Photo a Day May – Part 1

Posted 9 May, 2012 by Trish in / 17 Comments

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One of my “Things” for 2012 was to work on my photography. Taking one picture a day doesn’t work for me and most of my shots are taken on the fly. But thanks to some of you folks, I decided that I’d bite the bullet and work from photo prompts given by Fat Mum Slim.  For the rest of the month I’ll post the previous week’s photos on Wednesday in lieu of Wordless Wednesday.
Day 1: Peace   (taken in the pitch dark with the external flash. Blurring is my edit in Picasa)
Day 2: Skyline (at twilight)
Day 3: Something You Wore Today (my “T” necklace. love)
Day 4: Fun!
Day 5: Bird  (baby bird was blown from nest during a storm. Mama was watching over him)

Day 6: You (unedited and in my “weekend” mode)

 Day 7: Someone That Inspires You (My grandma–taken in 1943 age 17 or 18)

Day 8: A Smell You Adore (tough! but I do adore the smell of coffee)

(in case you’re curious–I believe most of these were taken with my 50mm prime lens).
What would you have taken pictures of for these prompts?

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17 Responses to “Photo a Day May – Part 1”

  1. All of them came out lovely, Trish! But wow, do I love that baby bird shot!!! Btw, your grandma is beautiful…just like you…and just like Elle!!!

  2. Kay

    Loved all of these. Just loved them. Your grandmother is gorgeous!! Love her hat. You’re very talented – did you know??

  3. CJ

    Nice! Love the ‘Peace’ one, of course, and I’m right there with you on the smell of coffee.


  4. Rae

    Did you know I chose Grandma for Day 7 too??? Love that woman.
    I also adore the smell of coffee. MMMmmmmm.

  5. Ugggh, I had a comment all typed up and Sam jumped off the couch hitting the iPad and poof, it was gone. Anyhow let’s see if I can remember what I said. I know I said that first picture of Elle is beautiful as is the picture of your grandmother. As for coffee, that has to be one of my favorite smells too. I I always love to pop the lid on the canister and smell them. Lol.

  6. Oooh, I also love the smell of coffee — even more than actually drinking coffee! A weird quirk of mine, I know.

    Your gram had such style — I love it! I really like looking through photos of my grandma when she was young, too. The fashions!

  7. Day 1: GORGEOUS!
    Your grandmom is beautiful, and I have a similar photo of my grandmom from back then too. Love old photos.
    I also adore the smell of coffee. Wait until you have the good stuff in Hawaii….freaking heavenly. And pastry. They make freaking fantastic pastry.

  8. I love the smell of coffee as well!! And this is such a fun idea..I hadn’t heard of it until now. I would like to do something like it at some point.

  9. The smell was really hard for me – even though I have a sensitive smeller, I couldn’t come up with much I could photograph. If I had been out at my mom’s, I definitely would have gotten a picture of sheets hanging on the line. That is hands down my favorite smell.

  10. I cannot tell you how many times I snuck in and took pictures of my kids sleeping. There is nothing more precious than a sleeping child!

  11. *Thank you all for your sweet comments on this Photo a Day post. Coffee sure is a delicious smell isn’t it? Well, can be. ;)