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listening toHi!!! I missed you!!!

Over the past couple of months I’ve discovered both XM radio and Pandora radio. How did I go so long without listening to these two media? I’m particularly fond of The Spectrum on XM (channel 28) and Pandora changes based on my mood. I started listening to Phoenix Radio per my sister’s suggestion which has led me to Vampire Weekend. I seriously heart them.

So, first on my list is Vampire Weekend. I had the toughest time picking a song to include–Love Oxford Comma (Kristi–finally heard what you were talking about), Taxi Cab, Ottoman, Campus. But I’m going with a live version of M79:

Which leads me to Phoenix. I can’t help but dancing around when listening to them. I really want to share this Lisztomania video but embedding is disabled. So…If I Ever Feel Better:

On Phoenix Radio I discovered Edward Sharpe and The Magnetic Zeros. LOOOOOOOOVE Home. Love. (official video on YouTube)

And from Iceland comes Of Monsters and Men. Little Talks. Don’t you want to dance around a bit? Plus a really cool video! Definitely my favorite of the bunch.

Have you heard The Head and the Heart – Lost in My Mind? If you’re a fan of The Avett Brothers or even Mumford and Sons I think you’ll like this one:

And Alexander – A Million Years. Admittedly this video is a bit strange but. Your Love? It’s a holy shit? Yes, sometimes I feel like that, too. In a million years full of tears, but I found my girl. Sigh.

And finally, Somebody that I Used to Know by Gotye (featuring Kimbra). LOVE this song, though the video…I really am not sure what to say about it…

Ok no…I want to leave you with Kate Nash’s Merry Happy. Because it’s so very very happy.  (but I think you need to head to YouTube to hear the song). So sad. :)

What songs have you been loving on lately? Do you have a favorite station on Pandora? Or do you have another music medium to recommend to me?

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  1. Wow–we have very similar musical tastes! Phoenix is my favorite band ever, and I was lucky enough to see them in concert last year. So good! I love Vampire Weekend as well, and have The Head and the Heart on my to-buy list. Will have to check out the rest, so thanks for the recommendations!

  2. Sorry been busy jamming at work with the videos you provided. I also like Vampire Weekend, and i’ll let you know about the rest when I get to them. Have a great day :)

  3. I have both Pandora and Slacker Radio on my iPhone. I prefer Slacker because it has channels based on genres (90s Hip Hop, Hard Rock, Party Music, etc) and it mimics the digital music channels we get on our Comcast cable.

    I would love Sirius/XM but don’t want to pay for it.

  4. *Beth – Thanks for stopping by. :) I can’t believe that I’ve only recently discovered Phoenix and Vampire Weekend. I’ve only heard a few songs from Head and the Heart but I enjoy them all–more Singer/Songwriter type stuff.

    *Rae – I LOVE that video! That little girl is such a cutie and so sweet to be singing with her dad. Thanks for sharing.

    *Jenny Girl – LOL! I hope you enjoy some of the others. Tried to include a bit of variety in the mix.

    *Paxton – I should really check out Slacker Radio. I also keep hearing people talk about Last FM but haven’t taken the time to look into it further. I like the idea of listening based on genre instead of artist (not sure if Pandora has this type of feature…?).

    *Melody – I’m glad you found something you could enjoy! I tried to include some of the more upbeat songs I’ve been listening to lately.

  5. I will have to check this out when I have a bit more time!

    Have you seen the version of ‘Somebody That I Used to Know’ that Walk off the Earth did?

    • Kailana – I haven’t heard of Walk off the Earth but I’ll have to check them out. Really like the song “Somebody that I Used to Know”!

  6. So, what channel Sirius/XM is this ‘channel’? And which artist in Pandora would be the best to get all of these? I’m so new to the hot music… I can’t ever get the Gotye song out of my head and I keep singing that ONE line because that’s the only words to it I know. :(

  7. AND, none of these comments require any reply on your part unless you know that channel number but then I usually only listen to ESPN except for commercials when I switch to Spectrum or Country or to my local country station because I seriously hate the Sirius commercials on ESPN radio but I love Mike&Mike and Colin Cowherd and SVP and even Gottlieb a little. So, no, no response required – you can always tweet at me, tho, you know. I probably won’t come back here to see if you talk to me because I’m really bad at it.

    • Care – Silly lady. :) For the record, the Sirius/XM channel is 28 (think for XM? I think Sirius has different numbers). It’s The Spectrum (see link above in post). Sounds like you and I listen to the same station! ;)

  8. Wow – you really have been finding a lot of great music. My kids are all into music and keep turning me onto new things – my hair may be turning grey and I do still love my classics but I am young at heart when it comes to music!

    • Lisa – I used to be much more adventerous about music when I was your kids’ age–though that was also when MP3s were just becoming popular. Ha! And I’m with you on the Classics–the XM station I listen to is great because it plays newer stuff and the classics.

  9. Okay, so I’m not going crazy–you heard it too. :)

    Love these. It seems like we share very similar taste in music. I just bought a Phoenix album yesterday. :) I don’t know if you’ve heard of Bon Iver. It’s a little more chill, but the album “For Emma, Forever Ago” is my absolute fave. I listened to that on repeat for weeks when I bought it years ago and I still love every song on it and listen to it all the time. Bon Iver has a new self-titled album out which is pretty good and won some Grammy’s this year, but I think the older stuff is much better. It’s kind of different so I don’t think everyone will like it. My husband can’t stand it, but he kind of has crap taste in music. Ha!

    Oh, and I miss Pandora so much. I was really bummed when I realized it didn’t work here. I love that it would introduce me to new artists tailored to what I liked.

    • Kristi – Yes, I’m a bit familiar with Bon Iver (have to laugh at the Bony Bear comments after the Grammys) but I have to be in a particular mood since it’s a little slower pace. I also like Damien Rice for when I’m in those more chill moods. And I’m with you on husband’s crap taste in music. Scott’s is about the same. We share love for 90s Alternative and some country (Texas Country), but otherwise we’re at opposite ends of the spectrum! ;)

  10. Ok, love Vampire Weekend. I actually used one of their songs, M79, in my wedding in 2009. Also, The Head and the Heart of one of my favorites! I’ve seen them perform 3 times now (including once this month on the 9th). I’m also a fan of Kate Nash and Phoenix, so obviously I need to check out all the others you listed!

    • Melissa – How neat that you used M79 in your wedding. They’re such a fun band–I can’t believe that I’m just recently discovering them. And can’t wait to hear more from The Head and the Heart. :)