair like that. Oodles and oodles of it and it did lighten up.

    She’s the niece that’s getting married and I saw her in her wedding dress the other day. I couldn’t help ask myself ‘where did this beautiful young woman come from?’

    From a very beautiful little girl like yours.

    Thanks for the reminder.


  18. She looks just like you, Trish! She’s perfect and gorgeous! Both of mine had a change of hair color a few months after they were born (they both became redheads — one is now auburn, one dark blond with a hint of strawberry).


  19. What joy! Congratulations-you are on a joyous journey now, and I won’t be the first to say this I’m sure: it goes by unbelievably fast! Your family is beautiful.

  20. Lovely, just lovely. All three of you, of course, but especially Elle. I was confused by the Billy Sue. I thought that was her name at first when you talked about her on Twitter. Whatever her name, though, she is lovely. :)

  21. She is incredibly cute! As cute as her pictures are, she is even cuter and tinier in real life! I’m glad you had such a great delivery (minus the throwing up, of course). So fun to see you guys yesterday…hope to see you again soon!

  22. Congrats to you both! She is beautiful!

    So lovely that you could blog about those first days, which are so precious getting to know your new baby, but are forgotten later on.


  23. I love your pictures, I am so happy your baby arrived safe and sound and that you are all well, she looks so adorable and cuddly….thank you for letting us all know all is well, and blessings to you and your family, Trish! She is a lovely, lovely daughter.

  24. Trish, Elle is amazing!! Enjoy this time with her, she’ll be running circles around you before you know it! ;-) You look beautiful and happy and Scott looks so proud, thanks for sharing your special moments with us! Big hug.

  25. Rae

    Congrats Tri!! I’ve loved receiving the photos and loved reading this post. My favorite might be the pic of Elle with Scott, she looks so teeny tiny!
    Happy to hear all is well.
    Love you guys!

  26. Congratulations Trish. I’m so excited for you.

    And I can’t help but quote Star Wars here…

    “You’ve just taken your first step into a larger world.”


  27. You did such a great job with the delivery, I am so proud of you and Scott both! It is truely amazing how you can love something so much that you don’t know anything about.

    I am so glad that she has finally joined us. I feel like I had to wait forever to finally meet her.

    She is amazingly beautiful!

  28. I love these new photos! Weird- I also get something in my eye every time I look at them!

    Lots of love, can’t wait to see you in a couple weeks!!

  29. *Everyone…again…You’ve all overwhelmed me with your comments! Thank you so much for your sweet words. Even though we’re running on very little sleep in our household (why do babies like to sleep all day and cry all night?), when I look at her my heart just melts all over again. It will certainly be the journey of a lifetime…Already, though, I’m wishing time would just slow down a bit!

    *Elise – I remember thinking the same thing when seeing pictures of Hudson and Jason. So sweet.

    *CJ – They grow up so quickly, don’t they? I know it will be a lifetime before Elle is off to marry like your niece, but even this first week has gone too fast. SLOW DOWN TIME!

    *Unfinishedperson – She was Baby Billy Bob until we found out she was a girl…then the nickname changed to Billy Sue. Didn’t want to announce the “real” name until she was born–at least not online.

    *Laura – So good to see you, too! Looking forward to the day that our girls are old enough to have a girl’s bake day! ;)

    *Rae – Love that picture of Elle and Scott, too. He spoils her rotten already!

    *Pax – Well, better Star Wars than Star Trek. ;)

    *Brooke – YOU feel like you had to wait forever? ;) I’m glad she’s joined our family, too…it’ll be fun when she and Emma can actually interact.

    *Kimberly – I can’t wait for you to meet her!! XOXO

  30. Congratulations! She is beautiful. You have some amazing pictures there – for such a young baby she is so alert and full of smiles. Give her a cuddle from me :-)

  31. Oh, Trish, she really is just perfect! And she’s clearly delighted to be out in the world–I’ve never seen a baby smile so early! Sleep when you can, let everyone help you as much as they offer and enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!

  32. Congratulations, I always thought I’d run out of love for my baby, doesn’t happen, you just seem to be loving your baby more and more. She’s beautiful, and getting more beautiful by the moment.

  33. She is so beautiful! I’m so glad everything went well and that after a long journey you finally get to experience this.

  34. She is a beauty! Love the pictures of you guys with her. So glad to hear all went well and sending you many hugs. Congrats again!

  35. Such a great post to see in my reader. My sishad a head full of hair like that and still does. You guys look so happy. Rest when you can and snuggle her close!

  36. Oh bless congratulations!!!

    Mine was born at 4:30am as well funnily enough.

    Oh bless her shes beautiful (and I honestly wouldn’t say that unless she was)

  37. So, so wonderful. 20 years later I’m still 1000% in love with my ‘little’ boy. It never goes away, Trish, and I’m so happy for you.

  38. She’s beautiful! I’m so glad your labor and delivery went so smoothly!

    And I’ve totally loved seeing my husband turn into a father as well. I knew he’d be awesome, I just didn’t know he’d be *this* awesome. :)

  39. you have got to be kidding me, she is absolutely gorgeous!!! I am so in love with all that hair. I know exactly what you mean about growing out of newborn size. So SAD!

  40. What a beautiful baby! So happy for you and Scott! I know that Grandma sure is on cloud nine too! Love you guys! Aunt Debi….what a great and special Mother’s Day….nothing like the first one!

  41. Les

    Congratulations and Happy Mother’s Day! She’s a beautiful little baby and I’m sure you’re completely head-over-heels in love. Hope you start to get some sleep here and there!

  42. Happy Mother’s Day, beautiful Mama! She is gorgeous and I LOVE the name. I am so jealous of all that great hair. Adorable, all three of you. Welcome to the craziness that is motherhood :)

  43. Oh my gosh, she is probably the second most beautiful baby in the world, with mine being the first. :) I hope you had a fabulous Mother’s Day!

  44. Congrats, congrats, congrats!!! How gorgeous. :) Enjoy every second…and steal some sleep where and when you can!