Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Wordless Wednesday: When Pigs Fly

{see comments for details}


  1. From a handcarved mobile my sister brought back from Barcelona for Elle. There are three sets of pigs--about the size of a fist--hanging in a long row.

  2. Oh so cute! When she outgrows [ :( ]
    the mobile, you can turn them into Christmas ornaments. My ancient mobile adorns the top of my tree every year.

  3. How cute!!

    Man, I can't wait...

    My niece would kill me for saying that.


  4. I have a good friend who collects pigs-with-wings. :)

  5. Thanks everyone. I'll have to take a shot of the entire hanging to give a better idea.

    *Jenny Girl - Great idea about Christmas ornaments! Though I think this will stick around as is for a while.

    *CJ - I couldn't help but smile at your comment about your niece.

  6. :) :) :) Hopefully she'll love it forever


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