Elle’s Baby Quilt FINISHED!

Posted 16 June, 2011 by Trish in Crafty / 42 Comments


Yesterday I lovingly stitched the finally stitches of Elle’s baby quilt. I have to admit I’m a little sad that this project is over but hope that Elle find lots of love in her blanket one day.

The log cabin and square-within-a-square quilt design is totally inspired by a quilt Rita from Red Pepper Quilts created–in fact I even used her pattern (lol–and color scheme). I fell in love with this quilt months and months ago and knew I had to sew it as soon as I found out I was expecting a girl. I don’t typically sew from patterns, but halfway through my pregnancy I decided to let someone else do the math for me. Well worth it. If you have a love for quilting, please check out Rita’s blog. Her work is simply gorgeous. And what more fun than my sister also making this quilt with me?

This is my second machine-quilted quilt (see here for disappearing nine-patch) and I still have so much to learn about the craft. While my piecing is spot-on, the quilting part needs a bit of work. The nine patch I sewed in straight lines so this time I wrangled the quilt around the machine to sew squares around the boxes. I had lots of problem with tension and the maroon thread popping up onto the top of the quilt; add in a fussy newborn baby and it was the recipe for lots of frustration. I finally managed to finish and just keep telling myself that this quilt is absolutely made with love. The imperfections will most likely only be noticed by me.

So, from start to finish…

17 different pinks for the top and two more for the backing and binding. Didn’t pay attention to the designers of the fabric–all picked up at my local quilt shop, Quilt Asylum. The final dimensions are 60×60–perfect for a playmat or a picnic or a fort or whatever her heart desires.

Now…on to Scott’s quilt! All the squares are cut, just need to piece them together. I’m going to try to work up the courage to free motion quilt his. [holding breath in fear].

Lots of Love,

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42 Responses to “Elle’s Baby Quilt FINISHED!”

  1. Oh Trish, the quilt is absolutely gorgeous! I’ll definitely buy your quilt should you decide to make them for selling. :)

  2. Oh my Trish! This is absolutely stunning. I am amazed by what you have created. You are just fantastic. Elle has a very clever mummy.

  3. It turned out fantastic! It’s going to be a well-loved, worn treasure when Elle is all grown up. (remember to take pics of it everywhere it goes with her)

  4. Kay

    Trish, that last picture made me tear up. I know that every bitty piece of it is filled with love from you to her. She’ll understand that one day. Thank you for letting us share this special moment with you. :-)

  5. Oh Trish, it is absolutely gorgeous and what a wonderful gift for your daughter who will treasure this, I am sure, for her entire life. I don’t see ANY mistakes!!! You did a great job on the quilting. Believe me, it gets easier the more you do!

    Love the fabrics you chose…so sweet!

    I also read Rita’s blog and love her simple patterns and straight line quilting :)

  6. Your quilt is beautiful! It turned out SSOOO wonderfully! I’m sure sweet little Elle will love it and treasure it as she grows up. I especially love the little note you stitched onto it. :)

  7. Yayyy congratulations! I enjoyed hanging with you while you worked on it, and look forward to seeing how Scotty’s comes together!

    Love you, miss you, kiss that baby for me!!!

  8. This is beautiful!! I tried quilting…with a log cabin design, but was horrible at it…sewing is apparently not my thing. I envy your skills!!

  9. Rae

    So beautiful! Way to go Tri, so amazing. I can’t even imagine all the work.
    I expected one of the photos towards the end to include Elle enjoying her blanky. :)

  10. Oh wow, this is just amazing Trish! Beautifully done, in beautiful tones, Elle is so lucky! And the little tag, what a sweet addition.
    I have been wanting to learn to sew just so that I can make quilts for so, so long… I envy and admire your skill.

  11. Meg

    Absolutely gorgeous! Yay for your talent and creation of such a precious gift. I’m sure that your daughter will cherish it!

    My mom made me a quilt with photos of my entire life sewn on (somehow?) for my high school graduation, and I’m really looking forward to displaying it someday!

  12. It looks great! And, it only took us about 5 months to do! I should get you working on scrapbook stuff with me because I think that we did a great job of keeping each other motivated to get it done. Good luck with the free motion. I am sure that it will look great. And if not, it’s Scott’s quilt!!!

  13. oh how organised are you, your like some kind of supermum.

    I did make my sone a quilt which I never bothered backing and hes now 2!

  14. Ooh, that is gorgeous! I love quilt designs based on concentric squares. My mom is making me one right now…albeit very slowly. What a cool thing for Elle to grow up with :-)

  15. Oh my goodness!!!!! How did I miss that your baby came!! Sometimes I get so behind in reading blogs. Looks like I’m going to go back and find baby pictures! Congratulations!!! And the quilt looks so snuggly and perfect. my kids treasure the baby quilts I made them, but my third kid didn’t get his until he was two — by that time, I was just too busy to finish it in time for his birth :-).

  16. I am so jealous! I wish I had the time to sit down and figure out how to quilt. I would love a homemade quilt of my own to snuggle up with on a cold winter day with a cup of coffee and a great book or movie. Sounds so lovely. It really turned out beautiful. You should be really proud and I know Elle will love and treasure it forever!

  17. Just beautiful. One of the loveliest quilts I’ve ever seen and I just adore the stitched dedication and signature from you to Elle.