Pin It and Do It: Challenge Starting Line

Posted 1 May, 2012 by Trish in Crafty / 36 Comments



The Pin It and Do It Challenge starts today! If you haven’t joined up yet, please go read the “rules” and join at any time. But basically, during the month of May DO those things you’ve been pinning! Link up to any progress reports you have throughout the month. If you aren’t keep track via some type of blogging, tell us in the comments section what you’ve been up to (please don’t link to actual pins in the Mister Linky).

If you are doing bloggity updates, please link to the pin or actual web address somewhere so that those interested can have access to what you’re doing (and give credit where credit is due).  Also make sure you link to your permanent url so people can easily find your post. If you need help with this, let me know.

I’ve started using #PinitDoit on Twitter to distinguish tweets for the challenge. Feel free to join me!


36 Responses to “Pin It and Do It: Challenge Starting Line”

  1. I got my blog post up, and committed to the challenge. I’ll be making my second recipe this week (I started a couple of days early). This also is kicking me to do a few other things I’ve been putting off, so I’m actually excited about this challenge. None of that ‘seems cute but will irritate me ten days in’ business.

  2. This is such a fantastic idea! My May is just insane, so I think it’s probably a bad idea to sign up for the challenge. Maybe instead I’ll do a post about Pinterest things I’ve already completed and then link back to your challenge!

  3. I think I only committed to being Pinterested (4-7 pins), so I’m already halfway there! Perhaps I underestimated my p-interest level. This is kind of like putting things on your to-do list that you KNOW you will get done (like “wakeup before noon”) just to have the satisfaction of marking it off.

  4. What fun! Question for you: I have been getting in the habit of verifying the pins I see by traveling to the original link and then I pin from there but this misses the fun of knowing who/where I linked from on the ‘friend’ front and I am getting myself boggled by it all. DOes that make sense? How do you do it?


    • MJ

      Hi Care – what I do is typically click through and verify, then go back to Pinterest and “repin” so I give credit to whoever pinned it before me.

    • Care, MJ – That’s what I generally do as well (the verifying links and then repinning). And there are some people that I know are linking properly so I don’t ALWAYS check (though I should go back). I need to do some cleaning up of old pins, though. Lots of bad links. :(

  5. I started a blog just because of this challenge! I’ll be at level Pinterested and try to do at least 5 of my pins. So excited!

  6. I have just linked up my first update where I tried 3 recipes. The carrot cake was my biggest challenge. I hope to do some other stuff than cooking from pinterest but we will see what time permits :)

  7. I’ve posted 3 so far and fourth is coming up tomorrow! So far the sewn paper garland was most difficult, making it drove me crazy and I managed to jam my sewing machine too a couple of times.

  8. Pamela R

    Only 7 more to go to reach 40…I’ve lost count. Yeah, been busy during toddler nap time. I’ve even worn some of my creations…and they didn’t fall apart! Fun times…

  9. Nautical medal brooch is done and once the paint has dried I can also post about my vertical garden. Just in time before this lovely challenge ends!

  10. My final pin is a hanging herb garden. Thanks so much for this challenge Trish, I loved making different things I’ve pinned!