Pin It and Do It: A Pinteresting Challenge

Posted 22 April, 2012 by Trish in Crafty / 54 Comments

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You’ve probably heard me talk about my love for Pinterest. No? Well, I love it.

As many of you have also discovered, Pinterest is a virtual pinboard where you can “pin” posts/sites you’d like to visit again, share the ideas with others, and repin what your friends have pinned. Scratching your head? For example, if I see a recipe on a blog that I really want to try I used to either star the post in my Google Reader or add the link to my favorites or most likely just forget about it. But by using Pinterest I can easily find all of those posts again.

See below for an example of what my dashboard looks like (click to enlarge):

Pinning is a lot of fun (and can be quite addicting), but sometimes I forget to put the Pinterest inspiration to good use. In fact, one of my “Things to Do in 2012” is to make something that I’ve pinned on Pinterest. After hearing many others mention that they also would like to actually make the things that they pin, I thought I’d open the floor for a little Pinterest challenge.

Pin It and Do It: A Pinteresting Challenge

The Details:
1. To participate you will choose your level and then make (or do) that amount of pins during May 2012. Challenge ends May 31st. (can be new pins or old pins…doesn’t matter)
2. Report back on your Pin It and Do It success. Ideally this will come in the form of a blog or tumblr post. Or you can post about it on Facebook or Flickr if you don’t have a blog or tumblr. Or create a board on Pinterest for this challenge. If none of the above, report your success in the Wrap-Up Post comments.
3. Anyone is welcome to join. If you need an invite to Pinterest, let me know your email address and I’ll send an invite.

The Levels:
Timid Pinner: 1-3 Pins
Pinterested: 4-7 Pins
Pin Obsessed: 8+ Pins

Some Pinterest Etiquette and Courtesies:
–If you create a pin from a post, make sure you are pinning the true URL of the post and not the main website so folks can easily find the link again.
–When you create a pin, try to include the website in the description of the pin.
–Do not include the entire recipe or instructions in the pin description.
–If you embed a pinned picture on your own blog, make it clear that it is not your original picture–a link back to the original blog post is always appreciated.

And other little tidbits...this does not have to be a food or crafting challenge. Saw an interesting photography lesson? Click! An outfit you’d love to put together? Yup! Organizing idea for around the house? Go for it! A workout Regiment? Kick butt! Really this challenge is endless–you just need to tell us what you pinned and what you did. Make sure to note the original pin wherever you complete your wrapup (or if you do progress reports) to give the originator credit.

So, Are You Pin? Ok I mean In. And while the challenge doesn’t officially start until May 1st, if you happen to be Pinspired before then, go for it! (ok, sorry…enough with the pinalogies…)

Grab the button and join the fun!  I’d love if you helped me spread the word!

Happy Pinning and Creating,

A special thanks to my lovey for patiently wearing the oven mitt while holding the cupcake for the button picture.

54 Responses to “Pin It and Do It: A Pinteresting Challenge”

  1. Les

    Ok, I’m in. I have 114 pins on my Kiss the Cook board and I really need to try some of these recipes. I’ll be timid, though, since May is a crazy busy month for us. Lots of yard work. Joy. :)

  2. I did it. I am going to be a timid pinner, but a pinner nonetheless. Thanks for your encouragement and I love the button! :)

  3. I’ve done some of the things I’ve pinned so I’m going to challenge myself a bit and do the Pinterested level. This should be fun! Thanks for hosting!

  4. Hi! I saw this pinned on Pinterest, actually. It sounds fun, and I have a stack of fabric that I’ve got to get rid of before it crushes one of the children.

  5. I’m in the process of a serious Spring Cleaning– this challenge will be a fun way to find and implement organizational and cleaning ideas and maybe some creative things that will cheer our house without spending a lot of money.

  6. Sounds like fun! I’m trying to move from ‘pinning’ to doing and I think this will help. My goal is Pinterested but I’ll be happy with Timid Pinner.

  7. MJ

    I’m signing up as Timid Pinner! I do actually make a number of things on Pinterest, especially the recipes, but I’m going to concentrate on “bookish” projects this time :-)

  8. Oh, and I was instructed to explain that I am Unfinished Person’s wife, and that he “sent” me. He told me about it and I decided to join, but he wants credit so there ya go.

  9. Awesome idea! That’s my biggest challenge with Pinterest: I see so many great things I want to try, but I don’t make the time to actually do them. I have baked a few cupcakes based on recipes found on Pinterest, but that’s just about it . . . I’ll see if I can get myself motivated to join you in May! :)

  10. *Rhapsody – so are you in or not? ;)

    *Irene – We’ll miss you but if you change your mind feel free to join any time!

    *Les – Yay!! I’m so glad that you’re going to be joining us! Even just a pin or two will be great. ;)

    *Meredith – Have a feeling your pinning is going to take a change soon, huh? :) Glad you’re in!

    *Chrisbookarama – So glad you’re Pinterested. ;) I’ve done a few things as well but could do so much more!

    *Pam – Glad you’re joining us! Think most of my doing will be recipes as well. :)

    *Beth – LOL! How fitting that you found this on Pinterest! Can’t wait to see what you do with the fabric! I have a few pinned quilting blocks I’d love to try out as well.

    *Kailana – Yup! If you want to read some of those books that you pinned that would be just fine!

    *Shieldmaiden – I’m so glad that you’re going to join us and I can’t wait to hear how some of those organizational pins work out for you. And tell Unfinished Person thanks for sending you my way but he can’t have ALL the credit. ;)

    *Staci – Wahoo!! Happy pinning and doing! No pressure to fit into a certain category–just do whatever works for you.

    *MJ – Oooh, I look forward to seeing what bookish projects you tackle! Have fun with the challenge–thanks for joining.

    *rhapsody – Again–you in or out. ;) And I thought you were a bit crazy to think you could do more than 8 pins in a month. Ha!

    *Joanna – Feel free to count any pins that you “do” from now until the end of May! No need to wait another week for it to count. ;) Yay!

    *Pamela R – Obsessed Pinner, huh? :) Thanks for joining the challenge!

    *Meg – I hope you do decide to join us! I think that there are probably a lot of simple little things that I’ve pinned but haven’t tried yet. I have done a few recipes as well but there are also some photography things that I’d love to test out as well. Hope to see you in May. :)

  11. Aargh. Mr Linky and autocomplete gets me every time. Sign me up as Pinterested and please (if you are able) delete the first link. Thanks!

  12. I’m going for the pin obsessed! May is a busy month for me, but that’s ok, there’s plenty of projects and recipes I want to try that keep getting putting off.

  13. Ooooh…fun! I have posted mostly recipes that I’d love to try. Things are a little slower around these parts, so I’m in. I’m also trying to do some organizational things around the house. My kids closets are out of control. Maybe I’ll find some of those ideas as well.

  14. What a fun challenge! Actually have tried 2 of my pins already this month… one this evening in fact. Both not very successful, but at least I tried. Maybe May will be a better month.

  15. Oh so that’s what Pinterest is all about…Interesting and useful but I’ll hold off for now. I’ll enjoy reading about your pinning adventures :)

  16. I love this! I would sign up, but my schedule’s so crazy I’d probably just flake out anyway. I’m currently working on a felt advent calendar that I pinned a while ago, and I hope to do a menu planner thingy that I pinned too.

  17. What a fun, fabulous idea, Trish!!! I soooooo want to join in, but probably shouldn’t. :( I decided that I needed some awesome just-for-me thing–so just yesterday signed up for an on-line sort of class that “meets” every day from mid-May to mid-June. It’s going to be so time-consuming that I just can’t imagine having time to do much else. Though hmmmm…I’ll have to cook anyway, right… Oh dangit, I just want to join so badly…

  18. *Sara C – Mr. Linky fixed. ;) And thanks for your Pinterest. Ha!

    *Ashley Lynn – Thanks for joining us! I hope that you have lots of success with the things you try out.

    *Kristi – I need to check to make sure I’m following you! not sure if I am or not! I’m glad that you’ll be joining us and I’ll be curious about the organizational stuff you tackle.

    * Andi – yes–you do NEED to join. ;)

    *Rebekah – Thanks for popping by and joining us! Good luck with your pinning and doing!

    *Michelle Skillman – I love how much inspriration Pinterest provides! Such a great website. Glad you’re finding such use from it.

    *Michelle – So glad you’re joining us! :)

    *Jenny Girl – LOL! Pinterest is definitely a difficult website to try to explain but I do find it really helpful and fun. Now just need to put those pins to use!

    * trish – Look at you being all smart and doing your advent calendar now instead of after Thanksgiving. ;) Good luck!!

    *Lisa – Yay for shiny things. :P

    *Debi – Obviously NO pressure–I know you have a lot going on these days! But if you happen to make a pin or two, let me know. ;) ALSO–You MUST tell us more about your class! It sounds amazing!

    *raych – Wahoo!! Thanks for joining.

  19. Ooh this is a brilliant idea! I have already been sort of doing this unofficially, mostly cooking/baking things I’ve pinned, but it’s nice to have this challenge to motivate me.

  20. *Justabookworm – I’m so glad that you’ll join us for the challenge! I look forward to seeing what you tackle.

    *Suey – Muwahahahaha. ;) And please do some of those dessert pins so you can pass on the good recipes. ;)

    *Lisa – Already two pins!!! Good thing you’re Pin Obsessed. Ha!

  21. I’ve already bought the ingredients for two of the crockpot recipes I pinned so I guess I’m starting a bit early. I’ll let you know how they go!

  22. Your challenge made start to use Pinterest and I’m now addicted!
    However, May is a very busy month for me so I won’t be able to participate – but another time with pleasure if this challenge gets another edition.

  23. Hey, I’m in! I’m so curious how to hang out with other bloggers doin’ stuff on Pinterest. I’m obsessed, alrighty, but so far it’s mostly like tripping into the most beautiful black hole. lol I found you from The Written Word’s site and her Saturday Snapshot pin. (As I wander around pinning!!) Fun idea!

  24. I’m so tempted! I don’t post “to do” stuff but I’m thinking I want to use my “dream house” post to write blog posts about my ideas or something. That or write something about my “reality bites” section. Maybe I’ll get creative about it. Or maybe between now and May 1st I’ll create a pinboard of story ideas. :)

  25. *Shieldmaden – LOL!! Glad you were able to get an early start. I’m doing my first today! ;)

    *Larissa – If you change your mind, feel free to join us at any time! And hope you enjoy Pinterest.

    *Laura BurgandyIce – Everything’s more fun when you’ve got others doing it with you, right? ;) So glad you’ve joined us.

    *Heather – Muahahahahaha.

    *Nicole Pyles – Yes! I hope you do join us!! And any way you’d like the use the challenge will be perfect. One participant is testing out clothing ideas that she found on Pinterest! Have fun!!

  26. I joined up! Thanks for hosting this challenge. I’m going to do it at the “Pinterested” level. I have so many recipes pinned that I really want to make/bake.

  27. Nan

    Sadly, you have to be on Facebook to pin on Pinterest. But I can go see yours. I begin to think I am the only person on earth not on FB.

    • nan, I’m almost certain that’s not true, when I first joined Pinterest I did not connect it to my facebook at all. Maybe you need an invite, in which case I can supply you with one?

  28. ive decided to join! i know i can do this and im feeling crafty as ever! im gunna go for the pinterested level and aim for 4-5! :D
    feel free to add me :)