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Am I the only one who feels a bit of guilt posting when she hasn’t had time to bloghop or respond to comments? I know I know, UGH, I know. No need to respond to the question… My Internet at home has been a bit spotty and our laptop is dying, so it’s been hard to play catch up. I was in a quilting class all day last Saturday, so fell behind a bit then, but I’m hoping to be able to steal away a few moments this weekend to catch up a bit.

Ok, moving on! Can you believe that January is almost over? I know, I don’t want to think about it either. Though I have been rockin’ out my “things I want to do in 2012.” I’ve created TWO things from Pinterest, tried a few new recipes, made two desserts, booked tickets to a cultural event (Dracula Ballet!!), and learned the basics of free-motion quilting. Oh, and I’m totally kicking ass at my Couch to 5K program. I finished one paper book (Affinity) and one audiobook (What is the What). Yup, Rockin.

Not bad for a first Free-Motion Quilting attempt!

I’ve also started counting my calories. Which sucks. And I don’t plan to do it forever but it was eye opening to me how many times I’d grab a sweet during the day. Please note, I am NOT dieting. Just being more aware. I’m using the MyFitnessPal app where I can track everything I eat and all of my exercise. It’s been really motivating so far!

Wool makes my teeth hurt. I was thinking about knitting on my way to work this morning and then I started thinking about wool and then my teeth started to hurt. That’s all.

Has anyone done a blogger survey on their blog? Thinking about doing one but am afraid it might seem vain. Or lame. Really I just want to know what you’d like to see more of and what is blah. If you want to tell me this non-anonymously, go for it. Though I did enable the anonymous comments so there’s that, too (but that would be annoying). ;)

I’ve been pondering photo editing lately. Not that I have time to edit photographs but I’m often not quite satisfied when I upload pictures I’ve taken and wish that I could change just a little thing or two. I’ve been thinking about Lightroom rather than Photoshop. I don’t have a fancy Mac and don’t have any editing software. Do you use anything specific? I’m tired of having great pictures that are just a little too underexposed.

I want another orchid. I killed all FOUR of mine while I was home on maternity leave. Has anyone had any luck repotting orchids? I think this is where I might have gone wrong with one of mine (extreme lack of water did the others in).

The bookshelves. **hides in shame** I really really wanted to be finished with my bookshelf reorganization by Sunday but it’s not going to happen. So I’m extending my deadline until February 5th. I can do that with my own goals, right? I did pull all of the non-fiction books and group them together and started to pull the classics. But then I started getting confused on what is a classic and what isn’t.

Other bookshelf categories I’m contemplating: Big Freakin’ Books, Literary Fiction (yes, I know “Literary Fiction” is a dirty word…leave me alone), General Fiction, Books I Know Nothing About But Bought Anyway. I started to draft a “Have you read these books” post for last Sunday but just couldn’t find the time to finish it, so I might post it this week. See if there’s any that you give me permission to ditch. Bahahaha!

Speaking of drafts. I have a ton of one paragraph posts in my drafts folder. Does anyone else do this? Yes, and also some that just have Title: XX Author: XX, etc. Was thinking of doing a post of just my opening paragraphs and you can tell me if any of them are interesting enough for a full post. I know, I’m lame sometimes…

Still haven’t found out who in Dallas is reading my blog (other than those I know read). Is it you? Please drop me a line! Like seriously–email me or something.

If you’ve read all of this, give yourself a big pat on the back (and virtual hugs and kisses from me). Sadly I could keep rambling on and on and on and on. But I’ll spare you. The below is for Fizzy Jill who wants to know what happened to Baby Elle’s Mohawk.

One more thing – Andi from Estella’s Revenge wrote a fantastic post on Book Blogging Influence

Alright–I’m opening the flood gates. What rambles do YOU have today??

34 Responses to “Friday Ra-Ra-Rambling”

  1. I love all the ramblings! And I wish my 2012 started off as productive as yours…but I keep on keeping on :)

    As far as photo editing…I have used Picnik in association with Flickr – but I think it will not be available after April (?) I thought it was an adequate “quick fix” to my exposure issues. I purchased PhotoShop about a year ago, and even took an online course, but have yet to try it on my own (layers scare me…) until yesterday. I still have oodles more to learn, but I am now ready to make that commitment.

  2. Umm…no, not going to ramble here, as I do far too much of that on my own blog. ;)

    I don’t think you should hide in shame about your bookshelves…I say progress is progress!!!! So good for you!!!!

  3. FYI, I watched Moneyball last night. Loved it. Thanks for the extra recommend. I wanted to see it anyway, but your insistence had me run to Redbox and grab it right after work.

    Such a good movie.

  4. No hiding in shame about anything. Extend deadlines and kick some more butt!

    I kill all my orchids, too. Very sad.

    The bit about literary fiction as dirty word made me laugh. I roll around in that word at my blog all the time, so I say just go for it.

    And thanks for the shout out!!! Oh, and I read from two Dallas locations. Well, one northeast TX and one Dallas location.

  5. I only have one orchid, my husband got it for me for mother’s day last year. I follow my sister’s habit of giving it just three ice cubes, once a week. It seems healthy enough- it’s growing a new leaf- but never reflowered. Did yours ever bloom a second time?

  6. I love the rambles. :)

    I don’t have a green thumb, but I am trying. I just brought one of my plants back to life since Matt completely forgot to water it while I was gone.

    I don’t know how to edit photos. Our actual camera has been messed up since before we moved into this apartment (over a year ago), so I have been using my cell phone camera for pictures on the blog. eek. That’s something I would love to learn how to do though!

    I love all of your goals! You’ve inspired me to look at making monthly goals for things other than reading. I’ve already been working on my own cooking goals!

  7. Great job on the quilting! I love seeing your projects.

    AND…your bookshelves put me strongly in the mood to go treasure hunting. So many exciting things to discover!

  8. My little chicken has those same jammies! The zebra ones. She just grew into them, and now I am STOKED to put them on her and snuggle her, because LOOK HOW CUTE!

  9. *Molly – Just take it one little step at a time. I try not to tackle too many goals at one time—it’s nice to be able to mark small things off the list! I’ll have to look at Picnik for that—so far I’ve only used to add text to pictures. PhotoShop is just such a big expense, you know?

    *Debi – LOL—but I love your rambles anywhere! ;) And thanks about the bookshelves. Baby Steps. Though I am irritated with myself for picking up a book at Half Price Books last night that I already own! Shame…

    *Paxton – Yay!! I’m so glad that you enjoyed Moneyball! Wasn’t Brad Pitt dreamy? (I bet Steph thinks so…) We were hoping to see Hugo tonight but looks like we won’t be able to afterall. Bummed!

    *Andi – Yup—I know you’re in Dallas. You’re not the stalker. ;) Wish I knew who it was though—hoping it’s someone I know personally that just doesn’t want to admit he/she reads. Driving me bonkers! Orchids are funny—wish they were a bit easier to understand!

    *Jeane – I had one that I was able to get to rebloom (not that I did anything for that to happen!). The others would just grow new leaves but not respike. I was hoping I could get the one in the picture to spike after I repoted it, but I used bark instead of the moss and just couldn’t get the watering right. So bummed!

    *Allie – Plants are a mystery to me! I do have one at work that I’ve been keeping alive for almost two years but only because when it looks wilty I pour some of my drinking water into the pot. Ha! Hope you can get your camera fixed and really curious about your cooking goals!!

    *Kailana – But the orchids are so purty!! And really—you don’t think I ramble often enough? :P

    *Laura – You’re not my Dallas stalker either. ;) And I like you too. Ha!!

    *Melody – I can’t wait to go to JoAnn and get a bunch of cheap fabric to practice the FMQ with! So much fun!! And wait—YOU were supposed to be MY inspiration for culling and organizing the shelves!! I’m not supposed to be tempting YOU into treasure hunting!! ;)

    *Melissa – Yup! A chocolate lab—she’s about eight years old. She doesn’t get much love on the blog because she’s so hard to photograph! Counting calories SUCKS but I’m comforted by my husband playing along. He’s actually more hardcore than I am!

    *Raych – Babies in jammies = major nomnomnom. Seriously. I die.

  10. I kill orchids (and all nature of other plants) too despite all of my best efforts – and I really have to get better at counting calories. I hate doing it, and I’m not really on a diet, I just want to be and feel healthier.

    2012 sounds productive for you so far! Good luck with those shelves. :)

  11. I love reading people’s rambles. I never have anything to actually say in my own.

    I really like that quilt, it’s so fun.

    No advice on plants. I kill any that live inside. Garden I can do, just not pots.

  12. I love that quilt! It’s so cool. And the baby, of course.

    I’m on my fitness pal, so hit me up there. We’ll suffer together.

  13. I love the rambly post! I always want to do more like that but then I get caught up doing reviews to the point where I’m lucky to get a Sunday Salon published. You do what you can, I suppose.

    I LOVE that pic of Elle and the dog! LOVE.

    And bravo to you for counting calories. I have done it before and did not enjoy the experience at ALL.

  14. cj

    Did you say the Dracula Ballet?? Really??

    The photos are wonderful, as always. She is just too cute!

    Your rambles brighten my day, girl! I hope you keep doing them… and it may be time for another ramble on my part.


  15. I did the counting calories for about 8 months last year. That was the amount of time that it took me to really get a sense of first, what I was eating that wasn’t worth it, second, what I could still eat but just in smaller portions and third, what things could be swapped out with healthier alternatives. Now I’m doing fine on my own, I guess. Still losing weight but not as fast as when I was counting. But I’m also not stressing about it so it’s all good!

    That quilting looks great, by the way. I don’t think I could ever do that!

  16. Holy crap you might have the most ADORABLE baby that ever existed!! Seriously!!! I had to laugh at your bookshelves…they look sooooo much like mine :p Who needs a library when you’ve got that, right? Pat yourself on the back for January!!! Sounds like you’ve done some great stuff Trish!!! And a Dracula ballet??? Hell yeah! Where can I see that??

  17. Love the bookshelves! Now I want to buy a new one! :-) I have no advice to give to you about the orchids. I prefer roses since I know they’re hardy. Orchids are just so fragile. I hope you get a chance to post your “Have you read these books?” post. You can probably get rid of Edgar Sawtelle. ;-)

  18. Love the ramblings…. I know you said no need to respond but I have to say it… yes, I feel guilty when I do not get a chance to go visit the blogs I like to frequent… (today’s sick day is helping me amend that!)

    I too use my Fitness Pal and love it!

    Yes, I did a survey a little over a year ago and really liked it… I am due for another one.

    Yes, I too draft posts of ideas…. like write about the books you have in a pile that you have started but have not finished….lol

  19. I love your rambles too. I always feel guilty for not spending enough time at people’s blogs now. Enough said on that.

    As for plants I’m not expert. I kill anything live that comes in the house so I’ve given up.

    I have a list on my iPod called reviews to write. So far only one is sitting in there.

    My ramblings just consist of everything I’d like to get done this weekend like the laundry, changing beds, taking my computer in and grooming Sam. So far all I’ve done is take Sam out for a walk and now I’m drinking coffee. That’s ambition for you. Lol.

    Your bookshelves look surprisingly like mine only your lucky enough to have three of them. I have books stacked on a trunk I have downstairs along with the coffee table and one chair. It’s awful really. That’s my next big project – go through all of them and take what can go to the library.

    Have a good weekend Trish. Love the pic of Elle and Lexi!

  20. I love your ramblings! I don’t know much about orchids, but I had one that I thought had died, but then I started watering it again, just a little, and astonishingly, it not only revived, it bloomed! It bloomed every year after that for about four years straight, and then it died again. And that was that. (Okay, so that wasn’t very helpful, I know.)

    And your pictures are pretty nice to this unskilled eye. Beyong “pretty nice” – your babe is simply adorable!

  21. I can completely understand how you would need to extend that bookshelf organization deadline; after all, I gave myself a year, and you gave yourself a month. :)

  22. TRISH *shakes you* enough with the guilt! You are so silly. You are you, you don’t need to apologize for anything!*

    I love rambles. And counting calories.

    Baby Elle is amazing.

    Bookshelves, shmookshelves.

    So just curous. Are you trying to see all the Best Movie Oscar Noms before the oscars? If so, us too! I just saw Moneyball last night. Yup Brad Pitt=dreamy. Plus do you notice that he is eating in almost every scene in every movie? What other movies have you seen?

    *I do need to apologize for my spelling and grammer errors as of late. My brain is mush due to lack of sleep, and frankly I don’t care enought right now to edit. ;)

  23. *Meghan – Yup, bummer about the orchids and killing plants in general. I’m the same. ;) The only way I’ve been successful at counting calories is through the app MyFitnessPal (also a website). It’s been eye opening!

    *Bermuda – You are so amazing at bloghopping, though! ;)

    *Carol – Thanks about the quilting–it’s just a small fabric swatch for practicing but I had a lot of fun!

    *Picky – Just a practice sample (18×22 inches) but definitely fun quilting!! Glad to find you on fitnesspal.

    *Heather – Sorry you’re feeling bogged down–that’s why I stopped reviewing books for other people–just not enough “me” time on the blog left over!

    *CJ – Yes!! Dracula Ballet! How cool is that? And yes, I saw that you posted a rambling post. I love when others ramble, too. :)

    *Kristen M – I definitely don’t plan on counting calories but it is fascinating to see how much portion size makes all the difference! That’s wonderful that it helped you lose weight!

    *Chris – These books are exactly the reason why I don’t use the library! Too much already here at the house for me to borrow (though it doesn’t stop me from buying more). Dracula Ballet is playing in Fort Worth in February. How awesome is that?!

    *Vasilly – I just picked up these bookshelves at the office store (can’t remember which one). They’re really pretty and very sturdy!! You’ve got good eyes to have found Edgar Sawtelle on the shelf. It’s actually my mom’s–not worth the time, huh?

    *Sheila – You’re the only one to mention the survey. I have seen others do it but I’m afraid if I do one no one will give their input! ha! My Fitness Pal is really helpful, huh? Though I could use a bit of ice cream. :)

    *Darlene – You’re doing really well if you only have one review pending! I have a few but have kind of given up on them lately. You seem really great at staying organized. And the books add up don’t they!! Do you keep all of the books you receive from publishers?

    *Belle Wong – What happened to your orchid is what happened to one of mine but sadly I think the hot weather and lack of water last summer did them in. You’re lucky you were able to get yours to rebloom so many times!

    *Trisha – Well, missy…I’d say I’m about 75% done with the bookshelf reorg. ;) Hope you’re doing well–I’m impressed that you’re commenting already!! And seriously–if you ever need anything or want to vent or have questions or…anything!! Just tweet me or email me.

    *Michelle – I know…guilt. And no way you love counting calories silly!! Do you use Spark People for that? We’re all using My Fitness Pal (online, too). And no, not trying to see all the Oscar movies. Would be awesome but not sure I have the time. Hope you get some sleep soon–is Ens up every few hours at night?

  24. Ens sleeps pretty well, she gets up twice a night right now, but to be completely honest, I have been having a little insomnia, and fear some PPD happening right now. But you gotta keep plugging along!!!

  25. Hey, I love rambly posts! :)
    And seriously, your pics look fabulous without the editing!! And the bookshelves show that you just need more time to read those books! I’ve been adding too many myself despite of my slow reading… hehe. I think book buying is a good therapy for my stressful life. :P

  26. Mohawk Ellie in the house! Love the random quilting.
    Wool is your friend. There are also lovely things to knit with such as merino, bamboo, silk just to name a few.

    I have drafts. Used to have a lot, now not so much.
    I kill plants, so no help there. And I think that’s it for me.
    Oh and since this comment, is after the last one, we found another dog, but she has a bad leg. So we are fostering her for now, and go back tomorrow night for x-rays and an exam. Wish me luck and hope it’s affordable. I’ll keep you posted.

  27. Rae

    Guess what? I’m officially obsessed with audio. Just about finished with The Girl Who Played With Fire. That’s two big books in about as many weeks. If I was just reading it would take me months, and actually, I’d probably just quit. Hurray for audio books!

  28. *Melody – YES! MORE TIME!! That’s exactly what I need. ;) Or the ability to sleep less. Have you picked up anything good lately?

    *Jenny Girl – Good luck with the pup–you’ll have to let us know how everything goes. Is the leg just a sprain or a bad leg? Lexi did a bit of damage to her leg a few summers ago but she seems much better now. Only after she’s been doing lots of running can I tell that it bothers her. So sad. Hope it goes well for you!!

    *Rae – HURRAY!!! I’m so glad you’re enjoying the audiobooks!! So…what’s next? ;) I’m listening to Bossypants right now!

  29. Trish, I share some of the books I get with friends. Ones that aren’t uncorrected copies go to the library and lately I’ve been giving the others to an old folks home nearby and the cancer hospital. I feel good that I’m sharing the books and hopefully making others happy too.