Homemade Quilted Christmas Stockings

Posted 22 December, 2011 by Trish in Crafty / 44 Comments

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Scott and I were Christmas shopping a few weeks ago when he casually asked me, “Are you going to make Christmas stockings this year?” My response: “Eventually I want to make quilted stockings, but not this year. Too stressy.”  Be assured that stressy is a word and it is a very real emotion.

On the way home Scott asked, “Can we go to Hobby Lobby?” Me: “Sure, what for?” Scott: “To get stuff so I can make stockings.”

The wheels began to turn in my head. What would this look like? And how much would he do before I had to step in a finish the rest.

Me: “Ok fine. I’ll make stockings.”

Really. The things I get myself into.

All in all, the three Christmas stockings took a little less than a week and a half to make (mostly in the evenings and a lot of the time I just sat there staring at the fabric/stockings trying to figure out what the hell to do). Considering I didn’t work from a pattern and haven’t made stockings before, I’m thrilled with how they turned out. There are imperfections, of course, but I’m probably the only one who would notice (except for the uneven name stitching). And the great news is that next time I make stockings I’ll probably have to do less blank-eyed staring and be able to work more efficiently.

I failed at photographing the progress, but here’s a hodgepodge of shots (you should be able to click on all to enlarge).

Yes! Of course I put that boy to work!
The stocking backs. Scott chose Grinch for himself.
Handstitched using embroidery floss.
I quilted these using a zigzag stitch and LOVE the way they turned out.

There are six layers to the stockings–each side has quilted front/fleece back, batting in the middle, and then cotton material in the center. I sewed the front, middle inside together and then the inside, middle and back. Then sewed the front and back together inside out and turned right side.
For the actual fronts of the stockings, I cut a piece of fabric, sewed it to another piece, ironed, trimmed, and started over until the shape was large enough for me to trim to the “pattern.” Other than a few pieces that I wanted to fussy cut (the girls on mine and Elle’s stockings and the Grinch on Scott’s), everything is random.
If I were to do anything over, it would be the cuff. I don’t love the way that they turned out, but the good news is this will be easy to replace if I chose to over the years.

My mom made stockings for us when we were little. Aren’t hers adorable? I can’t believe how well they’ve held up over the years! Especially considering mine is 30 years old.

This will be my last post for the week and I’ll be back on Monday with Elle’s 8 month update.

I hope everyone has a truly blessed and beautiful Christmas.

Much love,

44 Responses to “Homemade Quilted Christmas Stockings”

  1. Oh Trish, they’re adorable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Seriously, seriously adorable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I’ve made so many stockings over the years (crocheting, sewing, ribbon weaving, cross stitching, quilting, etc.) They’re just so fun to do, I can’t seem to stop. :P

    But you know what, if Rich had “threatened” to something like that–I *totally* would have let him!!!

  2. Ha! Your stockings are FAR better than the ones we put together, which involved cutting out stuff the boys wanted and glueing them onto crappy generic store-bought stockings. :D

  3. Okay…WOW! Awesome! Love how they turned out. You’ve inspired me for next year…maybe I will take advatanage of clearance Christmas fabric next week?

    And Elle in the Santa Hat?! Oh my gosh!!!! Most adorable picture ever!! I need a baby santa hat for #2 so I can recreate this next Dec.

    Also. Kind of love that Scott asked if you guys could go to Hobby Lobby. I had to take Jason to Joanns with me the other day and his first comment was, “I feel like I am in the 80s.” hahaha

  4. *Leeswammes – thanks Judith–we had some fun making these (and some stress). :) Definitely wouldnt’ have done it without Scott’s help!!

    *Debi – I would LOVE to make some cross-stitch stockings one day but wouldn’t even know where to begin. I would love to see pictures of your stockings!!

    *Anna – Thank you. And yes, Scott is quite the pest. Ha!

    *Amanda – I love how you incorporated things that the boys love, though! We did that with Scott’s stocking but not with mine or Elle’s.

    *Bermuda – Ooooh! I would love to see pictures of your needlepoint stockings! I’d love to make that kind one day.

    *Elise – Yes–the logistics was kind of hard to figure out, but the rest was relatively easy. The Santa Hat is actually part of an outfit my mom got for Elle–I think probably Target?? And Scott typically won’t go to the crafting stores with me, but I guess he REALLY wanted stockings!! ;)

  5. Those are so great! Did you save fabric so you can make matching ones if you have more kids? I made all of ours, except mine, and none of them match. Like you, I’ve had mine since I was a baby. I’m not thrilled with LE’s and keep thinking I need to do something else to it.

    I love the second picture of Scott. It makes me sad that I did not see you this year.

  6. Meg

    These are gorgeous, Trish! And you know I love that sock monkey pattern. These will be priceless keepsakes for your daughter, and it’s awesome you included the date!

  7. Good for you in roping Scott into helping! I’m not quite as persuasive when my husband talks me into projects like that.

    The Grinch and sock monkey fabric is brilliant. Seriously love it. I need to find me some so I can make something with it. I don’t know if I could handle stockings as my sewing skills are severely lacking, but maybe pillowcases.

    The stockings are lovely. Elle will cherish that stocking.

  8. Those are beautiful.

    My mom crocheted stocking for my brother and me when we were little and then she did ones for my husband and our daughter. This year she’s making one for my sister-in-law and a new one for me. The dog chewed the toe off mine last year.

  9. You did a great job! I love how they turned out,and I love your mom’s too. My boys never got into the stocking things, they had this phobia of them catching fire hanging over the fireplace… you got me there was no way I could explain it. They hung their stockings on their bed posts, worked out o.k. but each year they wanted new ones. YOU WILL HAVE THE BEST CHRISTMAS EVER! I KNOW IT!

  10. Those are so cute, Trish! I can barely even sew buttons on a coat (no exaggerating), so I’m in awe of anyone who can actually Make Things.

  11. MJ

    Love it! They turned out so cute.

    I was actually in Hobby Lobby for the first time today, getting beading stuff. They had a great selection.

  12. Les

    These are awesome! I love the fabric with the names of cities (Route 66?) and the Grinch and Cindy Lou Who. :) How wonderful that Scott wanted to help, too. I hope you decide not to make new stockings in the years to come. These are so special and will have great memories for that babe of yours, as she gets older. Save this post so she can read about the history of her first stocking. She’ll love the effort both of her parents put into the tradition.

    Merry, merry Christmas to you and your family, Trish!

  13. *Lisa – I already had a lot of fabric on hand from the Christmas Quilting Bee Quilt and then bought about 15 more FQs so I’m swimming in Christmas fabric! Will definitely have enough scraps for the future. You need to make a stocking for yourself!!

    *Rhapsody – Yup, Scott is a good egg. Think I’ll keep him around. ;)

    *Laura – You could totally make these!! Get a sewing maching and we’ll work on them together. Ha!

    *Meg – Think you need to buy up a bunch of the sock monkey fabric to have on hand!! ;) The date was my husband’s idea!!

    *Meghan – I was a bit afraid of how these would come out but I’m really pleased. Of course imperfections that I notice but sometimes you have to let it go. Happy Christmas!

    *Care – Why thank you, my dear. See what fun you can have with sewing?? ;)

    *Andi – Yup, I die over the sock monkeys!

    *Kristi – Poor Scott knew these would only get done if he helped! I can’t remember the designer for the Grinch fabric–maybe Robert Kaufman, but the Sock Monkey is Moda. You could probably find online. The back is flannel but the front is regular cotton.

    *Carol – Oh no! Sounds like you need a new stocking otherwise how will it hold goodies?! Bet the crocheted stockings are beautiful.

    *Melissa – Making these together was definitely a lot more fun than making them all by my lonely. :)

  14. *Irene – How funny about your boys!! But I guess the bed posts is OK, too–except that might have been hard for Santa. ;) I hope you have a wonderful Christmas, too.

    *Kim/Sophisticated – Ha! Thank you Kim. We think she’s cute, too. ;)

    *Teresa – Mish Mash can be fun, too, but it gives you a good excuse to pull out the sewing machine, huh? ;)

    *Samantha – thank you for your sweet words Sam! I hope you and yours have a beautiful Christmas, too.

    *Alitareads – Bahhaha! Well, I can’t sew buttons very well either (have to look up videos on YouTube), but sewing really isn’t that tough–just takes patience and time.

    *Melody – Yup, I love the stockings from my mom–she’s the best. ;) Merry Christmas Melody!

    *JoAnn – LOL! Poor Scott knew they’d never get made if he didn’t help! He’s such a good sport.

    *Softdrink – Aren’t those monkeys the cutest?! Merry Christmas to you and Hamburger.

    *MJ – Ooooh, Hobby Lobby is a wonderful store! And if what you’re looking at isn’t on sale at the moment, wait for a week and go back. Thanks for the visit! :)

    *Les – Isn’t the Grinch material sweet? I knew that I wanted to include the Cindy Lou Who for Elle’s stocking but couldn’t resist one for mine as well. I’ve read about books that can be made from blog posts so I hope one day to make a little book with all my posts about the pregnancy and her updates. Blogging has been a great way for me to journal this new journey–sadly I wouldn’t keep up without the blog. Merry Christmas to you, too, Les.

  15. I am laughing out loud at Scott asking to go to Hobby Lobby. You should have tested him to see how much of a stocking he could have made by himself. And how cute that he wanted them so bad he had to manipulate you into it? Love. And I love comment from Elise about Jason. That sounds like something that he would say.

    They turned out so good. How much would you charge to make 5 for my family? I kid. But, really? How much? They look so great! I am jealous.

  16. I love these! What an awesome job you did. Really. You will love these more each year. Elle is the cutest. Merry Christmas to you.

  17. Wish you a very happy Christmas! :)

    The stockings look absolutely adorable. And Elle looks so charming!

    I would love to know what these stockings are used for. Out here, Christmas is not celebrated on that big a scale. Please to pardon me for the ignorance.

  18. The stockings are beautiful Trish! What a fun project to do together. Elle looks like she was having fun with hers. I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and all the best in the New Year. Hugs to you all!

  19. Look, Super Mom, you are making the rest of us look bad! They are gorgeous. Wishing you and your beautiful family the merriest of Christmases.

  20. Oh Trish. They are beautiful. Seriously! And that picture of little Elle with her stocking made my heart melt a little bit. I am so impressed! I wish I could sew!

  21. I thought for sure I’d left a comment on this post – but now I see that I didn’t … bad me!!! These are gorgeous, Trish!!! LOVE THEM :)

  22. *Michelle – You must have more patience than I have. ;) I’m pretty sure Scott knew that as soon as we got to Hobby Lobby he’d have me suckered!! Do you own a sewing machine? You could definitely make these! Will have to see if I have any scraps left over when I’m done with my quilt.

    *Beth F – thank you! I love the way they turned out and hope they last at least a few years! ;) Hope you had a lovely Christmas.

    *thegalnxtdoor – The stockings are hung by the chimney and once Santa Claus visits the night before Christmas he fills the stockings with goodies. I believe in some European countries shoes are left by the door for the same purpose. I’m honestly not sure where the tradition of stockings started!

    *Darlene – Elle loves anything that she can stick in her mouth. Stockings are no exception. Ha!! :) Hugs to you, too–hope your Christmas was very blessed.

    *Vasilly – Thank you so much Natasha!! The stockings were fun to make and I hope Elle loves hers when she’s older. Happy Christmas to you, too!

    *Stacybuckeye – LOL!!! That’s a post in itself: “how do you find time?!” ;) Basically not work on anything besides stockings for a week? Ha! I hope you and your family had a lovely Christmas as well.

    *Heather – *I* wish I could crochet and knit! ;) I’m of the opinion that sewing is much easier than the fiber arts. But thank you–hopefully they’ll last for many years!

    *Wendy – Thank you so much! They were a lot of fun–and of course it gave me an excuse to quilt. ;)

    *Kailana – Thank you! :)

  23. Trish – these look amazing! That is super impressive that you did them so quickly. I love the way they turned out and how each is a bit different. You will definitely treasure these. I also love the ones your mom made. Beautiful!

  24. I just happened to catch a glimpse of Stacybuckeye’s comment – LOL!

    The stockings are so cute! How nice that it became a family affair. Even CPB joined in the fun – adorable pic btw.

    I’m going to make a U of M quilt this year. I’m looking forward it. I don’t have a starting date or a deadline, so it’ll happen when the mood strikes. :)

  25. *Picky – Thank you so much! The stockings were a lot of work but also a lot of fun. I’m just glad I have some time before I need to make a fourth. ;) And I’m glad my mom still uses our stockings from childhood–such a treasure!

    *Joy – You quilt?! :) If you ever feel like sharing pictures of what you’re working on, I’d love to see!! And yes, I’m still giving Stacy the stinkeye for her comment. Ha!!

  26. I do own a sewing machine, and I know how to sew, but quiliting is another thing entirely. I just need more time. Emmory is at the age where she is so interested in what projects I have going on, and she is always wanting to “help”. It is too hard to take the time to learn this while helping hands, and curious little minds are around distracting my focus. And she doesn’t take naps. I will just have to wait a couple of years until my kids are a little older and in school before I think I can really learn the art of quilting.