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Is it really November 7th? Almost two weeks since I posted last? How did that happen? Well, I know what happened…life.

And honestly, even though I have little posts running through my head all the time, none of them seem complete enough for an actual post. And this month, I have a feeling, will continue to be a busy busy one. And then there was one time on Twitter when I oversaw someone mentioning that she didn’t like to post until she had time to bloghop (and others agreed). Pshhht. Sadly that would mean I would never post these days. Wahhhhhhh (please don’t comment on this in the comments, I already know the answer).

So, winners for Maman’s Homesick Pie giveaway!

Terri B. who said that one of her fondest memories was coming home from church on Sundays to a house smelling of pot roast and potatoes. “That smell always said “home” to me.”

Laura who remembered when she and her mom and sisters would make monkey bread together on Saturday mornings: “My siblings and I were responsible for rolling the dough into balls and covering them in cinnamon and sugar, while my mom would make the ‘goop’ (butter, sugar, vanilla) on the stove. I hope to do the same with my kids!”

Care who “was just having a conversation about how some meals from my childhood just can’t be created because the time and place is gone.   I still crave my mom’s sloppy-joes and they weren’t fancy but I can’t get it right.”

Hope you all enjoy the book!!  

And then…we took little Chickpea Banana to have her six month portraits. We did get two decent shots, but some of the outtakes. Let’s just say that she was NOT having it. No matter how many funny faces and voices and songs I tried. Not even daddy could get a smile! Maybe at 9 months…

Life is busy, but not too busy for some laughs…

14 Responses to “Boo!”

  1. Hurray! I’m SO looking forward to reading the book! (and it has been AGES since I have gotten a new book of my own instead of library books!) It was also fun remembering the food-making and eating times of childhood!

    Sorry E wasn’t happy with her photo shoot. It’s great that you are actually taking her to get professional pictures! (I have yet to do that). She’s cute no matter what her expression though!

  2. My girls used to cry if anyone attempted to take their picture professionally so I have very few pics like this.
    She looks utterly adorable.

  3. We haven’t ever had LE’s picture taken! Or N’s since his very first at like 3 weeks. I suck.

    Want to hear a sad story? LE has that same onsie. It is my very favorite of every outfit she ever had. She never wore it. It was the wrong season and I couldn’t figure out how to make it warm enough. I suspect it will hang in her closet forever. Or mine.

  4. Aw, what an adorable scowl! That’s probably her way of telling you there’s no sense in paying a professional, Mom, you take much better pictures. But, it’s still awfully cute!

    I had hardly any professional portraits taken of my children, mostly because they always seemed to turn out so awful. I decided we were better off taking our own photos and having them enlarged to send to relatives and friends. But, sometimes I do wish I’d gone ahead and gotten an annual family photo to show how the kids grew from one year to the next.

  5. Some of my favorite pictures of my kids are the ones when they have strange expressions. It shows so much more of their personality than the pretty smiles! She’s adorable either way!

  6. Maybe 9 months, maybe not. Some of them never take to the whole professional portrait thing. :P Max’s first grade school looks like a freakin’ mug shot. For real. But it’s part of their charm, right? After all, cuteness shines through no matter what.

  7. She is definitely pissed! But it’s nice to get these expressions because later you won’t remember them and they are a part of who she is at this age.