Hildabrötchen/Shortbread Cookies

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A few years ago for my birthday I received one of the best presents—two cooking classes at the local grocery/market with my mom. The first class was for Thanksgiving Pies and the second was German Holiday Cookies. Both were fantastic but I loved the second class because of my own Swiss heritage and many of the recipes reminded me of my grandmother’s Christmas cookies.

All of the participants were divided into pairs and worked on baking one recipe (believe there were 12 recipes in total). At the end we all got to take home a few of each. The cookie my mom and I made was Hildabrötchen – or Shortbread with Jam. We both loved the simplicity of the cookie and have made it during our Annual Bake Day since taking the class.

Shortbread Cookies with Jam
[Amended from recipe received in class]

2 cups flour (10.5 oz)
½ cup sugar (4 oz)
Smidge of Vanilla (½ tsp? or leave out)
½ cup + 2 Tbsp Butter (5 oz or 1.25 sticks)
1 egg
Jam (your choice of flavor—we use Raspberry!)
**note: all ingredients were provided in ounces so the conversion is from my own experimenting

1. Combine all ingredients with mixer or food processor. If dough is dry and crumbly, knead with hands until mixed completely.

2. Refrigerate until cool/firm—but be careful because it will become as hard as a rock when left too long! (will soften when worked over)

3. Roll out dough to about ¼ inch thickness and cut with cookie cutters. If you want your jam to peek through, use a smaller cookie cutter to cut the middle of the cookies. I use the circle opening of a frosting tip for my middle hole!

4. Place on a buttered/sprayed baking sheet. The cookies won’t expand much in the oven

5. Bake at 350 for 8-10 minutes. Watch these puppies as they brown quickly!

1. Heat jam in saucepan until thinned and easily spreadable

2. Spoon jam onto bottom cookie (without the hole) and sandwich with the top cookie (with the hole)

3. Dust cookies lightly with powdered sugar (also pretty with raw sugar granules)

Yields two dozenish small cookies (remember you’re halving the amount when combine top and bottom!)

Perfect for those who don’t have an extreme sweet tooth—subtle but yummy! If you make these, let me know how they turn out.

25 Responses to “Hildabrötchen/Shortbread Cookies”

  1. Now that’s a fantastic present! And so cool that you got to take the classes with your mom. I sure wish I lived closer to my parents.

    Anyway, love shortbread cookies. THese look like some that my grandmother used to make. I’ll have to give them a try.

  2. Shortbread is one of my daughter’s favorites — she’s definitely a vanilla girl, loathes all things chocolate-flavored.

    I love the idea of taking baking classes with mom…my mom’s way past the age where she could do that.

  3. I love the way these look, and they sound like they would be delicious! What types of jam have you used and what is your favorite?

  4. What beautiful cookies! We had a mini-bake day last week, but will do the bulk of our baking in a few days… would love to try these. I’d definitely reach for the raspberry jam, too!

  5. Germany really must have been the Christmas place at one time – so many good Christmas cookies come from there and these are no exception. They look wonderful!

  6. Oooh, these sound delicious! Not to mention the fact that they look gorgeous. They sold so many different kinds of cookies at the Christmas markets in Munich. I wish I’d had the time (and money :P) to try them all.

  7. These are gorgeous!! Shortbread is probably my favorite cookie…I used to make it all the time when my older girls were little…but I ate most of it myself! :) I’ll have to try this :)

  8. *Beth F – I’m not sure my husband always agrees, but I feel blessed to live a mile away from my mom. :) Cooking class together was a great gift indeed!

    *Bermuda – LOL! Not any more work than regular sugar cookies, but definitely more work than just basic drop cookies. ;)

    *TheBookGirl – Maybe when your daughter is old enough you can take some classes together! It was a great way to spend time with my mom.

    *Nan – I hope you enjoy them! Let me know how you like them.

    *Vicki – LOL! Guess tis the season for Cookies!

    *Laura – I’ve always made these with Raspberry jam (without seeds) but I bet it would be good with any type of jam! Your favorite flavor!

    *Peggy – Merry Christmas to you, too. :)

    *Sheila/Bookjourney – Thanks for visiting!!

    *JoAnn – The only think I find tricky about these is cooking them just so. They tend to brown so quickly that I have to keep a close eye (and think my mom’s oven isn’t calibrated just right). ;) Hope you’ll share some of your bake day fun with us, too!

    *Memory – the jam does dress up these otherwise plain cookies!

    *Chris – The recipe is pretty easy to make, but it seems the recipe needs to be doubled! Every year I forget how few it makes and always want more. ;)

    *Mary (Bookfan) – Thanks for visiting!

    *Uniflame – Thank you! :)

    *Alex – It would be interesting to know the history of some of these German Christmas cookies. There do seem to be a lot of them!

    *Nymeth – Yes, those Germans sure do know how to make yummy goodness!! We ate our fair share of pastries and cookies when we visited Germany two years ago and it wasn’t even during the holidays!

    *Little Nell – Yes—I love the way the jam peeks through. Thanks for visiting!

    *Rose City Reader – These would be delicious with tea!

    *Peppermint Ph.D – It’s easy to eat a lot of shortbread because it’s not so sweet! Guilty! ;)

  9. Les

    I love shortbread cookies and I love raspberry (seedless) jam. This is a match made in heaven! Yummmm. Thanks for the recipe. I might make them for, um, New Year’s? Definitely no time for Christmas this year. I’m too busy selling Nooks and Books. :)

  10. *Anna – I hope you enjoy the cookies! If you try, please let me know how they turn out for you.

    *Les – These are delicious with raspberry jam! Hope that the Christmas season wasn’t too hectic for you and that you were able to have a few moments of peace. ;)

    *Michelle – Sometimes stuff is just stuff but I love the type of presents that help create memories. Cooking class was definitely a fun way to spend birthday time with my mom!

    *Jenny Girl – MORE BAKING?! Ha! ;) If you try these, let me know how they are. They’re just the right amount of sweet, I think.