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Posted 4 February, 2012 by Trish in In the Kitchen / 36 Comments

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I fear that in 11 months you guys are going to be so sick of hearing about my “things to do in 2012.” Although maybe that’s also my hope…which would mean that I would be still actively conquering my “things to do in 2012.” “Things to do in 2012” will henceforth be called “Things.” I don’t really want to call them goals because they aren’t goals. They’re just things.

I had a lot of foodie type Things on my list for this year – you already know about the Operation Use My Kitchen Gadgets (which is going splendidly!) and then there is the Thing to make one dessert and one new recipe (besides dessert) a month. Semi-related to the foodie Things is to make something from Pinterest.

Oh Pinterest. How I love you. I can pin all sorts of beautiful ideas and promptly forget about them because they are safely tucked away on my pinboards. But what’s the point in pinning things if I’m not going to utilize the ideas?!

So when my mom’s birthday came around two weeks ago, I decided that instead of making her a cake like I normally do, I’d make a yummy trifle. Original pin was from Pennies on a Platter but I’ve since found many similar recipes online.

Seriously guys…it was so amazingly good. And easy.


I made a batch of brownies (chunky fudge brownies) and I baked thinly in a 9×13 baking dish. Made chocolate pudding (actually Scott did this step). Unfroze the Whipped Cream. Smashed two heath bars with my meat mallet.

And layer. Brownies (cut into small chunks), pudding, whipped cream, heath bar. Repeat. Chill for a few hours.

All who partook in the trifle raved. I just smiled at how easy the whole process was. Well, that and reached for another scoop.

See the matching smiles of excitement? (nevermind that mom was actually smiling at a surprise skype session with my sister…).

Mmmmmm! Chocolatey.

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36 Responses to “ZOMG Chocolatey Trifle – Weekend Cooking”

  1. Oh my chocolaty goodness!!!!! Love it and can taste it from here.
    Good job on the trifle dish usage. You can use it fro punch, fruit salads, and more desserts. I think you’ll definitely use it more and more.
    And I never tire of hearing about your “things” That’s what friends are for.

  2. It looks awesome. And easy. And you got to use your trifle bowl!!! And I too was looking for that chip. LOL.

    I am on pinterest, pinned two things and promptly forgot about it. Hummm. Not sure what’s wrong with me.

  3. Wow – that is easy and it looks delicious. If only I had picked up Cool Whip yesterday I could make it tonight!

  4. *Jenny Girl – The problem I’ve had with the trifle is so many of the recipes call for fresh fruits which Scott can’t eat. But I’ve found lots of yummy desserts that are more chocolate based. ;) Great idea for punch!

    *Sprungatlast – Isn’t Pinterest the greatest? So many fun ideas!

    *Bermuda – Mom would want me to tell you she had me when she was 10. ;) LOL! She is young but also looks great for her age.

    *Beth F – I use Pinterest mostly to remember quilting posts that I saw–instead of using the star feature in Google Reader.

    *Lisa – Yup, definitely need the lightness of the cool whip. Or you could completely indulge and use ice cream. Ha!!

    *Peggy Ann – It’s definitely sweet but not overly rich.

    *Kay – I thought you guys would get a kick out of seeing my mom and I smiling outrageously. ;)

    *Kim – And SO easy!! Who doesn’t love brownie, heath, pudding, and whipped cream?!

  5. Mmmm… I love that dessert! One time Grandma had my family over to dinner and made that dessert and I keep forgetting to ask her for the recipe, how I’m going to make it!

    • Steph – I haven’t had the recipe Grandma made!! Not sure how this differs but it really was too easy to make!

  6. SO far I have managed to avoid Pinterest…. not that I dont think it is awesome… I am just afraid I will never sleep again… :)

    I love the sound of making something quite literally outside the box!

  7. Mmm, very yummy.

    I admit, I have the same aversion toward Pinterest as you had towards Tumblr. Not that I ever use Tumblr anymore, but I’m not in the least bit interested in being on Pinterest…

    • Amanda – For me tumblr was more another place to follow people. Just can’t keep up. Pinterest on the other hand is a personal way to keep up with things that I would have starred in Google Reader (recipes, crafts, quilts, etc) so I can see why it might not interest you.

  8. My mother made something similar at Christmastime, but I didn’t have any. I’m weird and don’t really eat dessert…

  9. Rae

    Ha! I can so see your mom (or mine) having that same reaction.
    The dessert looks delish! I make something very similar, with chocolate cake instead of brownies. So YUM.

    • Rach – Sadly mom was having the reaction to seeing Kim on the big screen TV…not the dessert. But I can pretend, right? ;)

  10. Elise, you never need a good excuse to have a chocolate trifle. That and the fact you are right now making a human being should be reason enough! ;) Looks delish!

  11. Les

    OMG! That looks incredible!! I’ve pinned it and hope to make it for my next dinner party. I need to start trying some of the recipes I’ve pinned. I agree with your comment about pinning & forgetting. :)

    BTW, your mom looks like she could be your older sister!

    • Les – Let me know how it turns out! I didn’t let mine sit long enough because I was in a quilting class all day, but it was still really tasty. And that is my sister… ;)

  12. YIPPEE you have now used the trifle bowl! I actually don’t have one. Or I *do* have a very pretty crystal bowl but it doesn’t have a stand so not sure it counts. But I do make trifle in it occasionally.

    Do you have a board set up for your successful gadget uses?