Sunday Salon 62: Bookish Babble

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Good Morning! Happy Mother’s Day!

I think it was last week that Unfinished Person mentioned it’s been a while since I wrote a Sunday Salon post. I looked and sure enough it’s been a month since I posted about the double shelves. Huh. Not really sure where all that time went!

Maybe to reading. Because I’ve been rockin’ it on the reading front lately. And by “rockin’ it” I mean that I actually finished three paper books last month! Half of my entire year’s number. Wahoo Waterloo indeed. Without looking at my list I think I also finished three audiobooks and my total for the year is steadily creeping up to my yearly goal of 24 books. Set the bar low people–makes you feel really good when you surpass that low mark. ;)

Maybe I’m getting my brain back after a mushy year of new motherhood? Or maybe I just feel like reading? (I haven’t done any sewing lately and have kind of sucked on the blogging front, so maybe time has just been reallocated). Right now I’m reading The Fault in Our Stars. I’m about 30 pages left and haven’t decided yet if I’ll even review it. I like it but I don’t love it. Definitely not my favorite John Green–by far. I’m hoping I can finish it tonight (being Saturday when I’m drafting this post) so that I can start Wild for my new face-to-face book club at my indie bookstore (A Real Bookstore…how’s that for an awesome name?)

And what’s even better? To date I’ve either posted or drafted reviews for all of the books I’ve read in 2012. Conversely I’ve only posted about one of the twelve audiobooks I’ve listened to. I just can’t seem to figure out how to write about them. Does anyone else have that problem? How do you get over it?

THE STAND!!!!  Many many of you guys have told me that you’re interested in reading The Stand (Stephen King) with me–hand holding is how I like to think of it. I’m going to start the readalong June 1 (will put up intro with linky soon) but I wanted to get your feedback on structure. My copy (hardcover) is 825 pages. I just ordered the “uncut” hardcover copy which comes in around 1100+ pages.  Think the mass market paperback I saw on Amazon is 14something pages (gulp).
So my questions (majority wins so speak up!!!):
1. How long do you want to take to read this bad boy? 8 weeks? Or longer?
2. How many check-ins do you want? Beginning, halfway, end? Weekly? Every other week? You tell me what you prefer!

Okie doke.

What are you up to today? What book is on your nightstand?

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27 Responses to “Sunday Salon 62: Bookish Babble”

  1. I decided to take it easy here in Blog World until summer comes and life is less crazy for me. My numbers are way down this year, too, and I can’t blame things on a new baby! Maybe I’m finally reading more slowly, more carefully?

    Happy Mother’s Day!

  2. Hey Trish. I feel so out of the blogging community this (school)year. I’m really excited about the start of summer and hopefully will find a bit more balance for next year.

    Which leads me into the Stand Readalong. Yay! This is exactly what I need to get me feeling apart of things again. My only thought on it as far as structure would be maybe we can organize it by chapters read through out the 8 week journey? I have the mass paperback and like you pointed out the pages are different…one hundred for you is more than one hundred for me. ;-)

  3. So what you’re saying is that I guilted you into this post?

    Good. :)

    But seriously, glad to see you back here. As for audiobooks, I’ve tried, but I just can’t get into them so I can’t give you any advice on that front. I can tell you I LOVE The Stand, but the one I have is the uncut version so I’ll be way behind y’all.

  4. Happy Mother’s Day sweet thing. I hope it’s everything you want it to be. I’m in for the Stand, I agree with Christina, chapters is a good way to divide it up and 8 weeks sounds reasonable.I don’t have a copy yet, but that not a biggy. Have a wonderful day. and looking forward to the read a long.

  5. Happy Mother’s Day, Trish! I was on a reading roll due to traveling and am now subsequently way behind on reviews. Oh, well. I’ll catch up eventually.

    As for The Stand, my copy is 1,141 pages(!). I could probably handle 100 or more pages a week so may 8 weeks with 9 for final thoughts? I don’t know. I prefer checking in every other week; I’m starting a new job and I’m not sure how often I will be able to blog.

  6. I actually just write about audiobooks the same as normal books, with an extra section at the end for the performance evaluation. Did you see that Jen from Devourer of Books is putting up a new Friday meme for people to hook up audiobook reviews?

    Happy Mother’s Day Trish! :)

  7. *Deb Nance – I think taking it easy seems like a great idea. As well as reading slowly and carefully. Hope you have a wonderful day. ;)

    *christina – Yes–I know that the 100 pages only works for books the same length as mine. ;) I guess what I need to figure out is if my copy is edited because I have no idea! All I know is it’s old as dirt. How often do you want to discuss?

    *Unfinished – Blogger has been really buggy lately. :( Always copy my comment before submitting because sure enough the time I don’t is when I get the errors. Booooo! And honestly, I’m not sure if my version is uncut or not. How do I know?

    *Irene – OH thank you–Happy Mother’s Day to you, too!! Glad you’re in for The Stand. Any suggestions on how often to check in??

    *Rhapsody – LOL!! I think Elle’s a few years away from making breakfast. And I just didn’t get Fault in Our Stars. :(

    *Christina – Oh thankyou! :) And congrats to you on the new job!! Ok, so one for checking in every week. Like you I don’t want to do more than that–just too time consuming. Hope you have a great day.

    *Amanda – The problem comes from digesting audiobooks in a completely different manner than paperbooks. I think maybe because I can’t see the writing? It’s more akin to watching a movie or TV show for me and thus hard to review in the same way. Happy mother’s day to you!

    *Bermudaonion – I hope you have a wonderful mother’s day, too! :)

  8. I think the version should say “uncut.” ;)

    It should say somewhere, though, that it is the unabridged, complete version. It’s the only one to read, imnsho. :)

  9. I will think about joining in for the Stand. I have been bad with reading commitments lately. Congrats on getting your reading mojo back, though!

    You know, for me, John Green is an author that I am now starting to get… I liked his books enough to read them all, but not nearly as much as other people. He is a bit out of my normal range. Then I read A Fault in our Stars this year and loved it. It was like I finally understood what there was to love about him. So, it was basically just timing. He slowly grew on me…

  10. I’m an avid reader, but I don’t know John Green, so I’m in for the readalong to discover someone new.

    And as for your reading stats this year, I think they’re quite impressive. I could only read two or three pages at a time for the first six to nine months of motherhood with each of the kids.

  11. Sometimes real life takes precedent and the things we like to do take a back burner, like reading and blogging. I think my mom mentioned something that when my sister and I were born she didn’t really have a lot of time to sit down and read. Actually I don’t think my mom has sat down and read since she started working as a teacher over 35 years ago. And now that she retired this past March, I have a feeling that she’ll be reading more (in fact, I know she has, as she spent one day in bed reading about a month ago) once she and my dad are settled in their new place (they moved about 3 hours north from where I am about 3 weeks ago). Maybe I can encourage her to start blogging as well!

    Hope you had a nice and relaxing day reading or doing whatever your husband had arranged for your mother’s day.

  12. The Stand? My head stays “that’s Stephen King!” but I will have to look it up…. I am not sure who it is…LOL

    I am a multi tasker at heart, that is why so much audio takes place with me – while mowing, while cooking, while cleaning, while getting ready every morning, while driving, and apparently as of yesterday, while I ride on the back of a motorcycle!

    So – I was thinking, you can sew and listen to audio :)

    Happy Mothers Day!

  13. Happy mother’s day Trish!! My reading was crap until my daughter turned about 1 too. It was like I could finally sit back, take a breath, and realize she was actually going to be okay. I hadn’t screwed it up yet. lol

    The Fault in our Stars wasn’t my favorite Green either. It was good, but I feel like he’s starting to repeat his themes a bit. I’m hoping he’ll try something new with his next book.

    Stephen King scares the pants off of me, but I’ll watch your readalong with interest. Maybe it will make me bite the bullet.

  14. I think 8 weeks for the readalong would be good. I’m not a big fan of checking in every single week. I like the beginning, middle and end check-ins. We can always chat on twitter too, but I know I won’t write weekly blog posts. Keep us in the loop if you set a date for the readalong!

  15. I think you made me giggle aloud three times during this post. :)

    I’m so tempted to do The Stand readalong with you, but I don’t think I could handle it if people start trashing it. :P After reading it 7(?), 8(?), 9(?) times over the last 35 years, the characters are like my family.

  16. *Kailana – I’m still torn about Fault in Our Stars. I’m thinking about posting just so you guys can give me your input on why you loved it. My favorite is Looking for Alaska.

    *naomibrun – John Green writes fiction for Young Adults–so far I’ve liked everything that I’ve read by him but was a bit disappointed by the last. And trying to read with a baby certainly is tough! ;)

    *Melissa – I think that as things change in life that priorities also change and unfortunately reading was one of those things that took a backseat for me. Still is but I am glad to be reading more. You should talk your mom into starting a blog! That sounds like fun.

    *Sheila – Yes! Stephen King! I do a lot of audiobook listening on my long commute to work each day and sometimes while cleaning–just depends on if the babe is napping or not. And if I’m doing easy sewing I can definitely listen! :)

    *Heather – LOL!! Yes, I think I know what you mean about finally realizing that everything will be OK. ;) Plus I’m not quite as tired as I was those first few months–whew that was rough! Hope you had a wonderful mother’s day.

    *Melissa (Avid Reader) – Definitely June 1st for The Stand. I had to order the uncut copy (groan) so hopefully that comes in soon. I like the idea of mid-way and end check-ins. Anything more than that can be a bit cumbersome. Hmmmm.. ;)

    *Debi – Me?! Funny?! ;) Well, even if you don’t read The Stand with us will you hold my hand? I’M SCARED!!!! No, like really…

  17. Woohoo! Don’t I know about getting past that first year of mothering. What an adventure — a largely non-reading one for me. :D I hope you had a fantastic Mother’s Day!

  18. I’m debating about joining the Stand readalong. I’ve wanted to read it for years. I’ll commit for as long as you guys want to read it. If I commit to only that book I can read about 75pgs a day. But I don’t know if I plan on committing to reading only The Stand.

    We’ll see.

  19. I have the uncut paperback and it’s 1421 pages. Yowza! Your hardback must be super heavy.

    Eight weeks should be fine, I would prefer only a few check-ins, but if there are more that’s fine too. I probably will just comment on them rather than do a whole post if the posting is more frequent than I’d like. I’m easy.

    I wasn’t too enamored with The Fault in Our Stars either. I liked it, but didn’t love it. I was interested enough in the story to finish it, but I didn’t even cry. Not because the story wasn’t sad, but because I really didn’t connect with the characters at all. In my mind I was sad about what was happening, but it didn’t even make me tear up in the least. I read it about a month ago and haven’t posted anything because I don’t really know what to say. I can’t really explain why I didn’t love it like everyone else.

  20. Les

    Happy belated Mother’s Day to you, too! I hope you had a wonderful day with that beautiful babe of yours.

    Let’s see… congrats on your reading progress. I’m on a roll, too, but certainly not as many as in years past. I’ve read 11 books and have listened to 9. I find it a bit difficult to review audios, too, but try to peek at the printed version while I’m at work, so I can copy down some passages that I enjoyed. Speaking of audios, I downloaded Wild on my Nano the other day and can’t wait to give it a listen. Are you reading the printed version? Congrats on your new f2f book club. Keep us posted on how you like it.

    I’m hoping to join in on The Stand read-along, but we’ll have to see. I have the uncut version, too. Maybe if I start now… ;)

  21. *Andi – I’m grateful to be past the days of Zombie Brain (at least for now) but not sure I’ll ever read as much as I once did. But that’s OK. ;)

    *Paxton – Glad you’ve decided to do The Stand with us! Just read as you can–it isn’t going to be a very strict readalong.

    *Kristi – 1400 pages?! Yikes. My new hardback (uncut) is 1150 pages. Maybe I should have opted for the paperback but dang that’s big. ;) And I didn’t cry with The Fault in Our Stars either. Sounds like we kind of felt the same way about the book–I definitely didn’t connect with the characters the way that I did with some of his other books. Have you read Looking for Alaska?

    *Les – I’m reading Wild rather than listening to it but have heard great things about the audio and at times wish I was listening to it! I’m enjoying it so far but I am finding it rather slow reading. Maybe it’s just a matter of reading something a bit denser than I have been? I’ll look forward to hearing what you think!! And yes, join us for The Stand! I’ve been thinking about starting early just in case I can’t keep up with the schedule. ;)

  22. I have read Looking for Alaska and I liked that one more, though it still didn’t make me cry. I guessed what was going to happen so it wasn’t too shocking. I definitely felt more of a connection with those characters than in The Fault in Our Stars. I know it’s awful, but it sort of annoyed me with how pretentiously Gus and Hazel talked. People like that in real life drive me crazy.

    • *Kristi – I know we talked about this on twitter–but this was the same problem with Dawson’s Creek. Kids who talked with bigger vocabularies than pretentious adults. ;)