Sturgis Bike Week 2010

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Yes, the title is correct…2010.

If you are a motorcycle enthusiast or know one or live in South Dakota or anywhere in the central midwest or just keep track of random events, you might know that last week (August 8-13) was the Black Hills Motorcycle Rally in Sturgis, South Dakota.

I didn’t make it out this year (obvio). Scott and my in-laws attempted to head out there but turned around at 3 am after encountering mechanical problems with the truck hauling the toy trailer. Since I failed to blog about our trip to Sturgis last year (found out a week after we arrived home that I was pregnant), I thought I’d finally blog about it now. Fitting, eh?

So, last year was our second year to go to Sturgis. The first year Scott and I headed the rally on our way to Yellowstone (Sturgis was my bait to get Scott camping) and last year Scott’s brothers and mom decided to join us on the roadtrip.

We loaded up two trucks to haul the four bikes and caravaned up north. Since it’s quite the trek to South Dakota, we left Dallas around 10 at night and drove straight through. The picture below was taken somewhere in Nebraska though now I don’t remember where–maybe somewhere outside Grand Island?  One day I’d love to take a roadtrip through middle America where I can stop every time I want to take pictures. I love the heartland so much–something about windmills and silos and rows and rows of corn really get me. But I digress…

After driving through Nebraska all day long (I’m sad to say the western part of the state isn’t quite as pretty as the eastern part), we finally entered South Dakota and headed toward the Black Hills.  We saw a few prairie dogs and antelope, the Crazy Horse Memorial, and a whole lot of bikes before finding our cabin in the hills. We stayed about 15 minutes outside of Hill City in the cabin below. The cabin was pretty isolated but the scenery was just breathtaking.

The next morning we woke bright and early to head back to Hill City and do some riding through the hills. See my shirt below? I was made to buy a rally shirt so as to not look so preppy during the rally. Ha!

The Black Hills are amazing. It’s too bad South Dakota is so difficult to get to and in the stinkin’ middle of nowhere (sorry Lisa if you’re reading this). You can see in some of the pictures how the scenery is more hilly than mountainous, but these soaring rock structures really are stunning.

And everything is so fresh and green. Still warm during the day but without the humidity and thickness of the days in Dallas.

After riding through the hills, we rode up to Deadwood to grab some lunch. Deadwood is a charming town (not sure charming is the right word, but you know) and we always enjoy our stop there. As you can see below, I also happened upon some more appropriate rally attire. :)

Below – Deadwood, South Dakota

More riding through the Black Hills. Scott and I took a picture at this rock formation our first year and wanted to go back again. I believe this is right after the entrance to Custer State Park–maybe Sylvan Lake? A great place for camping!

So many bikes that sometimes we had to wait in line to go through single vehicle openings in the hills. No matter how many pictures I took I could never get a good one that could portray just how many bikes are on the road. It truly is a sight to behold.  Not sure who let the car on the road! ;)

Lots of these single vehicle openings in the hills…

Our first year Scott and I ran out of time to ride all of the loops in Custer State Park that we wanted to. This year I made sure that we had time to ride The Iron Mountain (probably pictured above) as well as the Wildlife Loop. As soon as we entered the Wildlife Loop we saw a herd of buffalo.  They were probably only about 20 feet from the road. Totally unfazed by the bikes. They were the only buffalo that we saw on the ride but we did see some burros–in the middle of the road!

If you look closely below you can see Mount Rushmore! Taken from Iron Mountain Road.

I didn’t include any pictures of our trip to Mount Rushmore in the post since they’re basically the same as the ones we took the first year, but I thought this side view of the monument was neat.

We spent most of our time in Hill City–partly because it was so close to our cabin but also because we both really enjoy the little town. Sturgis is loud and hot and dirty and so many t-shirts and scantily clad women that we usually only spend about two hours there before we’re done, but Hill City is much more relaxed. We just pulled up some chairs at a bar and watched all the bikes drive by. We may have indulged in some Dairy Queen as well…

And of course I met up with Lisa of Books.Lists.Life and her family again–this time in Keystone. I’m sad we were too early to meet the princess, but as you can see she had yet to arrive. :) And no, we didn’t plan our matching pink outfits. And seeing that picture of me is so making me want to chop all my hair off now!

I SO want this Pink Warrior bike!

Overall it was a great trip. Staying in the cabin was relaxing and peaceful and the riding was perfect. We couldn’t have asked for better weather. While Sturgis itself is a bit overrated, we absolutely love the rest of the hubbub of the rally. There is so much camaraderie and I love that so many people get together during this week for the love of riding. The Black Hills is such a gorgeous venue and I could see ourselves heading out again and again. Maybe not for a few years as our family is now starting to expand, but I know there will be much more riding in our future.

Happy Riding,

17 Responses to “Sturgis Bike Week 2010”

  1. Oh yes, I would love to have that pink bike too and I think I have seen many of these pics in your other blog too :)

  2. That is Sylvan Lake. I am so bummed that you didn’t make it this year! We did not go out at all this year but saw plenty of bikes anyway! And I am much less round now!

    PS we met in Keystone, not Yellowstone.

  3. So…motorcycles scare the dickens out of me, but it sounds like a really fun rally! Not that I would participate, but I love reading about it and experiencing it from afar. :D

  4. Rae

    Really loved this post. The photos are gorgeous and I have a soft spot in my heart for bikers. I’m going to forward this post to my dad, he’ll love it.
    Your short hair is adorable but it’s so cute longer too!

  5. Zomg I love the pink bike!

    Bike Week in Daytona is pretty big here in Jamlando. I used to go often when I was a kid. :) Now adays, I can’t convince Di to take bike classes with me.

  6. I didn’t even realize that it wasn’t 2010. What does that say about me?!

    All of these pictures are SO pretty. I really want to get up there (Black Hills) sometime & kick myself that we didn’t go when we lived in UT and were that much closer.

    Our next door neighbor just got back from Sturgis…they rode on bikes the whole way there & back! I mean it was over two weeks and they stopped a bunch, but still…can you say saddle sore?!

  7. Oh wow! You make me so envious that you live in America! I have always wanted to see Mt Rushmore. A fabulous post. Sorry you didn’t get to go this year but it sounds like it wasn’t meant to be for anyone in your family this year.

  8. *Veens – Yes, this was just a like a trip we took two years ago! And I love that pink bike, too.

    *LIsa – LOL–you only have to be within 500 miles to start seeing the bikes. We usually start seeing trailers in Oklahoma! And sorry–Keystone.

    *Amanda – I still get nervous on bikes, too, but just gotta be with someone you trust and be aware of your surroundings. The rally is a blast!

    *Rae – I know your dad isn’t interested in the rally but I hope he can ride out there one day. It’s really amazing riding!

    *Bermuda – Ha! Yes, a big cabin–actually looks bigger than it really is. But so peaceful!

    *Carolsnotebook – Who would have thought that South Dakota is so pretty!

    *Melody – Thank you–the rally is so hard to explain, definitely something that has to be experienced.

    *Christina – One of these days we’ll make it out to Daytona bike week. ;) But you guys still have your bike adventures–just a different kind of bike!

    *Elise – Wow–can’t believe that your neighbors rode all the way out there! Scott really wants to ride out there one day but the 1,200 miles is too much for my bottom. Tough enough in a car! But the Black Hills are definitely worth seeing!

    *Vivienne – Mount Rushmore itself is a bit overrated–not much to see other than the sculptures but the rest of the park is just fabulous. Especially since your family loves camping!

  9. You are one brave lady! I am terrified of motorcycles, and I’ve never even been on one. The photos are wonderful, though! Sorry you didn’t make it this year, but I’m sure that adorable little baby was worth the missing it. :)

    Hopefully you’re surviving okay. My sister lives in Texas and she said it’s been so crazy hot for way too long!

  10. Wow, great pics, Trish. That trip looks like a blast.

    Btw, you look FANTASTIC after having the baby. I mean that in a nice way, not a crazy Internet creepy way. :-)

  11. That side view of Mount Rushmore is terrific. I’ve been to Rushmore, but must admit, I certainly never saw it from that angle!