Photo a Day May – Part 3

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Hi! Ok, I think by now you know what’s going on. If not, I’m participating in Fat Mum Slim’s Photo a Day May. No, these pictures were not all taken on the day they were supposed to be. But I did them all! Whew. ;)
Day 16: What You’re Reading. (Loving it)

Day 17: Snack. (Atomic Fire Balls. I got the giant bin from Sam’s)

Day 18: Something you made. (part of my #PinitDoit challenge!)

Day 19: A Favourite place. 

Day 20: Something you can’t live without. (Beauty)

Day 21: Where you stand. (no, I rarely have my toes painted…and desperately need a pedi)

Day 22: Pink. (you knew I couldn’t resist…)

Week 1 Photos
Week 2 Photos

I think I’ll post the rest next Thursday instead of Wednesday.

If there’s a Photo a Day June do you think you’ll participate?

28 Responses to “Photo a Day May – Part 3”

  1. I might just have to keep participating because this has been tremendous fun. My “where you stand” is pretty similar. It was definitely the hardest one for me so far. My husband suggested we find a soapbox. I LOVE the color strip bookmark. I’ve seen similar on the Pin, but I haven’t yet pinned it myself. Your photo has me tempted though. Is that just a stamp you applied to it?

  2. *Kristen – I agree that a picture can really say a lot! I would love to see more blogging friends share pictures–even if not of self. ;)

    *Vivienne – LOL! The atomic fireballs are cinnamon flavored and VERY hot! I love them though.

    *Diane – Ha! Fireballs are definitely candy from my childhood as well! And I’ve been having a tough time with orchids lately but they are beautiful!

    *Kathy – Awww, thank you. :)

    *Sara – Ha!! Soapbox!! That’s great. I really wasn’t sure what to do for it and the babe didn’t want to cooperate so it was a one shot deal. And for the bookmark–it is a stamp I picked up at Hobby Lobby and used StazOn ink. Eyelets found in the leather section and then just plain ribbon. Pretty easy and I love them!

  3. I have to admit, the idea of a pedicure or manicure makes me queasy! I won’t let anyone mess with my nails. I rarely use polish, and the only “pedicure” I’ve ever gotten was that fish pedicure in Virginia last year, which doesn’t count. No human being was messing with my feet. :D

  4. These are fantabulous! I especially love your paint chip Pinterest bookmark. I need to get my arse in gear on that.

  5. I never paint my toenails either. I think the last time I had it done was when my husband bought me a pedicure for mother’s day a few years ago. It was torture.

    I really want to start doing the picture a day challenge. Looks like fun, but I’m not very creative so I might have to beg my husband for ideas of what to photograph for some of the prompts. Like “your personality”–no clue. I’m not even sure I have one. :)

  6. Love your pink, and really need a pedi as well. I’d love to do a photo a day, I’m just so bad at it though. Love the prompts.

  7. {i’m following your blog}

    I am leaving this note to let you know that I am following you. If you aren’t already following me can you please return the favor and leave a comment on my most recent entry. Please and thank you! :)


  8. Your little girl is absolutely adorable. Has she ever seen your toes painted? I just did mine (a very unusual event around here) and my kids can’t stop staring at my feet. It’s pretty cute.

  9. Glad to hear Wild is good! I love the bookmark you made. I bet I have hundreds of those things around here. My daughter used to have to get a couple every time we went to the hardware store. I think Elle has your feet and she is SO cute! I can’t believe how big she’s getting!

  10. *Peppermint PhD – I haven’t seen the prompts yet for June but I’m sure there will be one!

    *Kailana – I’m hoping there’s a June prompt as well–it’s been a great way to use the camera more!

    *Vasilly – You should make the bookmarks! They came out really pretty.

    *Amanda – Think my favorite part of the pedicure is the massage. I could take or leave the rest.

    *Andi – Your mission this weekend is to make ONE pin. You can do it girlie!

    *Kristi – LOL!! You definitely have a personality! but that would be a tough picture for anyone, I would think. Some of the prompts have been tough and I’ve had to take a few days to think about them to decide what I want to do. But you should join!

    *Carol – Thank you! :)

    *Irene – Most of these pictures were taken either on the same day or mostly on the same day. It’s hard to remember to do it every single day. But the prompts are fun!

    *NaomiBrun – I haven’t had my toes painted since the babe was born! I’ve been wondering if she’s old enough that she would sit still for me to paint hers. But its all I can do just to clip all her nails in one sitting! ;) How old are your kiddos?

    *Heather – I laughed at the thought of Elle having my feet because I have my dad’s feet. But I still think my feet are better than Scott’s feet. ;) You and Ellie would have fun making these bookmarks together!!

  11. Oh my gosh, Trish. I love love love love love that shot of yours and Elle’s feet!!! Seriously. So love it.

  12. I love your photography SO SO much!!! Always love looking at your beautiful photographs :) And if I didn’t tell you on twitter, I’m SO freaking in love with those bookmarks you made!!

  13. I love that bookmark! I usually end up losing my bookmarks and using old receipts along with other stuff. And that last picture is too precious!

  14. *Thank you guys for your comments! I kind of fizzled out on the rest of Photo a Day but I did have a lot of fun taking the pictures.