Pin It and Do It – My Progress Report

Posted 30 May, 2012 by Trish in Crafty, In the Kitchen / 25 Comments

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Did I mention that May and June are my absolute busiest months at work? And that I’ve known this for the past five years? Ya–I’m beginning to think I really am insane for these challenges I’m whipping it up. Lisa did remind me yesterday that “Insanity” is in my blog title. I’ve always wondered why I included that…

So even though I feel that I’ve only barely chipped the mountain that is my Pinterest collection, when I look back at the things I’ve done over the course of a month I realize that I kicked this challenge’s ass. Take that May!

All of the photos below are my own.

May Photo A Day. Original Pin. From Fat Mum Slim

I’ve been doing fairly well with this particular pin–though not so great at taking the pictures on the actual assigned days. But still. 

Daily Notecard Journal. Original Pin. From Design Sponge.

 I think that I’m caught up to about the 23rd of May. Bahahaha! But I did find this little wicker box at Hobby Lobby that I plan to wrap a ribbon around to pretty up.

Paint Card Bookmarks. Original Pin. From Bella Carta.

Love these. Scott hammered in the eyelet for me and I did a bit of trimming with the original paint cards and glued two together so there is pattern on each side. The flower is a stamp using StazOn ink.

Frosting Rosettes. Original Pin. From I Am Baker.

If you click on the original link then you’ll see that my flowers are a bit softer than the original, which works well for this cake. Definitely need to use a stiffer frosting next time rather than cream cheese frosting, but I think this would look great on cupcakes. Very easy to do!

Banana Cake. Original Pin. From Exclusively Food.

I’ll admit that I was surprised when this little cake didn’t rise but it was SO good. Very dense but very moist. I brought the leftovers up to work and it was devoured with many compliments. Will definitely make again.

Bacon and Cheese Frittata. Original Pin. From All Recipes.

A coworker gave me this link when I was asking for springform recipes. It was very tasty but I think I like a crust with a dish like this.

Potato au Gratin. Original Pin. From My Recipes.Com (sorta)

This was half pin and half experiment. The original pin has a crust which I really wanted to do but didn’t have any pie dough in my freezer/fridge and didn’t want to take the time to make it right then. Note to self, make up some pie dough and put in freezer.

Tortilla Pie. Original Pin. From Martha Stewart.

Thanks to JoAnn for introducing me to this recipe! It was very tasty and has endless possibilities for filling. Will definitely make again.

Pride and Prejudice Mug. Original Pin. From Brookish on Etsy.

Yes. I bought this for Mother’s Day and my 6 year anniversary. :) I did use Scott’s credit card if that counts.

Pinterest Whale Text (my text in blue). Original Pin. From Tumblr.

Need I say more?  …

I mean really. Kicked this challenge in the butt!

I’d like to attempt a wrap-up post with everyone’s progress, so please make sure you link up your own progress! There are already so many great links for you to check out. I bet it will help you get Pinterested.

There has been some interest in continuing on with this challenge. At this juncture I cannot host monthly but I do plan on a Pin It Do It Redux this fall. Tell me–September or October??

25 Responses to “Pin It and Do It – My Progress Report”

  1. I am loving this. I am actually planning to get a late jump on Pin It and Do It in November (holiday time!) But in the meantime, nothing like real actual pictures and testimony!!!

  2. *Kathy – Thanks!

    *Rhapsody – Ok, I’m thinking that October might be best?

    *Nupur – I think I surprised even myself with the progress! ;)

    *Joy – Isn’t that Whale of a Text awesome? Love! I hope your family and friends appreciated. ;)

    *Lisa – Yes, I’d say you had a really good excuse.

  3. LOLOL! That whale is ridiculously cute!!! You did kick this challenge’s butt. I have one more update and I’ll be caught up with what I did.

  4. I am SO proud of you! You definitely kicked this challenge’s ass. And I am proud our whales made it on the blog. :) Dreaming of that banana cake…

  5. This has been the perfect challenge – you’ve tried so many great new things! I’ve got another variation on the tortilla pie I’ll be trying later this week. It’s vegetarian with lots of black beans, corn and cheddar cheese. I’ve experimented with three more pins and will try really hard to get a post up tomorrow. Hope you decide to host round two of the challenge… my vote is for October.

  6. I read all of Pride and Prejudice just to get to that speech by Mr. Darcy. And the 2005 movie version makes me swoon every time…

  7. Awesome things! That mug is lovely and ooh those little happy whales… very cute. I hope we’ll make another round of this challenge later, it was so much fun! Thank you for making this happen. My vote is for October too.

  8. I would love to do this again in the fall- my choice would be September, but either works.

    That potato au gratin looks yummy!

  9. I am glad you are planning to do it again in the fall. I didn’t do as well as I had hoped… Technically I did finish, but I wanted to try other things! You did awesome and I am glad you are sticking with your day by day journal. :)

  10. O_O I LOVE the paint card bookmark! You did awesome! All those recipes look delicious too! Thank you for hosting this challenge- it got me to actually DO some of those great ideas. I had a ton of fun and look forward to continuing.

  11. You rock!

    Love the bookmark. And the adorable whale. And the food is making me hungry.

    I’m going to try June Photo a Day. We’ll see how it goes.

  12. I am in LOVE with this whole post Trish!!!!! OMG I love love love the idea of the notecard journal! I’ve already told you how much I love your bookmarks, but seriously, they’re incredible…and that potato au gratin looks amazing!!! So bookmarking this post!

  13. Great job Trish! I am so proud of you. Those paint book marks are awesome and girl, i thought you drew that design on there all by yourself ;)
    I’m always looking for book mark ideas. Maybe I should troll pinterest…..maybe…