Operation Use My…Ice Cream Maker

Posted 21 July, 2012 by Trish in In the Kitchen / 21 Comments

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Have you guys missed my kitchen antics? Well just in time for the last week of National Ice Cream Month I’m back with Operation Use My Ice Cream Maker!!

Like so many of my other appliances, we received our Ice Cream Maker as a wedding gift. Six years ago an ice cream maker was the epitome of fun in the kitchen (now there are all sorts of baking pans and accessories that I lust for every time I visit a kitchen store). However, unlike many of the appliances in our kitchen that never get used, we have used our ice cream maker…on occasion that is. It definitely doesn’t get the love that I think it deserves! Especially since our summer in Texas lasts from April to October.

Now this is operation is going to be a challenge for a few reasons. First, as my friend pointed out when I told her ice cream maker is next–I can’t really get creative with what I make outside of frozen treats. Second, this mama has a few pounds that she’d like to ditch (no thanks to all the cooking/baking/operations I’ve been doing). Usually I bring my goodies up to work but ice cream is tricky that way. I could transport it up here but I can’t leave it out for people to grab. Hmmm.

So…what suggestions do you have for using the ice cream maker creatively? I’ve heard that the ice cream makers can be used to mix frozen beverages and I love this idea! I’d love to try some sorbets and gelatos and regular ice creams (someone tell me the difference between gelato and ice cream please as I hear so many different things…). Regarding the weight, I might just have to couple this challenge with a workout challenge.

I can’t decide how long I’ll let this challenge go for since it would be crazy and insane to try to make more than one ice cream a week–so at least through the end of August and possibly after Labor Day.

What are your Homemade Frozen Treat tips and tricks?

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21 Responses to “Operation Use My…Ice Cream Maker”

  1. I look forward to seeing what you do with it – savoury icecream maybe?

    I contributed Coronation Chicken to Beth Fish Reads this week.


  2. Welcome back! I hope you enjoyed your vacation!

    I don’t have any recipes, but as far as taking your creations to work, maybe you could get a bunch of those little (4 oz.) reusable plastic food-storage containers and keep them in the freezer or a cooler, and people could help themselves throughout the day.

  3. I make ice cream a couple of times a year and that’s more than I use many other random appliances so I don’t worry about it too much. :) I don’t think I’ve made anything but ice cream and sorbet in mine though. I’ll be interested to see if you find another use for it.

  4. The good news with frozen treats, though, is that it’s much easier to use sugar substitutes. Plus, you can use yogurt and fruits to make it lower fat. Hmm, in fact, I’ve got some peaches I might just have to try to use the ice cream maker with. Thanks, as usual, for pushing me to use the things I have!

  5. Whilst I think an ice cream maker is something I would like, I do know it would be another gadget that I just never use, so it is probably a good thing that I don’t have one!

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  7. I have never even thought of having an ice cream maker before… I will be curious what you do with yours. I am not a big ice cream eater, but some of your other ideas sound fun.

  8. I hardly ever use my ice cream maker because I don’t want to be eating the results every night. Why not try some sorbets and frozen yogurts? As for work, you could make ice cream sandwiches or an ice cream cake??

  9. *Carole – Like a bacon ice cream? For some reason we’ve been seeing that a lot lately–bacon in sweet desserts.

    *Dreamybee – Great idea about the 4 oz containers!! Maybe I’ll just keep one bag in the freezer and an empty one where people can toss their empties. Thanks!

    *Irene – LOL! I know what you mean about wanting ice cream and wanting it now!

    *Kristen M – I don’t think I’ll get too creative with the maker but would like to do sorbet, gelato, ice cream, and frozen yogurt…at least. :)

    *Lisa – I hadn’t thought about frozen yogurt until last night and that’s a great idea!! Some of the ice cream recipes call for a lot of sugar and heavy cream but I love the idea of sorbets and froyo. Mmm…peach!

    *Marg – Those pesky wedding gifts! Just cluttering up my kitchen. :)

    *Kailana – I have heard that you might be able to make frozen adult beverages in the ice cream maker but we’re not big drinkers so not sure if I’ll try that or not.

    *Beth F – The eating the results will be the tough part since I really need to drop about 10 pounds to be where I need to be. Ice cream sandwiches and ice cream cake is a GREAT idea!! Those would be easy to transport and share.

    • Bacon ice cream is not savory. It is most definitely a dessert. And it is DELICIOUS! I’ve made it before many times and it is always a hit with everyone. Even people who turn their nose up at the idea.

    • Really? I have a recipe books for adult beverages and I have never used it… I am more a smoothies and such person… Without the alcohol. That’s what I use my blender for.

    • Beth S – Bacon as dessert does seem to be really popular these days! I’m not sure what a savory ice cream would be…not sure I want to know. ;)

      *Kailana – Sadly my blender NEVER gets used. I’m not even considering it for the Operation because I kind of want to get rid of mine! :(

  10. I recently tried the Ben & Jerry’s frozen Greek yoghurt, and it was delicious (also: fat free!) – you could try a recipe like that?

    Ice cream in summer is one of those joys of life, isn’t it? *grin*

  11. I was waiting for this post to happen, you mentioned the ice cream maker on Twitter I believe? It’s a really nice one, compared to my cheap plasticky one ;) Unfortunately I don’t have tips or tricks for you, as mine doesn’t fit my current freezer and I’ve not made ice cream in ages.
    I second the frozen yogurt idea though! Happy ice cream making :D

  12. Aloha my friend! How are my islands doing? I hope you all had a wonderful time and brought back some of that aloha spirit with you.

    Hmmm…I would be as big as a house if i had an ice cream maker. i ADORE ice cream. How about fruit sherbert or something. Made with fruit, so healthier. Like Edy’s frozen fruit bars that you can buy.

    As for the gelato vs ice cream, I don’t know for sure, but I assume ice cream has more air in it or something.

  13. *Cecelia – Frozen yogurt is a great idea!! Ben and Jerry’s ice cream recipe book is actually on sale this month via Workman (ebook). Might have to check it out.

    *Chinoiseries – LOL! Glad someone pays attention on twitter. This has been in the making for a long time but just haven’t had the chance to actually get to it. Too bad about your ice cream maker! Maybe you can transfer to another freezer safe container that does fit? Or you could just eat it straight from the maker… ;)

    *Jenny Girl – Your islands were wonderful! At least Maui is anyway. I HAVE to bring the ice cream up to work in order for this challenge to work because I’d be as big as a house as well. And still I have about 10 pounds I’d like to drop…I absolutely blame the challenges and all the associated taste testing. ;) sherbet is a great idea!

    *joanne – sounds like you need an Operation Use My Ice Cream Maker as well! ;) Sorbet and frozen yogurt sound SO good. Also fruit slushies are now on my list. Mmm.

  14. So excited about this Operation Use My. I just love frozen desserts.. ice cream, frozen yogurt, sherbet, sorbet, etc.. ALL YEAR LONG. It’s why I workout, really. ;)

    I’m going to do this one with you because I have had two different ice cream makers over the years, so I can blog about that.. AND I have FOUR ice cream cookbooks. Yes, four. I have a partially written post about them in drafts.. hoping to get it up soon for Weekend Cooking.

    I have a few recipes on my blog…
    Peach Ice Cream
    Concord Grape Sorbet
    Pomegranate Sherbet
    … but I plan on posting some more during the challenge. The recipes above are my own, but I have a new cookbook that I’m DYING to use. It’s Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams At Home by Jeni Britton Bauer and it is fabulous. I seriously want to make every single recipe! I plan on trying the sweet corn ice cream in August when I get back from vacation. Sounds fun, right?

  15. *Christine – I LOVE IT!! I’m so glad that you’re going to be doing this as well and even though I hope you have a wonderful time on your trip I can’t wait until you get back so we can tweet chat. ;) I really want to order The Perfect Scoop but am trying to resist the temptation of ANOTHER cookbook. Though knowing you have four helps me justify a bit. ;)

    *Care – Can I admit that I’ve never had Gazpacho before?! ;)