Bloggiesta Finish Line – Spring 2012

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Oooooooooooooooooole. Not to be confused with Ole!!! Basically, I’m exhausted. But I’ll take the exhaustion as Bloggiesta was very productive. I had a daunting list of tasks, but I completed many of them (and more)! Only the really yucky things are left and honestly I think I’m kidding myself by thinking that they’ll ever get done.

As I stated the other day on my Bloggiesta starting line post:

What is Bloggiesta? Basically a big group of bloggers signed up and committed to blog updating this weekend. There were lots of mini-challenges and tips from experienced bloggers. 200 people signed up and we had a great time chatting on twitter throughout the weekend.


2. Create “Favorite Posts” on Sidebar
3. Footer Copyright
4. Update Review Lists (35 reviews added)
5. Create a Recipe Index
6. Add picture to About Me page
10. Sign up at Creative Commons for copyright
12. Header Update (big thanks to Faye for designing!)
13. Create labels for sidebar (went with dividers instead)
14. Widen width of blog body
16. Draft up some posts (Ready Player One post)
18. Figure out BlogHer Ads and if I want to continue
19. Edited social media buttons
20. Collapsed Blog Archive in sidebar instead of removing
21. Random formatting changes–font, tabs, sidebar spacing


1. Fix Big Black Signature (from when I accidentally deleted uploaded photo)
7. Create Page for Operation Use My Kitchen Gadgets
8. Fix old travel posts where pictures got deleted
9. Trish’s Reading Nook broken links
11. Clean up/Delete old drafts
15. Read links that I’ve emailed myself this week via twitter
17. Labels – blehhhhhh

And the before and after screen shots.

The change is subtle, especially for the time I spent working on the blog–googling this and that, but I’m happy with the changes. Plus I got to play around with a bit since picnik will be going away this month.

I’m going to continue to play around with the main background because I’d like something a little simpler, but I need a break from blog editing! And as for the rest of the work…bah. The signature definitely needs to be fix (I sorta fix through March, so if you want to see an example, hit a post from January to see where my signature has changed to a big black box), but I might just tackle this one month at a time.

A big thanks to Suey and Danielle for hosting the Bloggiesta. And of course to Natasha for creating the event. I was a bit selfish with my time–focusing on just my blog rather than hopping around, but I enjoyed chatting with some new people on twitter and look forward to catching up with some of the linked blogs at the finish line.

So–anything you like? Anything you think could use adjustments? What was your biggest accomplishment this weekend during bloggiesta?

Didn’t participate? How was your last weekend in March?

24 Responses to “Bloggiesta Finish Line – Spring 2012”

  1. Well done, Trish! I especially like the new header. I wasn’t officially doing Bloggiesta, but all the talk on Twitter inspired me to do some blog housekeeping of my own. I added social media buttons and created a blog page on Facebook. I’m not sure I’ll ever use the latter but at least the name is claimed for if I ever want to.

  2. Hey girl! I love your categories. I just perused your recipes and realized that there were a handful of posts that I missed out on. How in the world did that happen??

    I didn’t Bloggiesta as much as I thought I would. Broken AC definitely harshed the Florida mellow.

  3. Nice! I like your new header! Your side bar is nice and relaxed. I deleted some things from it myself.

    Time for a rest! Well, as far as the blog is concerned at least!

  4. *Ana – Glad you were able to get some work done this weekend, too! It’s so hard to set aside time to work on the blog–so many other better things could be done like reading or visiting blogs! ;) I’ll have to take a look at your Facebook page!

    *Christina – Some of the recipes are pretty old, so I’m not surprised that you may have missed some. And OH NOs for your AC!! We’re already running ours and would melt without it!

    *Leeswammes – Thanks Judith! It was fun to set aside some time to focus just on the blogging. Hope you’re taking a bit of a rest this week, too. ;)

    *Bermuda – Thank you! I’d still like to figure out something for the background but think I’ll just rest for a bit!

  5. Trish, your blog looks fabulous! I was checking in throughout the day to see the changes, and it really looks clean and beautiful. I love your background, but I think a simpler one would be nice too. I guess if I had one suggestion, it would be to move your About Me higher, so you can see it without scrolling down. But that’s all… everything looks really clean and beautiful. Good job!

  6. I like the blog changes! Trish, you did such a great job during Bloggiesta. I didn’t finish everything that I wanted to do but I will. Have a great week.

  7. I love the new header. I did a couple of mini challenges even though I wasn’t planning and never officially joined Bloggiesta. I think I’ll join next time around!

  8. *rhapsodyinbooks – I think I’m the only one who uses my labels. ;) Think I need to simplify them a bit!

    *Beth F – Indexing. Boooo!!

    *Lu @ Regular Rumination – Thanks for the suggestion Lu. I probably will move the profile up a bit more and maybe the search bar further down since there’s one at the top of Blogger anyway. The work never ends, huh? :)

    *SuziQoregon – Thank you! :)

    *Vasilly – LOL! I think that many of us were quite ambitious with what we wanted to get done. Think we could use a whole week of Bloggiesta!

    *Lisa – widening was really easy–just did it in the Template Designer. Do you have that feature?

    *Linda – I still need to check out the mini-challenges! Got so caught up in the other editing!

    *SarahBeth – Thank you! I’m really excited about the header. :)

  9. Meg

    Oh goodness, I am so sad about Picnik closing — like, seriously: when I’m forced to remember it will be shutting down for good in mere weeks (sob), I’m filled with angst and sadness. I will definitely be checking out PicMonkey to see if I can get my fix. Though I do all my heavy editing in Photoshop, Picnik is where all the fun stuff is!

    Love the changes you made — you did so well! I need to do a little sprucing up ’round my blog, too.

  10. I like your blog, very organized. I think you did great, I’m still thinking about adding the Favorite Posts to my sidebar, but I’m not sure. Anyway, everyone is having a bad time with labels. Personally, I’m trying to ignore them hehe

  11. Oh, I like the new look! Congrats!

    The before and after shots are a nice touch.

    And thanks for the shout-out about, as I’m feeling forlorn about Picnik going away.

    You accomplished a lot and it shows.

  12. *Meg – Well, I’m not sure that PicMonkey will give you the fix that you need but I think they’ll be adding more and more features soon. Now PhotoShop! That’s one program I’d love to learn how to use!

    *Nise – There never seems to be enough time for all the changes, huh? I’m still making small edits here and there! ;)

    *Daydreaming_Star – LOL! Yup, thank you so much. :) So excited about the header.

    *Jacinda (The Reading Housewives) – Naps help with the baby. Ha! Couldn’t have done it without such a sleepyhead (and helpful hub)

    *GABY – I’m not sure if others will like the favorites posts but I like seeing it on other people’s blogs. And labels. Yuck. ;)

    *Creations by Laurel-Rain Snow – I added the pictures for those who might not have been familiar with my blog, but it’s also nice to see the actual changes! :) Hope you find PicMonkey useful!

    *Care – Thank you! *beams*

    *Belle Wong – Inspiring enough to see a post from you soon? Just took a look at your blog yesterday and it was so quiet. :(