The Stand…along – Sign-ups and Meme

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It’s here, It’s here!! I hope you’re all as excited as I am. Or nervous. Or scared. Or all of the above.

Can I admit that I’m TERRIFIED of reading The Stand? Horror or even scary(ish) is NOT my genre. Then why am I reading this (Lisa really wants to know)? I have NO idea. But I’m hoping I can rope a few of you in to hold hands with me while I tackle this beast.

And beast it is! The book picture above is my first copy of The Stand–a 1978 Book Club edition. But come to find out that the original version of The Stand is “cut.” Or rather in 1990 Mr. King decided to publish an “uncut” version of this giant doorstop. At first I waffled and thought, “eh, I can just get by with reading the original version” but then I decided that if I’m going to propose a readalong then I should at least make the effort to read the same version that the participants may. Since work is seasonally busy for me right now I do plan on listening to the audiobook as well (which is a daunting 47 hours by itself!). Please note that you can read whichever version you desire. Doesn’t make any difference to me.

My Ginormous new copy is 1150 pages (still hardback–I think trade paperback is around 1400?). You all voted on 8 weeks but since I’ll be in Hawaii for a week in July we’ll make it an even 9. June 1st through July 27th but feel free to read at any pace that you like.

The Stand…along Basics:

What: Readalong of The Stand by Stephen King. I’m calling it the Standalong. :)

When: June 1st through July 27th.

Where: Sign up on this post. Midway post will go up July 1st. Wrap-up post will go up July 27th. If you are reading the original version, you should be at Chapter 38 for the midway check-in. If you are reading the “uncut” version, you should be at Chapter 48 for the midway check-in. I know, confuses me, too.

How: However you want. Original (shorter) version, Uncut version, Audio version. Post on your blog or don’t. You don’t have to have a blog (but it does make it fun). Chitchat on Twitter. Think I’ll be using #standalong or maybe #thestand. Input?

Why: Why not?? Ok, don’t answer that. To have fun!!!

(see meme below before you sign up)

Sign Up:

Standalong Get to Know You (if you’re posting about the readalong, which I would loooourve if you did but understand if you don’t, answer the questions below so we can all get to know you better and where you stand with The Stand)

1. What makes you want to read The Stand?
2. Describe your preconceived notions of The Stand.
3. What was the last scary(ish) book you read or movie you saw?
4. Which version of the book will you be reading from?
5. What are you previous experiences with Stephen King?
6. Anything else you’d like to add (bonus points for being extra random).

Deep Breath. YAY!!!!!!!  Oh, and don’t mind me if I get started a little bit early. Even though I’m a bit apprehensive I’m even more excited!!

Anyway questions, let me know in the comments below.

48 Responses to “The Stand…along – Sign-ups and Meme”

  1. If it makes you feel any better, I’ve never considered this book “horror” at all. I think of it more as apocalyptic/post-apocalyptic. And to me, it’s one of those books that doesn’t feel nearly as long reading it as the number of pages might suggest.

  2. *Judith – I’ve heard great things about the book!! I really am looking forward to reading it. And as to the nasty creatures–my “uncut” version has pictures…eeep!

    *Diane – Yay! So glad you’re in. :)

    *Debi – I’m not sure if this one is technically classified as horror or not! I’ve heard some people say that it scared them, but they were also younger when they read it. Either way I’m definitely looking forward to it!

  3. I’m joining, but FYI, I may not start the book right on June 1. I feel this is the kick in the pants I need to finally read this book. Even my mother-in-law has read it. MY ANCESTORS ARE WEEPING!


  4. I’m supposed to be reading King for another Challenge that I signed up for in January but haven’t read anything yet. I may try to tackle this one although I’m worried that it doesn’t sound like something I’ll like :( I read earlier King (Christine, Pet Semetery, Cujo, Misery) but he lost me at It…that crazy clown business was just more than I could stand (no pun intended). I’ll look into this one and then hopefully will sign up later :)

  5. I’m in! I’m super busy until Wednesday morning, but after that, I’ll put up a post. Should be fun! I have the paperback and it is 1400. Craziness! At least we’re all in this together. :)

  6. *Pax – Start whenever you can–it’ll be a pretty informal readalong. But get ready to do some chatting on twitter! ;)

    *Vasilly – No worries–I know that read The Stand is a HUGE commitment!

    *Jenny Girl – Don’t apologize! I’m working a bit of overtime so feel like *I* have fallen off the face of the world. But glad you’re in. :D

    *Peppermint PhD – If it helps, I don’t think this one is truly considered horror or quite as scary like some of his other books are (not that I’ve read any of them). I hear people raving about The Stand all the time–but I understand if you pass.

    *Kristi – Hurray!!! And I cry at 1400 pages. Eeeep. ;)

  7. I’m going to put a post up soon. My copy is the 1400 page paperback. Like you, I’m really nervous about this! It’s so far out of my comfort zone. I’ve been meaning to read it for years. People keep recommending it to me and so I’m really glad to be doing it with other people. Thanks for hosting! Oh, and I love that you’re calling it a Standalong.

  8. I’m not signing up, cause I’m overwhelmed with tiredness at the moment. BUT. Ask me again on May 31, okay?

  9. I want to. I shouldn’t. I have other reading commitments that I must get done. But I really want to. So . . . I can’t. Maybe? Is it a fast read, do you think? I really shouldn’t . . .

    • But then, so what if I don’t finish until September or October, right? It’s not like you’re making me sign in blood that I’ll finish it by July 27th. No, I really shouldn’t. Ooo, but I want to!

    • *Lit Feline – ABSOLUTELY!! I’m definitely not making anyone sign in blood and you won’t be kicked out if you don’t finish in time. But I don’t want to pressure you either. Maybe you can do a combo listen/read like I’m going to try? I’ve heard the narrator is fantastic!

  10. I’m trying to decide if I am going to join in or not…I really want to, but I’m worried I’ll be putting too much on my plate. I still have to decide, right? :)

  11. *Melissa – Yay!! I’m so glad you’re joining. I secretly love when friends from former readalongs join back in. ;) Wonder if we can convince Care or Jill. Ha! 1400 IS really daunting but I’m hoping it isn’t a tough read.

    *Lisa – Ohhhh, I don’t think I’ll let you forget this is going on. ;)

    *Jenny Girl – Yay!!

    *Lit Feline – See other response. ;)

    *Allie – I’m TOTALLY loosey goosey when it comes to readalongs. Feel free to join at any time or drop at any time. Honestly if I don’t start early I probably won’t be able to keep up either. ;)

  12. YAY :D I am so excited that you’re hosting this Trish!!!! I’ve so needed something to actually motivate me to get this book read!! I’ve actually started it before too and what I’ve read was amazing!

  13. Hi Trish! OMG! I cannot think I can endure 1150 pages of horror :D I will finished before this finishes LOL!
    But I love that button :)

  14. Never really taken part in a group read before, but since I’ve broken back into fiction lately I think it sounds fun. I’ve read the Stand before (the 90s expanded edition), but thins might be a good opportunity to finally finagle my wife to read-along with me/everyone else. Besides, I’m always up for fun twitter discussions…

  15. This is very tempting, especially as I’ve been meaning to read this for ages and could use the incentive. But life is a little crazy at the moment and I’m not sure if I can make the commitment :( I’ll be cheering you all on, though! And the meme is such a fun idea.

  16. Ok, I’m ready to go! I have the uncut version..mine is 1141 pages. As you know, no blog to post updates on, but I’ll comment whenever you post about it. I can no longer remember why I first wanted to read this, but it was likely a combination of reviews I read about the book and the tv mini-series.

    I just finished reading The Murder Room by Michael Capuzzo, which was pretty scary from the standpoint that it includes lots of vignettes about the things serial killers have done. True crime has always been more scary/disturbing to me that anything with a sci-fi or fantasy element. However, I would say that the Stephen King books I’ve read have been impressive in that he can actually get me to look past the fact that many of the occurrences he writes about aren’t likely to happen. He is such a great storyteller and makes the characters so human. His books stay with me long after I’m done reading. The last two King books I read were Dreamcatcher and Hearts in Atlantis (both read several years ago). I enjoyed them both, but Hearts in Atlantis made the bigger impression. So, my expectation is that The Stand will leave a similar impression and be a great story.

    The best thing I’ve learned this week is that unsweetened lemonade Kool-Aid used in place of dishwasher soap removes soap residue like a dream. How’s that for random? :-)

  17. *Chris – I’m so glad that you’re in! And I LOVE how enthusiastic you are. :)

    *Veens – Ha! I don’t think it’s horror as in the traditional sense. ;) If you change your mind you’re always welcome to join!

    *Shawn Robare – I hope you enjoy the group experience. It will probably be low-key but maybe we can schedule some twitter parties along the way. Actually hadn’t thought about it before but that could be interesting. Hope your wife will readalong with you!

    *Debi – Love you!!

    *Nymeth – Oh, do I need to pull out the whole “all the cool kids will be doing it”? Because it’s totally true. ;) I understand about the commitment, though. Just looking at my GIANT copy has me shaking in my boots.

    *Missy – What?! I haven’t talked you into starting a blog yet? ;) I agree with you about true crime being much scarier than sci-fi and fantasy could be–though I have to admit that those RL Stine Fear Street Saga books used to have me cowering under my covers as a teen! And you MUST explain about the unsweetened kool-aid. You use in the dishwasher in lieu of soap?! Ok, without the dishes, right? And yes–you win all the random points for that one. Love it!

    *Melissa – Yay! I fixed the link for you. And no worries about the original version. I’d totally read my copy if I wasn’t hosting. ;) I have both copies so if you need any chapter comparisons, let me know. They are a bit different in the two versions.

  18. Tried Stephen King about 20 years ago and he scared the bleep out of me. HOWEVER after a wonderful night with Trish last night I am her humble servant! Hope it’s in stock at aRreal Bookstore.

  19. I may or may not join in here…..the boyfriend has the full and uncut paperback version so…we’ll see. I’ve never really read any Stephen King and frankly the idea of reading him scares the hell out of me because it can be creepy. But we’ll see. I just looked at his copy and OMG THE PRINT IS SMALL.

  20. I’ve started The Stand several months ago (so I have a head start). It is a timely topic for me – it ties into something else I’m working on.

    I love Stephen King. I’ve read It, Pet Cemetary, and Thinner. My husband has read everything he’s ever written.

    I saw the movie, The Stand, a long time ago. It’ s been long enough to forget a lot about it, but it is helping me keep the characters straight. I hated the ending of the movie, so I hope the books is better.

    I have the kindle version which I believe is the uncut version. The last scary book I read was Anne Rice’s The Witching Hour – love it!

  21. This is my first Stephen King book. The Stand Along is the perfect thing to get me to read one of his novels. Thanks for hosting the event. I am looking forward to the discussion opportunities.

  22. I read The Stand not too long ago because I had heard The Passage was reminiscent of it and I had never read Stephen King books until his more recent ones. So won’t be joining you, but it’s a great one for summer reading, I think!

  23. Kay

    Okay, I officially did my sign up post and added my name to the sign up sheet! I’m really excited about this. I’ve been wanting to read this one for at least 15 years!

  24. I’ve actually read The Stand several times, but have not yet tackled the uncut version. It is my favourite Stephen King book.
    I love the drama & heartbreak of the disease as it spreads, I love the post-apocalyptic tension, the dreams that herald the divide between good and evil.
    I confess to skim reading the scary, evil parts.
    Just thinking about the book again…well…maybe I will make the time to read the uncut version this month????

  25. Stand-along! What a great idea! This is unquestionably my favorite book of all time! I’ve read it at least once every year or two since it first came out in the 70s. I’ve read it in every form imaginable – the original, the re-release. I fact I just listened to it in audiobook form last month. (I thought that one would never come out!) I even have the mini-series and have watched that at least a half dozen times – despite the fact that it’s nowhere near as good as the book(s).

    I hope you enjoy it as much as I have – I wouldn’t call it horror (which is definitely not appealing to me) – it’s just a really great yarn by one of the best story-tellers of our generation! My only complaint is that it always ends too soon! ;-)

  26. Saw that you were reading the Stand. While it wasn’t my favorite of King’s books, it did have some great characters and very meaningful moments. I wouldn’t consider it a horror novel as much as a post-apocalyptic thriller. Sure, there are boogeymen, but they are not there just to just creep you out. They actually have ambitions themselves within the story (as opposed to a typical horror bad guy who exists just to kill people in gruesome ways. I’m sure you’ve found that out by now and I hope you did enjoy the book. If you want one of King’s better Suspense/Thrillers, check out Needful Things. It’s the book that really turned me on to him as an author. I’ll be checking out Under the Dome this year at some point. I read the sample and it’s already got my heart in a cold grip.

  27. I’m doing it too! I’m already 137 pages in, so that’s a good sign, but I tend to hit slow spots and give up about half-way through King books. I hope that’s not the case here!!

  28. *Gahhhhhhhhhhhh!!! Thank you all for your interest in The Standalong! I’m glad most of you have joined in and for those who haven’t it seems it’s because you’ve already read and loved the book. Huzzah!!