Where In the World Are You Reading?

Posted 28 June, 2012 by Trish in Reading Nook / 27 Comments


The other day I was brainstorming post ideas with Kelly (Kailana) when a meme idea hit me smack in the face. Don’t worry, it didn’t hurt (snort).  Knowing that Kelly lives in a city foreign to mine, I thought it would be neat to see some of her local bookish hangouts–maybe public library, a bookstore, a favorite place to hangout and read. This then led to seeing pictures from all over the world of YOUR bookish haunts.

With such a diverse and worldly bookish community, wouldn’t it be fun to learn about or see pictures from all over the world? Soon Kelly, Lisa, and I were brainstorming ideas for a monthly meme to showcase Where in the World Are You Reading. Each month will have a different theme such as a local bookstore, your local library, your favorite reading spot at home, a cafe you frequent to read, etc. To start, Where in the World Are You Reading meme will rotate between our blogs (Kelly, Lisa, and myself) each month. If it catches we might increase the frequency of the meme and include additional hosts in the rotation.

 Each month there will be a different theme for Where in the World Are You Reading (link to static meme page). On the first Thursday of the month a linky will post and you can link up any (and as many) time during the month. Please feel free to piggyback your post with other memes such as Sunday Salon, Snapshot Saturday, Wordless Wednesday, etc. Just be sure to include the button and a link back to the linky post. At the end of the month we’ll create a wrap-up of all of the links for you to enjoy. We’re hoping that Where in the World Are You Reading will help you get to know other bloggers as well as travel vicariously all around the world.

Will you join us next Thursday as we kick off with the theme of Local Bookstore?

Here are the other themes for you to look forward to:

July 5 – Local Bookstore (hosted by Trish)
August 2 – Library (hosted by Kelly)
September 6  – Waiting Reading (hosted by Lisa)
October 4 – Coffee Shop, Cafe, Etc. (hosted by Trish)
November 1 – Reading Companion (hosted by Kelly)
December 6 – Holiday Reading Escape (hosted by Lisa)
January 2 – Unusual Reading Places (hosted by Trish)
February 7 – Comfy Spot (hosted by Kelly)
March 7 – Used Bookstores (hosted by Lisa)
April 4 – Reading on the Go (hosted by Trish)
May 2 – A Drink (Do you read and drink wine? coffee? Share!) (hosted by Kelly)
June 6 – TBD (hosted by Lisa)
July 4 – TBD (etc etc) :)

So…are you in?  Hop on over to Kelly and Lisa’s welcome post as well.

27 Responses to “Where In the World Are You Reading?”

  1. You are really meme-ing out lately! This one sounds great! I am reading at the moment in a hotel room in Ireland, and probably next year you will be also! But by next week I’ll be ready to join in the meme with more “normal” places! It will be really fun! And maybe we can even cross-meme, like, reading in the kitchen while making a pinterest pin! LOL

    • Rhapsody – That’s my kinda gal…trying to do 10 million things at once. ;) Hope you’re having a blast in Ireland!

  2. Les

    Great idea!! I’m definitely in. Glad to see the list of upcoming themes, so I can start planning.

    BTW, I’m holding off on your rainy day meme for an actual rainy day. Might be a while… ;)

  3. Oooh, I’m excited about this. I’ve been wanting to do the photo a day, but just can’t seem to get going. This one is much more my speed!

  4. *Hi guys!! Thanks for your interest in the event! We’re hoping that it will be a lot of fun and a great way to continue connecting with other book lovers. Thanks for helping us spread the word!

  5. This is such a great idea! I also like that I can take all month to do it. :) I will definitely be participating!

  6. What a great idea!
    I can’t wait to see where the others read, and to prepare my own posts (although I might skip August due to my second child’s birth…).
    Thanks for posting the list of themes in advance, this is very helpful.

  7. New follower! *waves*

    This is a really great idea, and I’ll definitely be joining in. I love seeing personal-ish photos on blogs :D

  8. OMG, this sounds like so much fun! Are non-book bloggers (::guilty look:: er, authors?) allowed in on this because I would LOVE to participate!

  9. Terri – Thanks for your interest!! Anyone is welcome to join the meme! Looking forward to seeing your local bookstore this month! ;)