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It’s the first Thursday in July which means that Where in the World Are You Reading (#wwread) kicks off today!! Squeeeeeeee! July’s theme is Local Bookstore. Join in anytime before July 26th to be included in the end of month wrap-up. Local bookstore can be any physical brick and mortar store–one you’ve visited on vacation or one local to you. The bookstore can be an Indie or Chain.

If you aren’t familiar with Where in the World Are You Reading yet, please check out the meme page with all of the monthly prompts. Big shout out to Kelly and Lisa for cohosting with me.

a Real Bookstore – Fairview, Texas

My local bookstore, a Real Bookstore is relatively new to the area–it will celebrate it’s two year anniversary this November. According to the owner, Teri Tanner “Our guests will enjoy personalized customer service and recommendations, a lively schedule of community and author events, an inviting atmosphere to relax with a book and a glass of wine, and much more.”  (yes, that’s correct–there is a bar in the bookstore. Holla!)

The bookstore is located about 15 minutes from my house in Fairview, Texas and provides a cozy atmosphere but is still spacious enough to provide many many bookish choices. Normally when I head to the bookstore I gravitate towards the fiction section, but as I had a little one with me during my photo safari we decided to check out the kids section. (click to enlarge)

Below is where I’m most likely to be found when I’m at the bookstore–the book club section! We meet the fourth Thursday of the month for the “Girls Night Out Book Group” and we are never short on laughs. One of these days I will succeed in conning Andi to come with me. Muhahahahaha.

Stacks and stacks of books – one could get lost in the store for hours (especially if you also hit up the wine bar). While I didn’t snap any shots, there are couches and seating areas. And even reluctant readers can find something they’re interested in. Thanks to my reluctant reader for modeling (actually, he was pretty taken by the BBQ display).  Click to enlarge.

So there you have my local bookstore! Also, isn’t “a Real Bookstore” a genius name?

Small Note: Jenn from Jenn’s Bookshelves is hosting a photo contest in July for her #IndieThursday project. See the IndieThursday Facebook page for more details. If you’re joining us for #wwread, consider submitting your photos for #IndieThursday as well.

I can’t wait to see your Local Bookstore!

If you haven’t already visited your local bookstore, do you really need an excuse?! ;) And be sure to remember that August’s theme will be Library hosted by Kelly.  See more buzz on twitter with #wwread.

40 Responses to “Where in the World: Local Bookstore”

  1. Wow! That is a gorgeous bookstore :) I think I should click pics of our local Crossword too, my fav place here :)

  2. Les

    This looks like a great bookstore! Love the idea of wine, although maybe not from an employee standpoint. I wonder if they have a tough time getting people to leave at closing time. We do and all we serve is coffee! ;)

    Great photos, Trish. I especially love the last one. :) We’ll definitely have to visit this store when I come to town someday!

  3. *Veens – I would LOVE to see your bookstore! I hope you’ll share.

    *Alex – One thing I really like about the store is how open it is. It does have little nooks and crannies but the layout is very spacious! So glad you joined us.

    *Les – I have to admit that I haven’t yet grabbed a glass of wine while at the store but one of these book club meetings I will. ;) I’ve been trying to talk Nancy and Care into visiting as there’s a new pie shop right around the corner–think we should have a big blogger outing!

    *Kim – I was so excited when I learned that the bookstore was coming to the area, especially when our local Borders closed down last fall. Hope you’ll share your bookstore too!

  4. It’s such a bummer…but around here we’ve lost all of our indy bokstores and most (if not all) of our used bookstores. I can only think of two used bookstores, currently, and one is a rare used shop. *le sigh* I’ll refrain from posting this week. B&N look the same, don’t they?

  5. *Rhapsody – Trying to cultivate a little reader! ;) The store has story time but as a working mom the hours don’t fit into my schedule. Maybe one day…

    *Debbie Rogers – I really hope that you’ll join in and show us some bookish things in your area! Or bookish places you’ve been. :)

    *Christina – Boooo–I’m trying not to be depressed about the rise of the fall of the local indie bookstores. I’ve actually considered doing a post on my local B&N but they are pretty much the same. And increasingly less bookish…

    *Judith – I really hope that you’ll join in! Would love to see some your bookstores! ;)

    *Bermuda – I haven’t visited the bar but I can tell you that when The Bloggess visited there were many people who did… ;) It is a cozy bookstore. Would love to see yours in Asheville!

  6. What a terrific bookstore! I haven’t taken pictures of mine yet since I’m not up for a couple weeks, but it’s TINY, not any bigger than my apartment, if that.

  7. Wow what a fantastic bookstore!!! I wish we had one around here like that, but there’s really nothing since Borders closed and the next closest one is B&N about a half hour away. :/

  8. I like this bookstore too! Isn’t the kids’ section great? I haven’t spent as much time there as I would like, but that’s just how it goes, I suppose. (I’m a poet). Ah wine. One day, we will meet again.

  9. It’s great to see a new bookstore open when so many are closing down. Wish it was near me. Hope it thrives!

  10. This is such a fantastic series and that bookstore looks amazing! I didn’t have a chance to get a bookstore post together, but I’ve already scheduled my post for library for next month! I love this series idea.

  11. I don’t know how I’d do in a bookstore/bar. I’d be too sleepy to read ;) Sadly, my nearest “local” bookstore is 1 1/2 hours away in Jackson, MS. I will be going right by there next week on my way out of town though so I’m hoping to be able to stop for a short visit. If not, we’ll be even closer to my next “local” bookstore in Oxford MS and I will definitely be going there :)

  12. *Beth F – The book club is just starting out but so far it’s been a total blast! Look forward to it every month.

    *Lisa – You have me totally intrigued about your bookstore! We used to have a teeny tiny little bookstore in Plano but think it’s closed down.

    *SarahBeth – I’m still mourning the loss of our Borders as well. I’m lucky to be in an area with many bookstores but B&N seems so different now with all of the games, etc.

    *Laura – The bookstore has story time during the day–wish that I could take Elle but…well… But when life isn’t so crazy you should come to book club! It’s a fun group.

    *Jeane – It is sad and discouraging to see so many bookstores closing down. I hope this one sticks around as well as it’s such a nice little hangout.

    *Melissa – Feel free to link up anytime this month–doesn’t have to be today. But you are awesome for already putting together your library post!

    *Debi – LOL! It’s a little bistro type restaurant. Very cozy!

    *Peppermint PhD – Ha!! The only time I’ve considered ordering a drink in the bookstore is during book club–except I’m always late so I don’t want to be the late gal who is also drinking. ;) I hope you’ll share one or both of the bookstores with us! I’m going to post about an Argentine bookstore next week so it doesn’t have to be local local…just brick and mortar.

  13. I don’t have a local book store :( Seriously in my section of Philly there is no local bookstore, and I am not a fan of B&N.
    Great photo of you at the end.

  14. We have a pretty good B&N, which is a good thing, since it’s just about my only option. And I actually took pictures in it last weekend in preparation for the meme, but then I remembered I’ll be driving through Santa Barbara on Sunday and they have Chaucer’s, which is a kick-ass indie, so I’m hoping to stop. I figure 2 hours away is still local if you live in CA, right?

    In other words, it’ll be awhile before I post…but I will. :-D

  15. Just getting back after a week without power. This idea is so great! I will try to participate before the end of the month! Doesn’t a place like this sort of make you want to own a bookstore? I mean, without the hassle of money, health care, taxes, and all the other nuance of owning a small business?

  16. Fun pictures, Trish! I am glad that there seems to be a good response to the first week. :) Looking forward to seeing all the pictures!

  17. What a great looking bookstore – plenty of room to move around, lots of light. Definitely encourages lingering! I’d certainly spend more time at my indie bookstore if it were so nice – mine’s very crowded and dogs are allowed which isn’t cool for someone with allergies.

  18. Trish, I’m jealous! Your local bookstore looks fantastic. I wish there was a decent local bookstore in my city. We have a B&N but it’s takes almost a hour to get there.

  19. I loved visiting your bookstore! Jason and I talked again about opening one of our own again this week and this meme will be perfect for me! My favorite indie closed last year, but I’ve become satisfied with the B&N. I’ll be back to participate.

  20. *Sara C – I can’t believe the power outage that you guys had last week. Crazy! I do hope that you’ll share a bookstore with us! And yes, owning a bookstore would be a blast. Minus all the troubles lately.

    *Kailana – Thanks! Hoping by the end of the month there will be a few more participants. ;)

    *Lisa – Your bookstore allows DOGS?! That just seems weird to me. I love the openness of this bookstore but I have seen many that are really cramped.

    *Vasilly – Through this meme I’m learning how spoiled I am to have so many bookstores close to me. An hour just to get to B&N?! Crazy!

    *Stacybuckeye – Opening your own store?! I so want to know more about that. I do think it’ would be a lot of fun but not sure I’d want the stress of the book market. I can’t wait to see what you come back with!

  21. Still haven’t gotten to my bookstore with a camera, but I’m stilling other people’s pictures so I can do my post!

  22. Li

    I’ve posted pictures of my local bookstore – loving the theme and seeing everyone else’s bookstores!

  23. Guess I didn’t read in the fine print that July 26 was the deadline… sorry about that! Can’t wait to check out all the other local bookstores. Thanks for hosting ;-)

    • JoAnn – No worries! We put a “deadline” on to retain some of the hop feel but there’s no cut-off (if that makes sense). Glad you still joined up!