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When Scott and I were registering for wedding gifts all those years ago there were so many things I thought I HAD to have. If only I could go back in time and tell my younger self that I probably won’t use that shake-maker as often as I think I will. Springform Pans might have been one of those items as well.

In the six years that Scott and I have been married, I used my springform pan once. To make cheesecake. That was terrible. And my pans came in a set of three, so one got used and the others collected dust. My goal for Operation Springform Pan was simple–find non-cheesecake recipes. And holy cow you guys! I did make one cheesecake recipe, but so much more!

And there were more that I ran out of time (and energy) to attempt! I wanted to make this pasta pie from Noble Pig and Ms. Beth Fish posted a wonderful review last weekend featuring a savory springform pan recipe. And then you can see the others on my “Operation Use My Kitchen Gadgets” Pinterest board.

But that top picture above? The pizza? We’ve made it THREE times in the past month. It’s that good.

The Recipes (from top to bottom, left to right)

Deep Dish Pizza  – Recipe from King Arthur Flour. The recipe calls for a 14″ deep dish pan and since I used a 10″ round for the recipe we take a handful of the dough out and fashion a little pizza for Elle. The crust is pretty darn thick but did I mention we’ve made this three times in the past month?

Tortilla Pie – Recipe from Martha Stewart. I skipped the spinach because I didn’t have any on hand but this recipe is so versatile. Next time I think I’ll add some beans for more depth. Very good! Thanks JoAnn!!

Oreo Ice Cream Cake – Recipe from my mom, which I shared here. I don’t need to say any more. It really is that good (and easy!)

Potato Au Gratin – A mix between a Southern Living recipe and a recipe from Tonya (Dog Eared Copy). This one needs a bit more work (no fault of either givers)–think I cut the potatoes too thick and didn’t add enough sour cream to add moisture. But was still yum! And would be so pretty if I had made a crust.

Bacon and Cheese Frittata – From All Recipes (recommended by coworker). Good change from our normal Sunday breakfast fare. Great leftovers for Elle. Otherwise, meh. Think it needs a quichey crust.

Banana Cake – From Exclusively Food. Dense and didn’t raise very much but DELICIOUS. Bummer was translating from metric measurements but it got gobbled up when I took the leftovers (everything you see in the picture) to work.

Cookie Dough Cheesecake – from Cookie Dough Lover’s Cookbook. SINFUL. But also rich and creamy and look at that beautiful crust. Hopefully I’ll have more on this cookbook in the next couple of weeks.

Ham and Cheddar Torta – from Betty Crocker (recipe from coworker). Amended to add mushrooms instead of broccoli. It’s basically a quiche with a really heavy duty crust made with bisquick mix (yes, mine was from scratch), italian dressing, and BEANS. Very tasty but also pretty heavy.

Lessons Learned
Why would one need a springform pan? Really you probably don’t–a pie pan or even cake pan will do the trick. But look at how nice those dishes look once the sides are pulled off the pan. Gorgeous!! The pizza itself is enough to impress anyone.

My cheap pans tend to leak and egg burned on the bottom of the oven does NOT smell good. Wrapping the bottom of the pan in foil usually does the trick. Water bath for cheesecake made a wonderfully smooth cake. But really? The springform pan is a dream! What I need to do now is invest in a pretty footed serving dish (kind of like a cake stand but lower).

Where do I go from here?
Now that I have made a successful cheesecake I’m no longer afraid of that cream cheese goodness. But the savory dishes! My goodness! The possibilities are endless.  And you know what’s the best part? I used my food processor for several of these dishes!

And exhausted Trish is taking a break from projects this month. I’ve been trying to talk Scott into taking over for Operation Use My Grill but am not going to push him (see note above about exhausted). My next Operation will be ICE CREAM MAKER!!! :) Will probably solicit for ideas in a bit but if you click that Operation Pinterest board link above you’ll see some ideas. Mmmmmmm.

In the meantime, I’d love to hear what you use your springform pan for. Did I convince you that you might need to see about adding one of these bad boys to your pantry?

Every weekend, Beth Fish Reads hosts Weekend Cooking.  “Weekend Cooking is open to anyone who has any kind of food-related post to share: Book (novel, nonfiction) reviews, cookbook reviews, movie reviews, recipes, random thoughts, gadgets, fabulous quotations, photographs.”  Hope you’ll join the fun!

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28 Responses to “Operation Springform Pan”

  1. I can’t WAIT to get the Cookie Dough Lover’s cookbook now!!! Did you get an ARC of it?? I preordered it after you posted on twitter about it!! I love my springform pan :) I’ve never used it to cook anything but cakes, but every time I bake a round cake I use it. Definitely bookmarking this post to try some of those more savory recipes!! That pizza!!! It looks AMAZING!

  2. The only thing I’ve ever used my springform pan for is cheesecake. I used to use it quite a bit but it’s been collecting dust here lately so I may need to try out some of your recipes.

  3. Did you actually use KA flour for your pizza? Because I found that everything is better with KA flour! I subscribe to their website. I love them! :–)

    By the way, will you agree to cater the Blogger Pinterest Con you will be hosting?

  4. You say you’re lazy and busy and stuff, but look at all you get done! all this, the pinterest stuff, you make cool buttons for everything. You are crazy.

    I look forward to ice cream maker, we have one of those!

  5. Well done!! I am really enjoying following your “Operation X” posts!

    You’re right – the deep dish pizza, alone, is worth it all!

    I sound like everyone else, but I have only used the spring form pan for cheese cake :( Operation Ice Cream Maker sounds cool (get it – cool?) OK, bad joke…but it does sound good. I heard you can make frozen cocktails…

  6. Wow!! You did a great job!! My fav food is pizza, but I like mine thin, so don’t know if that would work in a sf pan. That Oreo Ice Cream Cake looks like my kind of dessert!

  7. I love how adventurous you’ve been with your springform pans. I have about 6 and try as I might can’t seem to buy one that is REALLY good quality. I always bake my cheesecakes in one. I actually do a smoked salmon cheesecake and a artichoke cheese cake they aren’t dessert, I call them cake, but they are a great lunch or late party main dish. I made the artichoke one when I was hosting a teachers class (me a non teacher hosting, I figure if I fed them they’d stay for the whole presentation). It worked! served with a lovely salad or a great vegetable and VIOLA! I will be trying your pizza. I’ve also done my turkey stuffing in one/ a smallish one, just cause I hate stuffing the turkey and then scooping it into a bowl, (need to work on it a bit more, though, I’d love to put a wonderful garnish somehow on it.)The smoked salmon one had cucumbers for a crust, it was wonderful. Take a break, you sound exhausted.

  8. *Chris – When I was on twitter a few weeks ago Quirk asked for readers and I quickly raised my hand. It’s a really fun book but SO decadent. ;) I can’t believe that I’ve never thought to use the springform pans for my cakes! I always struggle to get the cake out without it breaking (love Cake Release for that). Headdesk, right?

    *Bermuda – Did you see the recipe that Beth Fish posted last week? Looks amazing too!

    *Diane/Bookchickdi – I hope you enjoy the torta! Just throw in whatever you have handy and I’m sure it’ll be tasty!

    *Rhapsody – I didn’t use KA Flour–need to find some! And the pictures look pretty but I’m not sure how tasty everything really is. We’re not picky eaters here. ;)

    *Lisa – I know–I’m not lazy and I shouldn’t say that I am. I just hate saying that I don’t have enough time when most of the time I’m unwilling to MAKE the time.

    *Debi – Laughing so hard at your comment. I hope you enjoy the pizza. We use pepperoni and sausage but you can throw in any veggies you like!

    *Beth F – Isn’t it amazing the things you can do with the SF pan?!

    *Libby – Frozen cocktails?! I hadn’t thought about that. Will have to tell my coworker who has dared me to use the ice cream maker for something other than ice cream. ;)

    *Vicki – LOL–this definitely has a very thick crust and we can never get it quite done in the center. You might see if King Arthur Flour has different types of pizza doughs. I bet they do!

    *Irene – Wow!! Love those two ideas for the springform pan! My coworker gave me some savory cheesecake type recipes that I just didn’t have time to try but your artichoke one sounds really yummy!! And love the idea of cucumbers as a type of crust. Bet it was a really pretty dish.

  9. Love this post! I just tried Martha Stewart’s Tortilla and Black Bean Pie recipe, which is a variation of the original. It was delicious… of course, I added some baby spinach, too. I’ll also be making your Oreo Ice Cream Cake before the summer ends.

  10. I already own a springform pan but have only ever used it for cheesecake and cakes.

    I am definitely going to consider at least a few of these ideas!

  11. I never realized how versital (sp?) a spring form pan is, I have only ever used mine for cakes. You’ve open a whole new world.

  12. I have a springform pan that hasn’t seen much use, either. Thanks for the idea that it doesn’t have to be used for desserts, only :)

  13. Fay

    You had me from the start with your title, and I enjoyed reading about your ambitious and original project.

  14. *Carole – The deep dish pizza is seriously great!

    *Caite – The ice cream cake is basically just ice cream and crushed oreos–couldn’t be easier. But it’s so good!

    *Word Lily – Thanks for pinning the ice cream recipes…I think I repinned a few of them. ;)

    *JoAnn – Ohhhh, I’ll have to look at the black bean pie. I bet it would make a great addition–and next time I need to make sure I have spinach on hand. So glad you shared with me!

    *Bookfool – :P I have to quit cooking because everything is too good and my waist isn’t liking it…

    *Samantha – I’d have to say the pizza and ice cream cake are my favorites. ;)

    *Marg – I was thrilled to find so many savory recipes as well as having many more ideas. Who knew the springform pan could be used in so many ways!

    *Kailana – If it helps, the cheesecake was so easy and turned out great. Ha!

    *Alex – It was so much fun experimenting with the non-cheesecake recipes for the springform. And I love that we found some favorites.

    *Sally – Really anything that has a crust can be done in the springform. I think I might also attempt cakes in there as well!

    *Fay – LOL! Glad you enjoyed it–thanks for stopping by.

  15. I will be buying one of these when I go home this summer (the exchange rate kills us over here as we’re paid in $). I really want to try that pizza and I love crustless quiche. It would be so much better in a springform pan than in my pie pan. I made one with spinach and cheese and it was delish. Most of all, I will be making that oreo ice cream cake. I’m looking forward to the ice cream maker series (whenever you get around to it–no rush). I have one too that I haven’t used.

  16. SO late commenting, I know. BUT WOW! These dishes look excellent! Congrats on another successful operation.

    I use my standard 8 or 9″ springform pan for cheesecake and a fabulous apple cake. I have always wanted to buy 2-3 small springform pans. Like 4″ ones or something. So I could make mini cheesecakes to freeze or giveaway [and keep one!]. Someday…

    Looking forward to Operation Ice Cream Maker. I’m going to try REALLY hard to join you in that one. Please bug me on twitter when we get closer. :)

  17. *Kristi – The pizza is one of our favorite meals now–we make it at least twice a month…I actually wore out the pan last weekend (they’re cheap pans) so will need to find a better one. And hope you enjoy the ice cream cake. Stupidly easy but a crowd pleaser. ;)

    *Christine – I’m so late responding. ;) I think I have your apple cake pinned and should make it sometime! And I love the idea for mini springforms–I dont’ think I’ve seen them but I love the idea of baby cheesecakes. And now that you’re back from your trip the ice cream is ON, huh?

  18. I’m pretty sure I saw small spring form pans at my local Williams-Sonoma store some time ago. One of my favorite cheesecakes is Pumpkin Cheesecake. I usually make it at Thanksgiving or Christmas time. Must find small pans before then!

    And YES! Ice cream is ON now that I’m home. YUM! Thanks for giving me the excuse to eat ice cream when I should be dieting. Shhhh! ;)