Photo a Day May – Part 2

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Wednesday, what?! Every summer we have what’s referred to as “busy season” at work and guess what–it started this week. On the one hand I love it because I’m really really busy but on the other it means getting to work much earlier and sacrificing part (or all) of my lunch. My fingers are crossed that this year will continue to be smooth but if I disappear for a few days here and there…that’s why. 
Anyway, Photo a Day!   Join the fun–get the prompt from Fat Mum Slim.  See my Part 1 photos.
Day 9: Something you do everyday. 

Day 10: A favorite word.

Day 11: Kitchen (very floury flour canister)
Day 12: Something that makes you happy. Decompressing.
Day 13: Mum. 

 Day 14: Grass. 

Day 15: Love.

Today’s photo is for “What You’re Reading.” :) I’m currently reading Wild. What are you reading?
What would you have taken for these shots? Especially curious about favorite word!

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25 Responses to “Photo a Day May – Part 2”

  1. Kay

    Such beautiful pictures. Love the ones of your mother and Scott and little Elle. Favorite word? Think you might have nailed it there. Or maybe “reading”. LOL

  2. These daily prompts are fantastic… perfect for inspiring a photo-a-day. You’ve chosen one of my favorite words, too.

  3. Fabulous photos! I love seeing so many of my friends doing this challenge and the different takes on the daily prompts. Your weekly roundup to post them is something I look forward to now!

  4. Wonderful pictures! I should have done it like you and took more time with each picture. I am not always satisfied with them otherwise, but ah, well. (Like my cellar door. I still want to take a picture of an actual one before month is over…)

  5. *bermudaonion – Oh that’s actually my sister! (wink wink*

    *Kay – Those two photos are my favorite, too. I got some great ones with my mom and the grandbabies on mother’s day. :)

    *JoAnn – It’s a fun way to use the camera more without having to think–at least not in the normal sense. ;) You should join! And use it for the Pinterest challenge. Ha!

    *rhapsodyinbooks, Teresa, Debi – Thank you so much ladies–I had fun taking the pictures.

    *SuziQoregon – I’ve really enjoyed seeing everyone’s take on the photographs as well. Some of these really threw me for a loop! Can’t wait for the rest of the days–especially today’s Reading!

    *Kailana – Well…I cheated a bit and didn’t take most of these on the actual prompt day. Had to wait until the time was right or I could actually think of something (word). I wonder if there will be a June prompt?! Can’t wait to see if you find a cellar door! That would be neat!

  6. These are fantastic and worth the extra time you took! I got a little behind this week, but I’m caught up and looking forward to posting on Sunday.

  7. Such wonderful photos! Always, always love pics of the little one and I’m crazy about the wine glass and book. It has the look of “stock photo” – very professional. I only took photos of cats, today. Cats playing in the cat carrier, looking sleepy and washing faces. Probably ought to branch out a little. LOL Serenity is a good word (and a fun movie). One of my favorites is copacetic. I’m not sure how one would photograph that. I never see it anywhere, really.

  8. Love these! My favorite word is “family.” I know it’s cliche, but I am always happiest when I’m surrounded by family.

  9. Lovely photos! I just finished listening to Wild. Will be interested to hear what you thought of it when you’re done!

  10. Lots of fun photos! I love how Elle is just like, “Eh, whatever, Grandma” in the Day 13 shot. Your girl has dreams to dream and can’t be bothered with trivial things like hugs.

  11. I was searching a post with your daughter’s pics… She is so stunningly gorgeous :) She is such a sweet lil thing :)

  12. Les

    Fabulous pix! I love the ones of your mom and Scott with Elle. I wish I had the time to participate in this photo challenge. Maybe I’ll just find some for a Wordless Wednesday and label them with some of these prompts.

  13. *Carol – Thanks! The one of my mom and Elle is one of my favorites, too. ;)

    *Belle Wong – Thank goodness for the prompts otherwise I’d have a computer full of babe pictures. Ha!

    *Sara C – I have to admit that I’ve been taking these as I remember or have time–lots of catching up on one day (but thinking about them throughout the week). Still waiting to hear about Lightroom! Thumbs up?

    *Bookfool – I love the way that the 50mm lens takes pictures and makes them look a little nicer than the regular lens–but for me it isn’t practical for spur of the moment shots. And you take the most beautiful shots of those cats of yours! I’m not sure about “copacetic” either but it would be fun to try!

    *Lisa – I think that’s a great reason to love the word family. ;)

    *Melody – Thanks Melody! It’s been fun to take the prompted pictures!

    *Erin – I almost wish I was listening to WILD. Think it would make a great audiobook! I’m enjoying reading it but for some reason it isn’t as fast as I would like.

    *Andi – Ooooh, thank you my dear!

    *Meg – It’s funny that you mention Elle’s look with the picture of my mom. That was the best one I had! She progressively got more restless until she was full out crying. Ha!

    *Veens – Oooh, thank you Veens. Missing you!

    *Les – I have to admit that I end up taking most of the photos on the weekend when I have a few minutes to spare. I know it doesn’t take long to take a shot but sometimes the weeknights are just too exhausting! You should definitely take a look at the prompts, though.