29 Responses to “Seven Month Update – 11.25.2011”

  1. Kay

    Joy is right! It’s a true joy to get these updates. Love the picture with her soap-ish hair style! I bet she will be mesmerized with the tree. Seems like our girl was. Those lights, you know. And, yes, babies definitely use their tongues as a full blown sense – always exploring. Hugs to you guys. Aren’t you glad it’s finally cooler? I’m already dreading next summer. Hope you all are having a great holidy weekend!

  2. You may have to change to a short video clip with the ‘eight months’ sign, lol! Elle is just gorgeous! Your post reminded me of the screaming matches I had with my oldest daughter when she was a baby. She’d scream, look at me, I’d scream, and then we’d both dissolve into fits of laughter… until she decided to start the cycle again. I know we have a movie somewhere…

    Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving, Trish!

  3. I love the updates too, and love that Elle’s latest trick is screaming! How funny! (I know: easy to love when I don’t have to hear it! LOL) And how lucky she is that you are making all her food!

  4. I am so glad she is sleeping through the night for you now. I remember how trying that used to be. I really do love these posts and they will be wonderful for her to look back on. Happy Thanksgiving for yesterday.

  5. Haha, yes, PJ is also more interested in talking to himself or singing rather than taking a morning nap. I think we are transitioning into the 1 nap a day phase.

    Elle is adorable. She’s looking so big.

    Peej is super talkative, but he’ll also do a “screaming” thing when he wants attention. He’s a terrible ham, and when someone isn’t giving him their proper full attention, we get screams and squeals. It’s hilariously adorable, but I also wonder if we are setting a bad precedent by allowing it.

  6. Elle, girl, I feel ya on the carrots. Those things are cross. I’m sure your mom is doing a fabulous job cooking them, but I don’t like em either. (Especially when they’re raw and shredded! That’s the worst.) Now that I’m a grown-up, sort of, I can manage eating roasted carrots in stews, but that’s about it. You’re getting cuter every day! See you at 8 months!

  7. It’s so amazing how quickly they start learning new things! I remember months 6-9 being HUGE changing months for Ems. Everything became exponentially easier when she could sit on her own.

    Yay for consistently sleeping through the night! So good for everyone, and makes mama much less crazy! (I’m really not saying you are crazy, but just the general “mama”).

    Are you enjoying making Elle’s food? Are you using a food processor, blender, or what? Since the season isn’t the best for fruit, you can always use frozen, but you definitely don’t need to add any extra water. Don’t you love feeding her?

    Elle is definitely looking more grown-up in these latest pictures. I think you should post a little video of her scooting! I’m so happy you are really enjoying motherhood these days. I don’t think it is possible to even begin to understand all the changes that babies bring, and it seems normal to go through a period of “mourning” for your old life, and wondering “what have i done?” in those first few crazy sleepless months. Do you think it will be easier the second time around? Like you said, it does seem like the really hard parts are never going to end when you are in the middle of them, but when they are over, you realize how short the time really was. Anyways, as usual, I’m SO rambly in your baby post :) Happy 7 months, sweet little Elle! You are lucky to have such a fun and loving mama!

  8. Oh, I love your baby posts. That pic of her lying on her side is so adorable. I’m jealous of your nights- my little one only sleeps eight or nine hours, and usually wakes up once in the middle of the night still. She also suddenly hates eating- clamps her mouth shut, leans away from me and cries. We’re taking a break from baby cereal maybe I’ll start back up with sweet potatoes or something different.

  9. cj

    Seven months already! How crazy is that? She is such a cutie and you know all those fears you had are pretty common, right? How could anyone be 100% certain they’re going to be a good mother? It’s an awesome responsibility to have a person totally dependent on you, my dear. You and Scott seem to be handling it beautifully! Keep up the good work.


  10. She’s growing so fast! I love the photo with her sitting against your sectional. That expression is priceless! I love these updates. I’m not having any more kids so it’s been fun to remember back to what it was like to have a baby. I miss it, but I don’t want to do it over again (if that makes sense).

    I completely understand how you felt about not knowing what you had gotten yourself into. I’ve never regretted becoming a mother, but sometimes it’s so emotionally and physically wearing, that it’s tough. The joy that comes from those wonderful moments with my kids certainly outweighs all of the struggle and stress. :)

  11. Elle is so beautiful! That hair, those eyes, and that round face! I just want to hug her! It’s okay to be a helicopter mom for now. With my oldest, I used to sit and watch her as she slept. Can you believe it? Instead of getting some sleep right along with her or doing chores, I would look at her for a few hours straight. Thankfully I grew out of that!

  12. Adorable pictures. I love how you have her holding a seven months sign. Brilliant idea. She may even let you keep doing that until she’s 12 or 13 years old. ;-)

  13. Oh, Ethan has regressed with his sleep. He was sleeping through the night, but now he’s not. We just pull him in to bed with us and he’s happy as a clam. He’s quite the snuggler!

    Love this update! I might have to borrow the format (with proper attribution, of course!).

  14. Amy

    The photo of Scott and Elle is wonderful!

    She is adorable, Trish, just the cutest! I can see her personality popping out even in just these few photos.

    I love how you describe what you feel when you look at her Joy. That’s wonderful!

  15. Sometimes I look at your little princess and think she looks so much like you and in other shots she’s definitely Daddy’s little girl. What a cutie she is!

  16. Did you use the external flash on the first picture? Because it is PERFECT. The lighting, the subject, the quilt… everything! :) I am so jealous of 11 hours of sleep each night. I wish I could do that (let’s be honest, sometimes I do and it’s WONDERFUL)! She is such a doll!

  17. Elle is just adorable! I think the fact that she can amuse herself is great. Teaches self reliance and independence. Just sit there with your feet up and watch for a while and then join in :)

  18. Oooh, I bet the screaming is really fun. Lol. She’s so adorable. I love seeing pictures of her. I left my email in another post for the private blog. I don’t want to miss her growing up even though I’ve been awful about blog reading lately.

  19. 11 hours?! I am jealous! Gage goes to bed at 9 and is up beteen 7:15-7:30. Isn’t a good night’s sleep great? :)
    She gets more adorable every month.