Sunday Salon 56: You Know You’re Book Obsessed When…

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Good morning!!! I think Sunday morning is my favorite of the week. Scott and I always make breakfast together on Sundays and it’s usually a morning to be a bit lazy.

You will be proud to know that I’ve started the Great Bookshelf Overhaul (I’m looking at you who said end of January was quite ambitious…). As I’ve been spending time with my books, and trying to find some to part with, I’ve also started thinking about characteristics of the book obsessed.

You Know You’re Book Obsessed When:

You highly recommend books that you haven’t read yet because so many other bloggers loved them.

One of your greatest fears is not being able to read everything you want to in your lifetime.

Turning the pages of a book is one of your greatest comforts.

You’ve hugged a book…more than once.

The joke about the person who was crushed to death by his bookshelves–that could totally be you.

You see an awesome movie preview and know you have a to read the book first.

Your literary crush is so very real.

You dread being seated next to someone chatty who will interrupt your public transportation reading.

You’ve cried in public while reading your book–and you didn’t care.

How to categorize your books is a serious dilemma.

You’ve learned the art of multitasking while listening to audiobooks.

You follow book awards like others follow movie awards.

You’ve bought a book you already owned because you forgot you had it.

You are never ever ever without a book.

Added from the comments:

You plan your day around your reading (Jenny)

You add more books to your library holds list, even though you already have more checked out than you could possibly read before they are due (Lisa)

You’ve thrown a book across the room (CB James) – though the rest of us hope that he does so gently!!!

You call in sick to work so you can stay home and read (Softdrink/Jill)

You know you’re book obsessed when you plan trips around author events (BermudaOnion)

You’ve been known to smell a new book (Laura)

You give someone an incredulous look when someones tells you they don’t read (Kay)

What do you have to add to the list?

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A Note on Blogger’s New Threaded Comments: I have installed the threaded comments but I don’t plan to personally use them. I have a system for responding to comments and even though it sometimes takes me a day or two to respond, I’ve been better! But because I can only respond to comments maybe once a day, I don’t want to junk up your inboxes with replies. So, I’ll continue to respond the same way for now, but the threaded comments will be there for anyone else’s use. Maybe I’ll end up just switching back to the old way…

Hope you’re all having a delicious Sunday. What’s on the agenda for you? I’m counting on lots of snuggles this afternoon with Elle–even if I have to steal those snuggles! ;)

42 Responses to “Sunday Salon 56: You Know You’re Book Obsessed When…”

  1. Oh Trish – such a great list! For me I would have to include “I want to learn the art of multitasking so I can listen to audiobooks” :)

    On another note…..

    In hindsight, I suffered greatly with post-partem depression with my first born. I am certain it lasted nearly six months – but I didn’t realize it until well past her tenth birthday! I did not have it at all with the other two children though.

    I look forward to reading your post(s) on this topic. It is an important one.

  2. I love that list. I’m most often worried about the getting crushed by your bookshelves one….

    I’m starting my bookshelf organization today too! We’ll see how far I get. :)

  3. I have thrown a book or two across the room in my time, but hugging a book….no. ;=)

    Blogger has threaded commments!!! They didn’t tell me. I’ll have to check that out right away.

  4. I love your list! They all made me smile, and I’d love to see what others add. Maybe when you have a plan ahead of time for what parts of the day you’ll be able to read.

  5. – You add more books to your library holds list, even though you already have more checked out than you could possibly read before they are due.

    Thanks for the stars link again. I need to get a few things done and then I can look for fabric possibilities.

  6. I am definitely book obsessed! Have fun with the quilt a long – those are really fun to do. Looks like you will be learning paper piecing with that one (that is REALLY fun!). I’m doing one for Bonnie and Camille’s Swoon pattern right now (here is the flikr group for it: Yesterday I started cutting the fabric and I can’t wait to get it pieced (I’m using Etchings by 3 Sisters by Moda). Have a great week, Trish!

  7. *Molly – It really is about learning to listen–and there are still times I struggle. I find it’s easier to do brainless tasks while listening like cleaning and mostly driving. Thanks for the PPD support–I think many have gone through it and didn’t realize it at the time.

    *Trisha – LOL! When books fall they hurt!! Especially on bare feet. ;) Good luck with the shelves. I started with NF which was easy but now I’m having troubles. Where do I draw the line with classics? 1950? Bah!

    *Joy – I had some chuckles as I was thinking of my list. Sure I could have gone on but hope to see some new insight. ;)

    *CB James – Ah yes–the emotional book throwing incidents!! And yes, threaded comments are brand new this week! Still not sure how I’ll tackle…

    *Jenny – Yup! I forgot all about the planning. Also when you know just how many pages you need to read to finish your book by X day!

    *Andi – Ha!! I thought you guys might be able to relate to these. ;)

    *Lisa – You library folks crack me up! But that’s a great one and I know lots of bloggers do it. Still torn on the stars…want them to be bright. Not sure my 30s repro will work?

    *Wendy – I’ve only done paper-piecing once (part of my VQB) and I really enjoyed it. Would love to learn to do more. And I LOVE the Swoon pattern. Of course I hope you’ll share. ;)

  8. Oh my gosh, I completely agree with the sitting next to someone who’s chatty,on public transit. I actually even look for a good bus driver so it’s a smooth ride. Must say this past week has been great. One of the drivers had read the book I had opened and suggested I sit in a particular spot where the lighting is good.

  9. Kay

    I laughed at the list for the book obsessed. I think I fall into every category – especially hugging the book. I’m a big book hugger. The only thing I might add is I often wonder what my face must look like when someone says “I don’t read” to me. Seriously? I must look incredulous – like “I don’t wash or shower”. LOL

    I’m so glad to hear that you will talk about postpartum depression. I know that I had it after my daughter was born. But, that was 30 years ago and no one talked about such a thing. It’s important for these things to be shared with others, if the sufferers feel comfortable doing so. Many women feel like they are the only ones or that they are defective or something. Good for you, Trish!

  10. For this afternoon, sleep is on my agenda as I was up last night volunteering at a hospice. I did get a little sleep this morning, but will need more this afternoon. As for reading, I had my first DNF of the year as I think you already know since you stopped by. I hope to get to Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close in the near future. I think you really enjoyed it, didn’t you?

  11. These were just great and fit me perfectly. I must agree with Lisa when I put more holds on at the library and I already have too many checked out. This was a fun post Trish! I hope you have a great week ;)

  12. I love your list! My favorite is “you’ve hugged a book.” I don’t have any super great ones to add, but I have been known to smell new books from time to time ;)

  13. Yep, almost all of those! “You’ve cried in public while reading your book–and you didn’t care.” <—This one just today.

  14. *Irene – Ha! I love that your bus driver told you where to sit for the best lighting.

    *Care – I have a feeling you’d be a lot of fun to sit next to on public transportation. ;)

    *Kay – Ha! I bet that I’ve given that look of disdain to those who say they don’t read as well. And thanks for the support with the PPD. I do think that many women go through it and it’s terrible to feel so alone and isolated.

    *Unfinished – I did in fact love Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close. I’ll be very very curious what you think of it!! Somehow I’m not sure it’s “your” type of book…?

    *Samantha – LOL!! Yes, you and Lisa are the two I think of when I think of people checking out too many books from the library. ;) Hope you have a great week, too.

    *Nymeth – We book obsessed must stick together!

    *Laura – Funny! I was just smelling my books the other day–though they were old books. Even though they’re musty, there’s something comforting about that smell.

    *Bermuda – You’re one of those lucky ones that has lots of author events around!

    *Debi – Ooooh, sometimes you just have to let yourself get caught up in the book no matter where you are!

    *Diane – Hate when I come home with a new book and realize I already own a copy!!

    *Sheila – I believe you are in good company! ;)

  15. Someone behind you in traffic has had to honk to get your attention that the light has changed…which you didn’t notice because you were using that red light time to read the new book you just picked up.

  16. “You dread being seated next to someone chatty who will interrupt your public transportation reading.”

    I must read in the morning on the way to work. It sets my mood for the day. I have changed where I stand on the platform, been late on purpose, and other things to avoid people who want to be chatty.

    I also LOVE the smell of books. I knew I wasn’t alone :)
    The whole list is great and made me chuckle.

  17. “You dread being seated next to someone chatty who will interrupt your public transportation reading.”

    EXACTLY like me. (The reading — not the chatting.) :)

  18. You don’t care how many books you have signed out from the library or how many books you are reading at one time.

    You are also book obsessed when you will watch your favourite TV show while reading a book.

  19. Great post! Oh the horror of people who DON’T read. I hate when I am reading during lunch at work and someone comes to my cubicle to chat and doesn’t get the hint. Grr.
    My shelves need some reorganization but not ready to tackle.

  20. Love it! So true. I’m having a real problem with the movie one right now because there are so many coming out based on books.

  21. Les

    You highly recommend books that you haven’t read yet because so many other bloggers loved them. I’m embarrassed to say that I do this all the time at work (I’m a bookseller). Sometimes I admit that I haven’t read the book, but not always. ;)

    One of your greatest fears is not being able to read everything you want to in your lifetime. I come from a family with great genes. I’m hoping to get at least another 40 years of reading in before I have to have someone read to me!

    You’ve hugged a book…more than once. These are my 5/5 books. And they’re the ones I should be reading for a second time!

    You’ve cried in public while reading your book–and you didn’t care. Odd Thomas by Dean Koontz. Sitting outside at The Mill (a local coffee shop). I may not have sobbed, but the tears were streaming down my cheeks!

    You’ve learned the art of multitasking while listening to audiobooks. The first two hours of my workday involve shelving books (before the store opens). I get to listen to a lot of audio books during that part of my day. I also listen while fixing dinner, doing up the dishes, walking the dog, scrubbing the bathrooms, and ironing. Yes. I still iron. I’m too cheap to send my husband’s shirts out. More money for books!

    Great post, Trish!

  22. You’ve hugged a book. That was/is me.

    I can read a book the whole time I am on the treadmill. In fact the workout flies by and I end up working out longer than planned because I can get lost in a book pretty easily.

  23. Okay, I don’t know how I missed this one during regular Sunday Salon hours….but I’m laughing as I read these descriptions. You have us pegged!

    I love the smell of new books, old books, library books…the only ones that I don’t smell, of course, are those on my Kindle.

    When I worked and tried to read during lunch, I hated to have people come in my office and try to chat.

    So I would take off in my car, go to a restaurant, and sit alone so I could read!

  24. Oh my gosh!! I am book obsessed! This proves it!! :)

    You know you are book obsessed when you can spend hours in a bookstore and not realize the time has passed.

    You know you are book obsessed when you involuntarily emit a sigh every time you enter a book store.

    You walk by a book store and stare in yearning when you don’t have the time to linger.

    Your highlight of the day comes when a book arrives in the mail!

  25. “You see an awesome movie preview and know you have a to read the book first.”

    I used to… until I started to realise that film is just never as good as the book – so now I see the movie first so that i can enjoy it on its own merits and not annoy my husband by continuously exclaiming that this part didn’t happen in the book!

  26. *Lisa – Ha!! I’ve totally been that person who was honked at for reading at the stop light. Glad I’m not alone! ;)

    *Melody – I knew you guys would be able to relate to these book obsessions!

    *Kailana – I take comfort that we’re all in the same book obsessed boat.

    *Jenny Girl – Before the babe I would read before work as well (though not on the commute as I drive). If traffic was bad or if I somehow got interrupted it would throw off my day as well. Amazing how much that reading time can benefit the mood!!

    *Jillian – I’m not sure what it is about an open book that causes people to think that means you want to chat! ;)

    *Melissa – Ha! I’m jealous that you can have the TV on while reading. I can’t focus that way–means that I can’t read in bed because hub is usually watching a show.

    *Bookmagic – Open Book is NOT an invitation for chatting!!! That should be an unspoken rule. ;)

    *Shelley – Yes! So many books to movies during this time of year. Read the book and then forget about the movie. ;)

    *Les – Ha!! I’m glad that you’re able to relate so well! And from your comment on ironing I think I’ll add “makes budget restrictions to allow for more book spending money.” Love it!

    *Michelle – I’m impressed that you can read while on the treadmill! I get dizzy. But I love reading on the stationary bike! Does make the workout go fast–and my retention seems to be better!

    *Laurel-Rain Snow – The WORST is when people try to chat with you when you’re reading!! I used to drive to the park at lunch as well but now I usually find an empty cube to hide in. Ha!

    *Burgandy Ice – Thanks for visiting–at least you’re in good “book obsessed” company!

    *Shriley – I love all of these! I’m definitely with you on sighing when entering a bookstore. Also making up excuses to head to the store just to look at books! ;)

    *Clare – Smart idea to watch the movie before the book! I find that most times I end up not seeing the movie at all…